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Sliding window protocol

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Sliding window protocol

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Sliding window protocol

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Sliding window protocol

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Sliding window protocol
Sliding window protocol  Hello Everyone. Will anybody send me the code to make sliding window protocol animation using java swings. I have to do project with all types sliding protocols such as selectiverepeat,gobackN..etc. I
Sliding elements example
Sliding elements example       Sliding elements example For sliding effect jQuery has following methods... with a sliding effect. Example : Image is initially hidden, we can show
Window  how to create an window of a person like regestration form
Multicolumn text flowing multipage sliding
Multicolumn text flowing multipage sliding  Hi.. I need help? Multicolumn text flowing through multipage sliding, should calculate total column, gap... & Next Page. At the ending of story the next Page sliding should stop. Please
HTTP Protocol
HTTP Protocol          HTTP Protocol stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. It is the protocol used to convey information of World Wide Web (WWW). HTTP protocol
JSlider disabling sliding through arrow keys
JSlider disabling sliding through arrow keys  I want that JSlider should not moved by using arrow keys. Is it possible? then guide me please.   Please visit the following links: http://www.roseindia.net/java/example
Text Changes with Sliding Effect

Text Changes with Sliding Effect

Web service protocol stack
Web service protocol stack  hii, What is the Web service protocol stack?   hello, The Web service protocol stack is an evolving set of protocols used to define, discover, and implement Web services
Secure file transfer protocol
Secure file transfer protocol  What is Secure file transfer protocol
object oriented programming protocol
object oriented programming protocol  What is object oriented programming protocol? Is it different from objective c protocol programming?? Thanks
An E-mail protocol for storage
An E-mail protocol for storage  An E-mail protocol for storage, management and change, espically in corporate offices- a) Message handlindling services, b) Postal Service's, C) Data Storage, D)All of the above, e) None
window in center
window in center  if i run the programme thw window is in lie in top left corner i want a window open in center
MySQL For Window
MySQL For Window       MySQL...;    Basic MySQL Window tutorial This MySQL tutorial... Window for  DBAs We do run on all platforms supported by Microsoft
what is soap protocol
what is soap protocol  what is soap protocol and how can i use this in my iphone application to create a web services application
jQuery to text changes with sliding effect
jQuery to text changes with sliding effect   ... a  program that  text Changes with sliding effect. Steps to develop...:internet --> <head><title> Text Changes with Sliding Effect <
jQuery to Image Changes With Sliding Effect
jQuery to Image Changes With Sliding Effect       In this first jQuery tutorial we will develop a  program that  images Changes with sliding effect. Steps to develop the program
Window Blind
Window Blind  Custom built . Over 30 years of shutter experience. Free in-home consultations
Chat window
the chat window pops up.. It is a div in the chat homepage.. There are few other... in the same application. I want to know how to retain the chat window (along..., the chat window should be constant across all pages in the application for current
window closing
window closing  hello, In my project i have login,logout and some jsp pages are there and each jsp page is using javascript and onunload script. and i need one solution that,when ever user trying to close browser window
Multi window
contains all the details. when i submit this page, a new window opens and asks to enter password. if password entered is correct, the flow goes to previous window
Window Script
Window Script  i want to write windows script can you help me in writing those i want to write script so that it follows below steps Step 1) downloading file from FTP 2) Unzip it 3) Edit it 4) zip it 5) upload again to FTP
UDP - User Datagram Protocol
UDP - User Datagram Protocol       User Datagram Protocol or UDP for short is very simple connectionless protocol that can be used to transfer datagram packets
active window means
active window means  active window means what?   The active window is the term used to describe the window that is currently being used
Passing values from child window to parent window.
Passing values from child window to parent window.  Hai, I'm having a requirement ,in that when i open a (pop-up)child window from a parent window,the child window will contain multiple checkboxes and when i select multiple
Passing values from child window to parent window.
Passing values from child window to parent window.  http://www.roseindia.net/java/pass-value-example/pass-value-child-to-parent.shtml I have gone thru the link but my requirement is checkboxes.can u please explain
