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what is the server

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what is the server

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what is the server

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what is the server
what is the server  what is the server?   Server... of software, such as a WWW server. A single server machine can (and often does) have several different server software packages running on it, thus providing many
What is WAMP Server
What is WAMP Server  What is WAMP Server? And what are the configuration of WAMP
connection between server and client: public Server() { try { serverSocket...(IOException e) { System.out.println("Error Starting the Server . . ."); } System.out.println("Server started . . ."); this.start(); } The developer writes
what is the difference betwen application server & web server - Java Interview Questions
what is the difference betwen application server & web server  what is the difference betwen application server & web server
What are the main disadvantages of Java Server Faces 2.0?
What are the main disadvantages of Java Server Faces 2.0?  What are the main disadvantages of Java Server Faces 2.0
What is Java Server Faces?
What is JSF?      In this section "What is JSF?" you will get detailed overview... also understand easily.  What is JSF? JSF is new standard framework
SQL Server
SQL Server  Hii, What is SQL Server ?   hello, SQL Server is a DBMS system provided by Microsoft
What do I need to do to use a MSSQL-Server with Web-Harvester?
What do I need to do to use a MSSQL-Server with Web-Harvester?  What do I need to do to use a MSSQL-Server with Web-Harvester
What do you think about client-side/server-side coding ?
What do you think about client-side/server-side coding ?  Hi, What do you think about client-side/server-side coding
What is XAMPP?
What is XAMPP?  What is XAMPP and how can i install it on my computer? So far, i have worked on WAMP server, is XMPP is different than Wamp?   XMPP is an open sources development platform that is used to create PHP
DIFFERENCE BETWEEN APPLICATION SERVER AND WEB SERVER  What is the difference between application server and web server
What is hibernate ?
What is hibernate ?   What is hibernate ? explain with simple example.   Hibernate is an Open Source persistence technology. It provides... Applications | Hibernate | Database Server
what is ajax
what is ajax  what is ajax   AJAX = Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. AJAX is a technique for creating fast and dynamic web pages... of data with the server behind the scenes. This means that it is possible to update
What's PHP ?
What's PHP ?  What's PHP ?   Hi friends, PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocesser. It is a server side programing language that allows web developers to create dynamic content that interacts with databases. PHP
Tomcat server
Tomcat server  Can anyone tell me in simple words what this error is about.. ERROR org.hibernate.event.def.AbstractFlushingEventListener Could not synchronize database state with session org.hibernate.StaleObjectStateException
sql server - SQL
sql server  what is SQL server? & what is oracle? are they same
What are the level in Jboss 5 application server to deploy the application
What are the level in Jboss 5 application server to deploy the application  What are the level in Jboss 5 application server to deploy... support: server-side support is no longer required. - Java quick starter, to improve
proxy server in java
proxy server in java  how to developed proxy server in java .. detail of what is proxy server
XML in SQL Server
XML in SQL Server  Hi..... please anyone tell me about What is the purpose of FOR XML in SQL Server? Thanks
could not start server. - EJB
comes ---sun java server could not start. so what should I do to start this server...could not start server.  Dear All I have installed netbeans 5.5.1 and sun java Application server 9.2 to run ejb program. But when I start
chat server in java - JavaMail
chat server in java  sir i was ask u question related to the chat server,and you has given a answer,but sir i want to make a network based chat server ,in network base chat server ,there is no use of the AWT,SWING,in server side
Java Connect to and FTP Server
Java Connect to and FTP Server  What is the code for Java Connect to and FTP Server? How to establish a connection to FTP server in Java? Thansk... the apache commons library to connect/login to FTP server. Link of complete example
mysql server connectivity - Java Server Faces Questions
mysql server connectivity  hello friends, my question is that i m not able to connect jsp, servlet with sql 2000. i know we have to do... on the admin tool what to do i really don't know. can any one help me  Hi
chat server - JavaMail
chat server  i want to develop chat server in java using smtp and pop3 protocol.plz tell me what i have to do.what are the APIs i have to use
What is Cloud Hosting?
resources Easy scaling down of the server resources Pay only for what...What is Cloud Hosting? In this section we will discuss about Cloud Hosting. We are explaining "What is cloud hosting?" and why it is so hot
What is Web hosting
What is Web hosting  What is web hosting services and how to host a website?   Hi, We hosting is process of hosting website on the Internet server so that users around the world can access your website from anywhere
SQL SERVER 2008  when i am fill the all fields in the form.but when i am retrive from the database it shows only firstname,age,address.remaining fields was shows as null.and it shows the gender as the on.i can't understand what
Tomcat Server
