Tutorial: rate and review app iphone

rate and review app iphone

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rate and review app iphone

Read Tutorial rate and review app iphone.

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rate and review app iphone

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rate and review app iphone

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rate and review app iphone
rate and review app iphone  How to rate and review app in iphone
rate my app iphone SDK
rate my app iphone SDK  How can i enable "Rate and Review Application" feature of my application on iTune
iphone app development
iphone app development  hey my first view file name is cardviewcontroller n second is carddetailview n btn name is clkHere so how i used btn to go frm 1 to 2 view
delete app from iphone
delete app from iphone  How to delete an existing app from itunes
iPhone and iPad universal app
iPhone and iPad universal app  I am writing a universal application in iPhone and iPad that is not working in iPhone simulator. Though i have tested it in the iPad successfully. On running the application in the device it returns
Is there a limitation on the number of files in an iphone app?
Is there a limitation on the number of files in an iphone app?  hello all Is there a limitation on the number of files in an iphone app? My app will contain about 2000 or more text files.Would i be in trouble?   yes
iPhone Make Call from App
iPhone Make Call from App  iPhone Make Call Programmatically I have created an application in iPhone that has the functionality to make Call from App. I am just wondering how to make a call programmatically... is there any
PayPal integration in iPhone native app
PayPal integration in iPhone native app  I am looking for some help in integrating the paypal in iPhone application. Please help. Thanks.   Instead of integrating the paypal into the app .. you can open it within
app crashed in ipad 2 running iOS 5.0.1
in ipad 2 running iOS 5.0.1, witch is not in compliance with the App Store Review...app crashed in ipad 2 running iOS 5.0.1  i developed a universal application for both iPhone and iPad the application works fine when i test on my
Review  Friends please help e on this How to write java code to display the next question onclicking review button
how to test iphone app on iphone without developer program
how to test iphone app on iphone without developer program  Is it possible to test the iPhone application on different device without the UDID Key?   No, without the UDID Key no one test the application on iPhone
iPhone Quiz App Tutorial
iPhone Quiz App Tutorial In this simple iPhone quiz application tutorial, we are going to learn how to create simple quiz in iphone. Creating a simple quiz in iPhone is really easy..Just follow the given steps to create the quiz
Iphone keypad app
Iphone keypad app The given sample "Iphone keypad app" is going to show you how to hide keyboard or number pad and return to the actual screen. We can see it with the help of this example...in which we are going to take
Portrait  and  Landscape  View  Mode     1.   The   App   will   begin...the  app        d.   Requires   Answer   to   secret   question
The app was not installed on iphone because its resources have been modified
The app was not installed on iphone because its resources have been modified  Hi, I am getting following error while my client is installing my AdHoc build on his iPhone: "The app was not installed on iphone because its
Web Development for iPhone
for desktop. A web app for iPhone needs special characteristics and developers must keep those characteristics in their mind while developing any site for iPhone web... Web Development for iPhone Developing Web apps for iPhone or any other
problem in creating create .ipa file in my iPhone app
problem in creating create .ipa file in my iPhone app  Hi, does anyone have idea on how to create a .create .ipa file for my iPhone / iPad application? Also do i need to delete the previous build to create .ipa file? Thanks
iPhone Game Applications Development, iPhone Game Porting Services, iPhone Game Designing
are completed that we submit the iPhone game to the App Store for review and listing... are the largest category on the iPhone App Store and account for about 60... such as the In App Purchase (IAP). The IAP allows the iPhone users to purchase a gaming add
Embedding HTML in iPhone App
Embedding HTML in iPhone App This example illustrate you how to embed the HTML in iPhone application. To embed the HTML file we required a UIWebView... to embed HTML into UIWebView iphone app - (void)viewDidLoad { NSString
Mobile App Marketing Strategies
your app is reviewed by top app review sites and media outlets. Pitch your app... be lucrative, a free app purchase code, a reciprocal review of their products..., review links, app free trial links, etc.   Promote your app
Rate Java
Rate Java   program is needed to ask users to rate the Java programming language using a number in the range 0 - 10
, Application Listing on the online Apple iPhone App Store or Seller's store... iPhone       Apple iPhone 3G is a multi-touch smartphone that has successfully combined
what is json in iphone sdk
what is json in iphone sdk  What is json in iphone sdk? Is this a library and when i need to include JSon in my iPhone SDK App
interest rate

