Tutorial: Use of Comment Function in PHP

Use of Comment Function in PHP

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Use of Comment: In this tutorial you will know about comments, why should we use comment and how? Find different types of comments used in PHP.

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Use of Comment Function in PHP

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Use of Comment Function in PHP

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Use of Comment Function in PHP
Use of Comments Function PHP Sometimes we need to hide some text in a program... Function Uses: <?php //echo "This is single line comment"... generally use for putting important information of variables, functions
How to use the PHP filetype() Function
How to use the PHP filetype() Function  Hi, What is the use of filetype() Function in php programming. Can anyone give any online example of the PHP filetype() Function. Thanks
Comment PHP Script - MobileApplications
Comment PHP Script  I wanted to write a PHP Script that makes it possible to post the comment on reply. A user can add his comment to any of the reply in the forum. How can I do
What is the use of Print or Echo Function in PHP?
What is the use of Print or Echo Function in PHP?  Hi, Can anyone explain what is the use of print or Echo function in PHP? Please provide online... or Echo Function in PHP are same. But on comparing we can say that echo function
post function php
post function php  when should i use post function in PHP
a comment that is sent to the client. The comment use in JSP is very similar to HTML comment except that you can use expression in JSP comment . Both...COMMENT & HIDDEN COMMENT IN JSP In this section , we will learn how
Eval Function in PHP
Eval Function in PHP  Hello PHP experts, Please tell me about Eval() Function in PHP. How to use Eva() function in PHP? Thanks   Hi, The Eval() function is PHP is very handy. It allows to you store the PHP code
Eval () PHP Function, Example of Eval () PHP Function
: The following example how to use eval() function. <?php $string = "...PHP eval() Function In this tutorial we will learn about the PHP eval() function. The php eval() function can be used if you want to store the php command
array_merge function in php - PHP
array_merge function in php  What is the best use of array_merge function in php?  Hi Friend, Please visit the following links: http://www.roseindia.net/tutorial/php/phpbasics/PHP-Array-Merge-Recursive.html http
PHP basename() function, PHP basename function example
In this section we will learn about the basename() function of php This example of basename()  function in PHP Description about PHP basename(): syntax for PHP basename()Function string basename ( string
PHP is_executable() Function and example
Syntax bool is_executable(file_name) Find the PHP is_executable() function states whether the given file is executable or not Example of PHP is_executable Fu Code <?php     if (is_executable("c
How to Declare fflush() Function in PHP
How to Declare fflush() Function in PHP  Hi, Can someone give my any online example for write all the buffered data of an open file. Is it appropriate to use the PHP fflush() Function to develop this application? Please suggest
PHP filemtime() Function and examples
Syntax int filemtime(file_name) Gives the modification time in integer form of the file Use Date() function to change it to proper format PHP filemtime() function Example <?php     $time = time
PHP fscanf() function and example
. But if two parameter is used then it returns array Example of PHP fscant() Function PHP Code for PHP fsscant() Unction PHP <?php   ...;$... ] ) fscanf() function reads the contents of the file according to the given
PHP Variable Outside Function
PHP Variable Outside Function In PHP Functions, a variable can be called... the example to understand how it works : PHP Variable Outside Function Example 1... the above output on your screen or browser. Example 2 : <?php function
User of fflush() function in PHP, fflush php, fflush in php
Example of fflush() function in PHP The ffush() function is used to write all the buffered data to the an open file.  Syntax of fflush() function in PHP fflush(file)  Code for fflush() function in PHP <?php
PHP fpassthru() function and example
then it will not  read all, it will read only the rest. To read the whole file use the rewind() function Example of PHP fpassthru() Function Code for PHP fpassthru() Function <?php     $file=fopen("c:/rose1/ram.txt","r
Function fclose() in php, PHP Close file, fclose php
The example of fclose() function in php. If you have opened any file...() Function in PHP <?php $file=fopen("c:/xampp/htdocs/aa.php"... the file pointer. The fclose() function is used to close the find pointer. Syntax
If function in PHP
If function in PHP  Hi, Provide me the example of If function in PHP. Thanks   Hi, If function is PHP is used to check for some condition and the execute a block of code. He is an example of if() function in PHP
PHP glob() Function and example
; directories Code for glob() Function using in PHP Program <?php  
PHP function is_file() and example
bool_is_file function states whether the given file is regular file or not Syntax bool is_file(file_name) Example of PHP is_file() PHP Code <?php     $a=is_file("bb.txt");    
PHP fwrite() Function & example
is opened in read form Example of PHP fwrite() Function Code <?php  ... Syntax int fwrite ( file_handle ,data_string [,length ] ) fwrite() function writes to the file with the given data string by using the file handle
JavaScript Comment
JavaScript Comment: Comments are placed within the programming language coding to hide all those statements, which are not supposed to run. Comment make.... Line of Comments generally use for putting important information of variables
PHP Implode() function