Tomcat Server In this section we will read about the Tomcat Server. Here we will read the various aspects of "Tomcat Server" such as what is tomcat server, components of tomcat, features of tomcat and many more. What
What is database replication?
What is database replication?  What is database replication?  ... database server maintains the master copy of the database and additional database... to the master database server and are then replicated by the slave database servers
What is php used for?
What is php used for?  Hello, I want to know what is the use of PHP and why it is so popular? Please tell me some tutorial links to learn PHP. Thansk   Hi, PHP is one of popular server-side scripting language
What is Java Client Socket?
What is Java Client Socket?  Hi, What is client socket in Java.... The socket that make connectivity with socket client and with a socket server that handles one connection at a time, and a socket server that can handle mulitple
JAVA SERVER PAGE  hi, i want to know what is the need of JSP......and i want to get clear about all tech related to java instead of webapplications(Dynamic web project). because ajax,jsp,servelet..many tech like this i heard
what is an ajax call?
what is an ajax call?  can u please explain the correct usage of an ajax call in jsps and java script.   hi friend, Ajax is new... JavaScript and XML that fetches the data from web server without refreshing the whole
Hibernate:What is hibernate?
Hibernate:What is hibernate?  What is hibernate?   ... | Hibernate | Database Server Hibernate provide a way of mapping... | Database Server Hibernate provide a way of mapping of applications class
what is web .config method
what is web .config method  servlet container what is difference.... what are the necessary conditions to override the init() in servlets... context is used but not ServletConfig what is use of the servletconfig
What is Stored Procedure?
What is Stored Procedure?  What is Stored Procedure?   Hi, Here is the answer, A stored procedure is a named group of SQL statements that have been previously created and stored in the server database. Stored
Upload Photo to Server
" . My question is how can i load this to the server machine so that this photo photo can be accessed in all of the machines from server side. Should i have to wrirte socket program for thjis. If yes how to write it. Otherwise what
How to send URL in Post request from local server to remote server?
to another server remotely?What to do in code??? 2> How to send a Post Request... validate user credentials after sending another request to Portal Server. What...How to send URL in Post request from local server to remote server?  
could not connect to the server - JDBC
to the remote MySqL server, i got an exception like...) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) ** END NESTED EXCEPTION ** Last packet sent to the server was 0 ms ago. what the reason for this exception. Is it any socke exception. How
What is XML?
What is XML? In the first section of XML tutorials we will learn the basics... on "What is XML?" you will be able understand the XML document and create well formatted XML document. What is XML Document? Some facts about XML
what is the resolution for the bellow error?
what is the resolution for the bellow error?  pe Exception report message description The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request. exception org.apache.jasper.JasperException
What is Bandwidth or Download
What is Bandwidth or Download?  In this article you will learn... in the web hosting world.  What is Bandwidth? Bandwidth is a measurement... or the server. If your people uses your corporate network, the Bandwidth uses of your
What is JSP?
The JSP  Java Server Pages Technology: Java Server Pages is a technology... types of documents to server the web client. The JSP technology allows the programmers to embed Java code into html (.jsp) page. Java Server Pages are first
MySQL server has gone away
MySQL server has gone away  Hi, What is the reason of error "MySQL server has gone away"? Some time in my application this error is coming. Thanks   hi friend, This happens because the server is timed out
Server running Button - Java Beginners
Server running Button  Hi there, I have a created a GUI using... been recived by the server , when the client is connected , in the textArea... I get this : http://www.suae.net/vb/uploaded/2750_01219525090.jpg What
What is the most important requirement for OLTP ?
What is the most important requirement for OLTP ?   What is the most important requirement for OLTP ?   Hi, In the transaction server, the client component usually includes GUI and the server components usually
problem regarding tomcat server 6.0
problem regarding tomcat server 6.0  Jul 27, 2012 10:39:19 PM...:\oraclexe\app\oracle\product\10.2.0\server\bin;C:\WINDO WS\system32;C:\WINDOWS;C... starting tomcatserver server command prompt shown this type of description
What is PHP ?
What is PHP? PHP is an acronym stand for Hypertext PreProcessor. It is an open.... The page originates as PHP code on the server but is transformed into HTML code... server-side applications like: Microsoft's C# - Visual Basic.NET - ASP family, Sun's
What is Java Platform
As a beginner you must first understand the about Java Platform and to get the answer of the frequently asked question "What is Java Platform?". The Java... of application for PC, server and also for small devices. Java EE (Enterprise Edition
What is NoSQL?
and management of huge data much user friendly. What are the Benefits of NoSQL... you don't have to buy the high end server to increase the performance... the performance of the database server as data increases. ADS4ThUnitADS Huge
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