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Structures and unions
Structures and unions  union{ struct{ int i1; char c1; }s1; struct{ int i2; char c2; }s2; }u1; what will be the value of (int)u1.s1.i1-(int)u1.s2.i2 and (int)&u1.s1-(char)u1.s1.c2
looping structures in JavaScript
looping structures in JavaScript  What looping structures are there in JavaScript
data structures - Java Beginners
data structures  I have got a project of the subject 'data structures and C++' and the topic is 'types of graphs'. please guide me on this topic and help me finding material of this topic
File structures and indexes
File structures and indexes  for the following BCNF relations that describe departments in a company and employees Dept(did,dname,location,managerid) Emp(eid,sal) Now for this system the following queries are important: List
loops , control structures

loop, control structures

Data structures and algorithmms - Java Server Faces Questions
Data structures and algorithmms  Could u provide me with a solution to assignment COS212Assignment2008.doc on http://www.cs.up.ac.za
algorithms and data structures - Design concepts & design patterns

Data Structures in Java
Data Structures in Java In this Section, you will learn the data structure... Data structures which are very efficient and provide us a wide variety of function.  These data structures are defined in interface and classes which
Introduction to Data Structures
, Stacks, Queues, Trees, and Graphs which are related with the data structures
C Structure example
C Structure example       This section illustrates you the concept of structure in C. Structures... id; char *name; float percentage; }   In structures, we have
Structural Patterns
structures. The difference between class patterns and object patterns... structures. There are seven structural patterns described. They are as follows: 1
PHP Control Structure
Control Structures: Generally a PHP script is made of a series of statements which includes assignment, collection of functions, loop, conditional statements etc. In PHP except the last line we need to put a semicolon after every line
Python Programming Books
;   Data Structures and Algorithms This book is about the fundamentals of data structures and algorithms... and data structures in the book are presented in the Python programming language
Ruby Books
; Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design... the course E&CE 250: Algorithms and Data Structures in the Computer Engineering... to a profound change in the pedagogy of data structures and algorithms
Java Environment
Java Environment         A Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is a collection of programs and data structures that uses a virtual machine to execute

Tiger XSLT Mapper
structures are automatically created and can be edited using the drag-and-drop visual interface. While the mappings and XML structures are modified, the XSLT template
Passing Arrays In Jsp Methods
Passing Arrays In Jsp Methods          Array is a collection of similar data type. It is one of  the simplest data structures. Arrays holds equally
Java Servlet - JSP-Servlet
Java Servlet  3-tier structures of servlets
Pointer and Structure in C

Collections in Java
Collections in Java are data-structures primarily defined through a set of classes and interface and used by Java professionals. Some collections in Java that are defined in Java collection framework are: Vectors, ArrayList, HashMap
Web Format
Consortium (W3C) and others to provide a standard for defining data structures
java  why data structures?   The data structures provided by the Java utility package are very powerful and perform a wide range of functions. These data structures consist of the following interface and classes
Visit to Fatehpur Sikri
: Apart from the popular palaces and courts of Akbar, there are other structures
time and space complexity
time and space complexity  sort the data structures according to efficient time and space utilisation
C program - SQL
C program  Write a C program for airport simulation using queue data structures. Please reply me
object oriented programming - Java Beginners
object oriented programming  sir, i read in the book tat object oriented program exhibits recurring structures. i want to know "what is meant by recurring structures?"  Hi Friend, Any structure to be occurred over
java  providing suitable example describe the Scalar,Linear and Non Linear data structures. prepare a table for advantages and disadvantages of each type of the above for java
which data structure is good in java..? - Java Beginners
want to store and retrieve some data using data structures like array list, stack... and retrieve the data among all these techniques of data structures.........can... and reasons why it is good....  Hi Friend, To learn Data Structures
Walter  Construct a Huffman Code tree for the following string: data structures and algorithms and make use of a table to show Characters, Frequency, Code/Binary, Code Length, and Total Length
java api
java api  what is work of api in java   An application programming interface (API) is a library of functions that Java provides for programmers for common tasks like file transfer, networking, and data structures
comparator  what is a comparator   Hi Friend, A comparator is an interface that can be used to create objects to pass to sort methods or sorting data structures. A Comparator must define a compare function which takes
Datastrutures - Java Interview Questions
Datastrutures  which collection comes under Datastruters?give me answer plz replyyyyyyyy  Hi Friend, Collections that comes under Data Structures: Navigable Map,Navigable Set,Hash Set,Linked List,Array List,Tree
Explain Linked List
Explain Linked List   hello, What is Linked List ?   hello, Linked List is one of the fundamental data structures. It consists of a sequence of nodes, each containing arbitrary data fields pointing to the next
Introduction to Ant
structures in deployment structures. It allows the developer to automate
Java collection API
. It provides ready-made data structures and algorithms that reduce... high-performance implementations of useful data structures and algorithms
zend2 frame work
zend2 frame work  Hi can you please detail about Zend framework 2 latest folder structure and related things in details . I already seen zend website am confused with two old and new folder structures which one has to use
java  providing suitable example describe the Scalar,Linear and Non Linear data structures. prepare a table for advantages and disadvantages of each type of the above.   Linear and Non Linear data structure A scalar
API for beginners
, networking, and data structures for building software applications in java. If you want
API  what means API in java?   Hi Friend, The Application Programming Interface (API) is a library of functions that allow programmers to perform common tasks like file transfer, networking, and data structures
build.xml - Ant
document structures must start and end within the same entity." error is shown
Advantages and Disadvantages of the Collection Framework
hoc collections APIs. It provides useful data structures... of useful data structures and algorithms that increases the performance. Helps
counting identifiers,no.of inputs and outputs - Java Magazine
5.according to control structures in the program i want to assign a value to control structures,how to find this........ if i calculate dis i can do my project dis
wt are the collections in java
tool to the creation of custom data structures. For more information on Java
creation an dmanipulation of trees - Java Beginners
data structures -To practice evaluating expression trees -To see inorder
for remote execution which require that only simple data types or defined structures
collections - Java Interview Questions
. It is an alternative tool to the creation of custom data structures. For more
Introduction to Collections Framework
: They are the reusable data structures with the concrete implementations... data structures and algorithms that reduces programming efforts due to which... structures and algorithms that increases the performance. Provides
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