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In this section you will learn about the request.setAttribute. This section will describe you about the setAttribute method of request object.

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request.setAttribute In this section you will learn about... the attribute of a request. request.setAttribute() using Servlet...(); request.setAttribute("name", "RoseIndia"); RequestDispatcher rd
reduce complexity
); // Success Page if (count >= 1) { request.setAttribute...); request.setAttribute("arr", ar); RequestDispatcher rd1 = getServletContext... qn10 = request.getParameter("questionId10"); request.setAttribute("testId1
How to pass the value from controller to jsp page ?
request.setAttribute("msg", "Successfully Login"); In jsp ${msg} and then i...; It is resolved Previously the code in controller as: request.setAttribute... in controller as: request.setAttribute("msg", "Successfully Login"); return showForm
Struts - Struts

Retain jsp values
Retain jsp values  how to retain a jsp values without using session and cookies?   Hello Friend, You can use request.getParameter() and request.setAttribute() methods to get the jsp fields values. For more information
dynamic drop down list box - Java Beginners
()){ request.setAttribute("userid", rs.getString(2)); request.setAttribute("city...)); clist.add(rs.getString(3)); } request.setAttribute("useridList", ulist); request.setAttribute("cityList", clist); } catch (Exception e
Refresh code - Java Server Faces Questions
clist = new ArrayList(); while(rs.next()){ request.setAttribute("userid", rs.getString(2)); request.setAttribute("city", rs.getString(3)); pw.println("userid...)); } request.setAttribute("useridList", ulist); request.setAttribute("cityList", clist); } catch
unable to compile class file - JSP-Servlet
(); while(rs.next()){ request.setAttribute("userid", rs.getString(2)); request.setAttribute("city", rs.getString(3)); pw.println("userid" + " "+"city...)); clist.add(rs.getString(3)); } request.setAttribute("useridList", ulist
Dynamic loading of Combo box list using servlet - JSP-Servlet
(); while(rs.next()){ request.setAttribute("userid", rs.getString(2)); request.setAttribute("city", rs.getString(3)); pw.println("userid...)); } request.setAttribute("useridList", ulist); request.setAttribute
jsp - JSP-Servlet
()){ request.setAttribute("userid", rs.getString(2)); request.setAttribute...)); clist.add(rs.getString(3)); } request.setAttribute("useridList", ulist); request.setAttribute("cityList", clist); } catch
JSP and Servlet did not run - JSP-Servlet
; request.setAttribute("regFee", "" + studentFee...")) { request.setAttribute("regFee", "" +orgFee... = orgFee/2; request.setAttribute("regFee", "" + studentFee
("??????"); String a2=res.getString("??????"); request.setAttribute("a1", a1); request.setAttribute("a2", a2); RequestDispatcher req
servlets - Servlet Interview Questions
(); request.setAttribute("name", "Raj"); request.setAttribute("age", "12
Pass parameters from JSP to Servlet
: <%@page language="java"%> <% request.setAttribute("Company Name","Roseindia"); request.setAttribute("Address","Rohini,Delhi"); String
java Ajax
")); a.add(b); } request.setAttribute("my
(7)); } request.setAttribute("questionList",questionList); request.setAttribute("Ans1",Ans1); request.setAttribute("Ans2",Ans2); request.setAttribute("Ans3",Ans3
/ FailureCaseinDatabase.jsp"); request.setAttribute("status", status); rd1.forward...) { request.setAttribute("mycount", count); RequestDispatcher rd1...) { request.setAttribute("mycount", count); RequestDispatcher rd1
Java Servlet : Setting Attribute
on a request object. request.setAttribute(String name,Object obj) method stores... { String name = "Roseindia"; request.setAttribute("Name", name...; <b> Value which we set on servlet using request.setAttribute() method: <
Email sending in jsp - JSP-Servlet
(AuthenticationFailedException ex) { request.setAttribute("ErrorMessage", "Authentication...); } catch (AddressException ex) { request.setAttribute("ErrorMessage...); } catch (MessagingException ex) { request.setAttribute
new 2
()) { // request.setAttribute("fname", rs.getString(1)); // request.setAttribute("email", rs.getString(2)); arr1.add...)); } request.setAttribute("fname", arr1); request.setAttribute
struts dropdown list
= MasterDataDAO.getValues(list); request.setAttribute("masterlist", masterList
Passing a java property to a javascript variable
(); request.setAttribute("collegename ", collegename ); JSP code: <%@ taglib
How to populate an HTML table using jstl code - Spring
++; } request.setAttribute("map", map); My
Application context problem code
)); } @Test public void tests() throws Exception { request.setAttribute("account.username", "hello"); request.setAttribute("account.password", "test
removeAttribute() Method Of The Request Object
of the RemoveAttributeMethod.jsp file: <% request.setAttribute("UName", "chandan"); request.setAttribute("Password", "chand"
RetController.java (do get) (my file for reference for a test.. IS LOGIC good Enough ?