PHP implode() function In PHP, conversion of an array to string is done by implode() function. The implode() function puts the separator (In general we use... PHP implode() Function Example 1: <?php $array=array("Emp01"
The PHP Date() Function
The PHP Date() Function The PHP date() function is used for formatting... date and time. No installation is necessary for using this function.  Syntax... formatting. For example: <?php echo date("Y/m/d") . "<br />
Example of fputs() function in PHP
. Example of PHP fputs() Function <?php     $file=fopen
The filegroup() function, filegroup php, filegroup() in php
Example of filegroup() function in PHP Syntax of filegroup()in PHP int...() function This will convert it to group name It doesn't work on window Code for php filegroup() Function <?php echo  filegroup("c:/rose1/ram
PHP Date function
PHP Date Function In this section we will show you the different formatting options available in the PHP Date function PHP date() function provides many formatting options. You can use the options to format the date output
PHP date add function
PHP Add Date function - date_add or DateTime::add function The date_add function or DateTime::add function adds an amount of days, months, years, hours and seconds to a DateTime object. This function works in PHP 5.3.0 and above
PHP Echo Function
PHP Echo Function As you know echo () is one of the function of php, which... the echo function as given below… <php Echo “hi how are you... to it. And just write “echo $variablename; PHP Echo Function Example: <php
PHP line break, PHP nl2br() function
the text will displayed without any line break. You can use the nl2br() function... /> Here you will learn PHP in detail So, now you can use the nl2br... The PHP Line break example & code If you are developing the application
The file function example in PHP, file php, file in php
In this php tutorial section we will be learning the file() function of PHP...() function in PHP array file ( filename, [,flags [, context]] ) It returns... values  as  FILE_BINARY(default),FILE_USE_INCLUDE_PATH,FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES
PHP dirname() Function, PHP dirname(), dirname php
In this example we will explain the use of dirname() function in PHP.... The following code snippet shows the correct use of dirname function. Syntax of PHP dirmane()Function String dirname ($path ) It returns the directory name
PHP SubString Function
PHP Sub String Function: In PHP to find out a sub-string from of a string, we use substr() function. The format of this function is as follows: string substr.... Example: <?php $superString="Thi is a text"; $substring=substr
The $_POST Function
The $_POST Function The $_POST function in PHP is used to gather data of form...; file. Given below example of how can you use it in a form : <form action... of form as given below : Name :<?php echo $_POST["name"]; ?><br
PHP - WebSevices
. PHP Notice: Use of undefined constant Comment - assumed 'Comment' in /srv/www/htdocs//include/dbelement.php on line 49, PHP Notice: Use of undefined...//mainwithgroups.php on line 44, PHP Notice: Use of undefined constant Comment
Example of fgetc in PHP, fgetc php, fgetc in php
Learn how to use the fgetc() function in PHP programming. Syntax string... fgetc() Function <?php $file1=fopen("c:/rose1/ram.txt"... handler returned by fopen() and fsockopen() function The string returned
PHP fputcsv() function and example
the file_handle. Example of PHP fputcsv() Function Code of fputcsv() Function in PHP Beginners <?php     $file1=fopen("c... " ".$value; ?> <?php     $list1 = array("dddd","eeee","ffff
PHP Function Arguments
of the variable. PHP Function Arguments Example: <?php function...: $a= 14 $b= 34 After calling the function: $a= 34 $b= 14 Example: <?php...Arguments of User Defined PHP Functions: In PHP we can pass the data
What is the use of friend function?
What is the use of friend function?  What is the use of friend function
PHP date_create_from_format function
date_create_from_format  function The date_create_from_format function is also known as DateTime::createFromFormat. This function returns new DateTime object formatted according to the specified format.  Description
php array length function
php array length function  writing a php array length function
call function in php
call function in php  What is the call function in PHP please explain
PHP filetype() function and example
Syntax string filetype(file_name) It gives the file type of the give file name in string form File types are dir, block, link, file, fifo, char, socket and unknown. Example of PHP filetype() Function Code <?php
variable function in php
variable function in php  Can any one tell me how to write a variable function in PHP?   Go through the PHP Variable function tutorial ... PHP Variable Function
What is the microtime() Function PHP ?
What is the microtime() Function PHP ?   Hi, What is microtime() Function in PHP? What is the role of Microtime() Function in PHP. Please suggest me any online reference. Thanks
php error handling function
php error handling function  Is there any library or function that can be used to handle errors in PHP
php array append
append function is used to add the element in the last position of the array It adds the element to the array created by the ArrayObject class Example of PHP Array Append Function <?php $ar1=new ArrayObject
PHP array join
Join function add all the elements of the given array into a single string variable. It woks similar to implode function. It is the alias of the implode function. PHP Array Join() Example <?php $myarray=array("c"=>
PHPis_dir() Function and example
Syntax bool is_dir(file_name); The PHP is_dir() function states that whether the given path is the directory or the file It returns 1 if the given path is directory Example of PHP is_dir() Function PHP Code <?php  
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