iPhone Application Store Submission and Acceptance Process
Development, App Testing and Debugging, Application Listing on the online Apple iPhone... online iPhone app store is vital as it is the only way to mass-distribute your... it can be listed on the app store. We can develop both free or commercial iPhone
Dynamic Array iPhone
Dynamic Array iPhone  Dynamic Array iPhone How can i add NSMutable array dynamically into my iPhone App
iPhone Baby Name App, iPhone Baby Name, Baby Names application for iPhone
iPhone Baby Name App - World Baby Names... are distributing our iPhone baby names application for free though App Store. You... Names" using "App Store" application in your iPhone
AJAX Review
AJAX Review       AJAX and web 2.0 dissected. The purpose of this site is simple. Take nifty web-tools, analyze them, post screenshots, and help people find useful (and not so useful
iPhone EMI Calculator, EMI Calculator for iPhone
to download on your Mac Machine or iPhone. You can download this app from...EMI Calc - iPhone EMI Calculator     EMI Calc In the series of providing more and more free utility tools for iPhone users
iPhone landscape mode
iPhone landscape mode In this series of iPhone application development tutorial, you'll learn launching your iPhone app in landscape mode. Believe me it's very simple to change your iphone app in landscape mode. Just follow
Database in iPhone Application
Database in iPhone Application  I am a beginner in iphone development. I would like to know how to create a database for an Iphone App. My issue is that I am trying to do a Restaurant App for which i think a DB has
your app crashed in ipad 2 running iOS 5.0.1
... "We found your app crashed in ipad 2 running iOS 5.0.1, witch is not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines." Can anyone please tell me how...your app crashed in ipad 2 running iOS 5.0.1  I submit my universal
Hire iPhone developer
few developers who can develop an app for iPhone. Programming for iPhone... a different approach. iPhone app development is new technology, so there are very... app for iPhone, but you don?t have adequate programming knowledge
Baby names iPhone, Baby Names Application, Baby name iPhone app, iPhone Baby Names, iPhone baby apps,iPhone baby application
Baby names iPhone - Baby Names Applications for iPhone Baby names iPhone Baby name iPhone app - Search baby names from over 70,000 baby names... Application “World Baby Names” for iPhone containing over 70,000
refresh rate in ajax
refresh rate in ajax  my data is in table which is generated dynamically. i want to refresh that perticular table after some time using ajax and with jsp
Offshore iPhone Apps Development
iPhone, hire a professional iPhone app developer who can customize your iPhone...Offshore iPhone Apps Development Since the origination of Apple's internet mobile phone ' iPhone ' has dominated the smart phone market
iphone login screen
iphone login screen  Hi i need solution of below question if any one... Mode The App will begin with the Login Screen.... a. Login b. Sign Up c. Maximum Tries (3) then lock the app
Hello World iphone Example
of creating your first "Hello World" app in iphone SDK. As this tutorial...Hello World iphone with Example In the given tutorial you will be creating a small iphone application called "hello world app" using interface
iPhone Software Development
iPhone Software Development Apple's Inc. iPhone is an amazing device used... iPhone in the downgraded version of OS framework to Mac OS X framework. It has.... Developing software for iPhone is hard nut to crack and earlier only Apple Inc
iPhone News
demands. The news review of latest iPhone Application provides an opportunity... iPhone News and Updates       iPhone is a multi-touch smartphone launched by Apple Inc
iPhone & iPad application development
iPhone & iPad application development We are leading company for iPhone & iPad application development and support. Our team is expert in iPhone... convert your application idea into fully functional iPhone and iPad applications
iphone  hiii, how can we use table recursively in iphone
Address book in iphone
Address book in iphone  hello.. how can we use address book in our iphone app ???   hello Nice Question first of all you have to import two framework in you group listed below -AddressBook.framework
iphone mail sending problem
iphone mail sending problem  Hi, I'm receiving the following error ... while sending mail in my iphone application Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '-[viewController
How to Get Traffic from Social Media to Your App?
links of your website, app reviews, review blogs, update news, etc. