Tutorial: NSLog examples

NSLog examples

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In this section we will discuss the usage of NSLog function. NSLog function is used to print the value of variables on the debug console.

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NSLog examples

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NSLog examples

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NSLog examples
Programmers uses the NSLog function to debug the application. NSLog function is used to display the debug messages on the console. The NSLog function is very useful in debugging the iPhone applications. In this NSLog tutorial series we
NSLog double example code
The following code examples explains how one can print the value of double using NSLog function. // //  PrintDouble.h //  DataTypes // #import...; NSLog(@"double value is: %f", _double); } @end
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NSLog function in Iphone  Hi, I am facing the problem at the time of Defining NSlog Function in Iphone Applications. Can anybody suggest or provides NSLog() related informtion? I will welcome your valuable suggestions
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NSLog float example code
The following code example of NSLog function prints the value of float variable... to test and debug the code. Here is the code example of NSLog function...; _float = n; } -(void) print {     NSLog(@"float value
NSLog NSInteger example code
The following code example prints the value of NSInteger object using the NSLog function. // //  PrintNSInteger.h //  DataTypes // #import <... PrintNSInteger -(void) print {     NSLog(@"NSInteger value
NSLog print NSString example code
Following example prints the value of NSString object on the console using the NSLog function which can be used to debug the iPhone application. // // ...;   NSLog(@"process Name: %@ Process ID: %d",string); } @end
NSLog Date example code
In this following code we have create a variable to of NSDate class and then used the NSLog function to print the date on the console. // // ...{     today= [NSDate date];     NSLog(@"
NSLog long example code
The following code prints the long value on the console using the NSLog function. // //  PrintLong.h //  DataTypes // //  #import <...; } -(void) print {      NSLog(@"long value is: %i"
Formatting the out put in NSLog function
the NSLog function. Here is the example of formatting int, float, double... mlong=30;   -(void) print{ NSLog(@"The value of integer num is %i", num);   //for integer the format specifier is %i NSLog
Printing Boolean values with NSLog function
; @implementation PrintBoolean -(void) print{ NSLog(@"The value of the bool
NSLog array example
;, @"I", @"and you", nil];     NSLog(@"
Printing the String value using NSLog function
the NSLog function. In the following code example we will show you how you can easily output the value of NSString variable using the NSLog function...;;     NSLog(@"process Name: %@ Process ID: %d",string
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NSLog Integer Example
Here is the code example of NSLog function that prints the value of integer. int num=90; NSLog(@"The value of integer num is %i", num); The above code will print the value of num variable. If you run the code you will get
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The following code example prints the data of NSDictionary. You can use the NSLog function to debug your program. In this example we will be showing you...;  NSLog(@"key: %@, value: %@", key, [dictionary objectForKey:key
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