Tutorial: @ModelAttribute Annotaion

@ModelAttribute Annotaion

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In this tutorial you will learn about the @ModelAttribute Annotaion

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@ModelAttribute Annotaion

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@ModelAttribute Annotaion

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@ModelAttribute Annotaion
@ModelAttribute Annotaion @ModelAttribute annotation can be used... this annotation inside the handler method parameter. you may use this annotaion as @ModelAttribute("cities") public List changeData() { List cities = new
collectionMapping using annotation
collectionMapping using annotation  Hello sir, I am using @ElementCollection annotaion in my entity class as @Entity @Table(name="stud_collection") public class StudentEntity implements Serializable{ @Id @Column(name="id
@RequestParam Annotation
also use @ModelAttribute to take the * form/model object
Spring Web Annotation Classes
{ } @ModelAttribute- The @ModelAttribute refers to the property of model...(@ModelAttribute("user") User user) { return "home-page"; } @RequestParam
How to use web.xml in Servlet 3.0
How to use web.xml in Servlet 3.0 In this tutorial you will learn how to use web.xml in Servlet 3.0. Here I am giving the simple example of a Servlet in which I make a simple servlet class using @WebServlet annotaion into which
Form handling
Form handling  I created a spring project. I created a jsp with the following code <%@ include file="/WEB-INF/jsp/include.jsp"%> <form:form name="loginForm" modelAttribute="loginForm" method="get"> <
Validaton(Checking Blank space) - Spring
(@ModelAttribute("Department")Department d, BindingResult result
@SessionAttributes multiple values
onSubmit(@ModelAttribute("formdata") MyFormDataClass t) { System.out.println
Spring Annotation Tutorial
as @ModelAttribute("countryList") public List loadCounties() { return...") public String loadForm(Map model) { return "loginForm"; } @ModelAttribute...(); } @ModelAttribute("countryList") public List loadCounties() { return
How to write the junit test code for the following controller code
= "/sendto", method = RequestMethod.POST) public String addStudent(@ModelAttribute
Displaying empty pdf with jasper reports using spring framework
is my controller class code: public ModelAndView addTemplate(@ModelAttribute
Spring 3 MVC and Hibernate 3 Example Part 3
;saveArticle(@ModelAttribute(" article") Article  article...;addArticle(@ModelAttribute("article") Article article,   ...="/articles/save.html" /> <form:form modelAttribute
File Upload Servlet 3.0 Example
if this annotaion is used it indicates that a servlet ask for request to conform
Hibernate 3 Query Example Part 1
(@ModelAttribute("article") Article article) { return new ModelAndView("searcharticle...) public ModelAndView saveArticle(@ModelAttribute(" article") Article article
database spring registration form
= appServiceImp; } @ModelAttribute("city") public List<City> loadAllCity() { return service.loadAllCity(); } @ModelAttribute("state"
Spring 3.0 MVC Form, Spring 3.0 MVC Form Example
= RequestMethod.POST) public void simple(@ModelAttribute User user... simple(@ModelAttribute User user, Model model) { model.addAttribute("
Hibernate 3 Query Example Part 2
/save.html" /> <form:form modelAttribute="article"
Spring 3 MVC File Upload, Spring MVC File Upload
; <body> <form:form modelAttribute="uploadItem" name
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