pop up window in java
pop up window in java  How to open a pop up window in Java
making help window
making help window   how to make help window in gui with java
Java window state event
Java window state event  Two java windows, one on top of another... Window at the back is deactivated when the other is on the top. Can iconify when there is only one window using win+d key. In windows, press win+d, window
Prototype Window Class
Prototype Window Class       This javascript class allows you to add window in a HTML page... if you include effects.js file , but it's not mandatory. Prototype Window
Pop Up window - WebSevices
Pop Up window  How refresh pop up window,Tell me correct code for this problem.  Hi friend, I am sending a link. This link will help you. Visit for more information. http://www.roseindia.net/jsp/popup-window
Window State - Swing AWT
Window State  Thanks for you reply. I have already tried the setSize() method of AWT Window and also with JFrame. But I want to Maximize the Window when it is opened by the user and instead of the Maximize
JSP Window. Open
JSP Window. Open          JSP Window. Open  is used to open a new window in JSP. The JavaScript function  window.open( ) open a new browser
swings window header
swings window header  i have a string1 it contains 3 parts,for example "123456 service hello" and string2 contains "change request " like... for this program . i want to apply this to window header part. Thanks
Closing the browser window
Closing the browser window  <BODY> <form> <input type=button value="Close Window" onClick="javascript:window.close();"> <...; thought that this will close the window of the browser but not working
window addsubview remove in iPhone
window addsubview remove in iPhone  Hi, How to add a splash screen or some other view and then remove it and add new view. I want program... code: [window addSubview:tabBarController.view]; To remove
child window - Development process
child window  I want to create new small window on my website using java script. But i couldn't hide the status bar in small window. How to do this one ? Kindly help me.   Hi Friend, Please visit the following
reload parent window - WebSevices
reload parent window  Hi, Here I have a code for close child window and reload parent window. window.opener.location.href="http://www.mysite.net/example.php"; self.close(); Its working properly when User enters
Relative positioning of the child window on top based on the movement of parent window
Relative positioning of the child window on top based on the movement of parent window  Relative positioning of the child window on top based on the movement of parent window
cannot declare variable inside @interface or @protocol
cannot declare variable inside @interface or @protocol  When i declare variable inside the interface, it always send an error saying "cannot declare variable inside @interface or @protocol". Can anyone please tell me why
The Window Event - Swing AWT
The Window Event  hey plz i need help here... plz modify..., 700); setTitle("The Window Button"); setVisible(true...; } } }); add(exit_button); setVisible(true); setSize(100, 50); setTitle("Window
POP UP WINDOW  Dear Sir, Can you please help in providing the methos for opening up a pop up window just after selecting an option from a drop...',then a pop up window should open with name,designation and roll number.Please help me
To put a "close window" link on a page?
To put a "close window" link on a page?  To put a "close window" link on a page
Pop-up Window
Pop-up Window  Hi......... please tell me How do I pass parameters to a pop-up window? Thanks  For example: code for pop-up window: <?xml version="1.0"?> <s:TitleWindow xmlns:fx="http
How to Make iPhone Window Application
How to Make iPhone Window Application  Hi, For Making iphone window application, what parameters i have to follow or provide example related to iphone window application. Thanks
Building a J2ME sliding menu with text and images(part-2)
Building a J2ME sliding menu with text and images(part-2)       In the given J2ME Menus example, we... these sliding menu in J2ME. Code to create back and forward button images
JavaScript Open Modal Window
JavaScript Open Modal Window...; In this section, you will learn how to open Modal window in JavaScript. As we have already discussed about the window.open() method of Window object which
Window Container in Flex4
Window Container in Flex4 : This container are use window applications in flex 4. Spark Window container is provide a way if user want to create own window. The Window container are provide layout and content of operating system window
What is FTP (File Transfer Protocol)?
FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, which is basically a network protocol used to transfer files from one computer or host to another within a network... like mobile devices. FTP or File transfer protocol can be used for exchange
What is WAP? Wireless Application Protocol
Application Protocol or WAP for short is simply a protocol
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