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SQLite3  sir, i am using linux . how to get information about database like what are the names of tables included in this database ? and what is name of fields in these tables ? type of database is SQLite3
Sqlite3  How to install sqlite database Manager in xcode 4.5 Thanks in advance!!!!   Just download the sqlite browser 2.0 in Mac and install. Its ready to use. Nothing complex
store html value in the sqllite 3 php
this content in the sqlite3 database any suggestion ? include_once('simple_html_dom.php...; $articles[] = $item; } print_r($articles); try { $db = new SQLite3('db
how to do CRUDE operation in iphone?-RV
]; //[self RemoveData]; sqlite3 *database; static sqlite3_stmt * addStmt... { [self checkAndCreateDatabase]; sqlite3 *database; temparray... { sqlite3 *database; sqlite3_stmt *deleteStmt=nil ; [self
Looking for change password in iphone application sdk using sqlite
*updateStmt; sqlite3 *database; const char *dbpath = [databasePath UTF8String
Outsourcing iPhone development
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