Tutorial: Alternative for jdbc - JDBC

Alternative for jdbc - JDBC

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Alternative for jdbc - JDBC

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Alternative for jdbc - JDBC

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Alternative for jdbc - JDBC

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Alternative for document.write()
Alternative for document.write()  Can somebody help me in converting document.write "<applet code="TestApplet2.class"></applet>" into a document.createElement() way? because firfox extension is not allowing
Struts Alternative
Struts Alternative Struts is very robust and widely used framework, but there exists the alternative to the struts framework. Here we have listed the listed the frameworks that can be used as an alternative
Spring alternative to Form Based Login
Spring alternative to Form Based Login  print("code sample");how can we make a server to listen to login event i.e. Authenticate a user not using jsp. Using a login form we can use the jspringsecurity_check. How can we do
PHP Alternative Control Structure
Alternative Control Structure: PHP provides alternative ways to use control structures like if, else, elseif, for, while, foreach etc. In each control structure we can replace the opening brace with a colon(:) and the closing brace
any alternative is there for   - Java Server Faces Questions
any alternative is there for    Hi ,i created one jsf page in that i created 5 commandlinks in one line for spaces purpose i used  ... any alternative is there for space purpose.Give me the solution as soon
Need alternative for getParameter() method - JSP-Servlet
Need alternative for getParameter() method  Hi Expert, I would like to know if if any other way to fetch the vaule from text box withour using getParameter() method. Kindly requesting you to let me know it, If any way
How to Install Alternative PHP Cache (APC)?
How to Install Alternative PHP Cache (APC)? Learn how to install APC on Linux machine? The Alternative PHP Cache (APC) can be used to increase... and install the Alternative PHP Cache framework on your PHP installation. You will learn
JSLT, alternative to XSLT
JSLT, alternative to XSLT       JSLT is a browser based templating language like XSLT, but instead of using XML to encode the template logic, it uses normal Javascript with a few
Google Adsense Tutorial

XML Schema
XML Schema           Introduction to XML Schema XML Schema is a W3C Standard. It is an XML-based alternative to DTDs. It describes the structure of an XML
Radio Buttons in HTML
a user to select any one option from the alternative options. To achieve this, we... radio button at a time among alternative buttons. <input type> :The <
RESTful Web Services
RESTful Web Services         RESTful Web services are very popular currently. REST (Representational State Transfer) is an alternative to SOAP, XML-RPC
Google Desktop Search
Google Desktop Search       GDSearch (Google Desktip Search) is an alternative File search plug-in for Eclipse. Instead of using the default (and kind-of slow) File search
Open Source Movement
open source software as an alternative label for free software, primarily... it as an alternative to the Microsoft Windows.     Open
MySQL Creating account and changing password
the next available the UID, the user alternative e-mail address etc. The user need
The Architecture of Cloud Computing
Just a few years back cloud computing used to be considered as the most feasible alternative in the horizon to replace gigantic IT infrastructure in large corporations and hardware specific information sharing experience and now
java query
java query  what is the alternative of fflush(stdin) in java
The GE Matrix
The GE matrix was developed by Mckinsey in 1970s for General Electric in order to overcome the various disadvantages associated with the BCG matrix. Since then, GE Matrix has been successfully deployed as an alternative in marketing
sum  a program to find the sum of the alternative diagit of it ex- no=123456 sum=1+3+5=9
Java Execution Time Measurement(JETM)
Java Execution Time Measurement(JETM)  Whether JETM can be implemented in Struts framework especially in Struts2. If not,tell the alternative solution
interface_querry  By using interface we have to implement all unimplemented methods into our class, even though we are not using all of methods, what is the alternative
Recommendation for application server and SOA process server
? and is there any open source reliable process server alternative to websphere process server
recovery of password through mail
to alternative mail id provided at the time of registration.plz.send the code soon
Reading a file from Jar JAVA
issue with excel sheet ? or there is any other alternative. thank you
Reading a file from Jar JAVA
issue with excel sheet ? or there is any other alternative. thank you
easily be added Automated billing and accounting Comparison of alternative
generating time table - JSP-Servlet
alternative days from the starting date and it will also consider holydays and sundays
Java inheritence
Java inheritence  What are some alternatives to inheritance?   Delegation is an alternative to inheritance. Delegation means that you include an instance of another class as an instance variable,and forward messages
struts validation problem - Struts
parameter for the message tag or any other alternative solution?  Hi
vi command mode without esc
vi command mode without esc  Hi, What is the alternative key combination to esc in vi command? In other words how to go to the vi command mode without esc? Thanks   Hi, you can use the following command to go
reference of student into person can do like this or any other alternative Student
Relationship among Design patterns
lead to another Some patterns are similar and alternative Patterns
Message Expressions and comments
) ■ super (indicating an alternative search for the method implementation
wt are the collections in java
, Double, etc.) to maintain a collection of primitive data. It is an alternative
inserting data from radio buttons to database-ERROR - JSP-Servlet
me the solution or do one thing. please provide me an alternative code
email problem - JavaMail
there any alternative way to do the same
collections - Java Interview Questions
. It is an alternative tool to the creation of custom data structures. For more
An Overview of the XML-APIs
(unmarshalling).   JDOM: Java DOM An alternative to DOM..., DOM4J is an open-source, object-oriented alternative to DOM...; an excellent alternative for Java developers who need to manipulate XML-based
Hibernate: ORDER BY using Criteria API.
API is an alternative of HQL (Hibernate Query Language) queries. It is more
Design Pattern
to an object or to the group of objects. It provides a flexible alternative
for up-grades? Luckily for you there is an open source alternative ? PHPeclipse
drag & drop for editing group membership, an alternative "Sort
XML Validation
based alternative to DTD .W3C supports an alternative to DTD called XML Schema
Jsp Error - Development process
Remark : Sl ForNew/Alternative :    ProblemCode : Outlook... Text,SlForNew_Alternative Number,ProblemCode Number, ProblemSolved Text  
any alternaive for AJAX - Ajax
alternative based on my graduation knowledge.  Hi, see the example...;alternative base example in ajax</title> <script type="text
System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
and problems, alternative solutions can be proposed with the help of idea generation... through an alternative. Based on the available data and resources you can go for the best possible alternative i.e. whether to leave the system as it is without any
Hibernate Criteria
. It is the object orient and elegant alternative to the HQL for querying
Hibernate Criteria API
data from Criterion objects. The criteria API is an alternative of HQL
Ask Spring Questions Online
community and is being used as an alternative, or in the place
Ask Wimax Questions Online
in wireless metropolitan area network. It is used as an alternative to cable and DSL
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