); request.setAttribute("list1", l...(); System.out.println("hello"); //request.setAttribute("list2", l...); // String f= c.getId(); //request.setAttribute("list2
cannot display an arrayList in JSP
();"); print("request.setAttribute("userList",result); RequestDispatcher
Calling servlet from servlet .
by setting attribute as request.setAttribute() and get data
java find the error2
); request.setAttribute("searchlist", arrayobj
setAttribute() Method Of The Request Object
of the SetAttributeMethod.jsp file: <% request.setAttribute("
dynamic display - JSP-Servlet
){ System.out.println("Exception is ;"+e); } request.setAttribute("data",dataList
how to create servlet
=dbAccess.viewStudent(searchName); request.setAttribute("result", sampleView...(searchNameGlobal); request.setAttribute("result", sampleView
=dbAccess.viewStudent(searchName); request.setAttribute("result", sampleView...); request.setAttribute("result", sampleView); } catch(Exception e
= basic + hra + da; request.setAttribute("gr",new Float(gross));//sharing...; request.setAttribute("gr",new Float(gross)); RequestDispatcher rd
Using of [] operator of EL with the Map
;); request.setAttribute("useMap", map); request.setAttribute
Need Help-How to store input parameter in DB through Java Bean - JSP-Servlet
co.SimpleBean(); st.setUserName(user); st.setPassword(pass); request.setAttribute("user",st); request.setAttribute("pass",st); RequestDispatcher dispatcher1
use request.setAttribute()or session.setAttribute(). In check.jsp: <%@page...){ request.setAttribute("user",username); request.setAttribute("pass",password
sendRedirect In JSP
)) { request.setAttribute("name", username); request.setAttribute("
registrationDAO& registrationservlet
){ request.setAttribute("msg", "You are registered Successfully...); }else{ request.setAttribute("msg", "Not Registered Successfully
loginDAO and Loginservlet
); } else{ request.setAttribute("msg", "Wrong Password...{ request.setAttribute("msg", "User does not exist
my answer
, null, ex); // } // request.setAttribute("data", rs...); request.setAttribute("data", rs); RequestDispatcher rd
Writing action classes in struts2.2.1
); request.setAttribute("data", model); } else{ System.out.println...()); StudentAdmissionModel model=student.search(searchModel); request.setAttribute("data", model
Unable to understand Struts - Struts
); request.setAttribute("book",book); return mapping.findForward...); request.setAttribute("book",book); return
How to get data datagrid ?
;(); lstCategory = dao.getListCategories(); request.setAttribute ("lstCategory", lstCategory
database is connected but not insert the data
..."; request.setAttribute("msgsuccess",msgsuccess); //con.commit(); con.close
RequestDispatcher vs sendRedirect
request.setAttribute(). forward() separates the responsibilities for handling the requests
Nested in JSTL
(int1); numbers.add(int2); request.setAttribute("number", numbers
;}; request.setAttribute("name", name); %>
code problem - Struts
){ System.out.println("---> "+i); } request.setAttribute("array
javascript - Hibernate Interview Questions
"); request.setAttribute("oper",valcr); GetData getdata = new
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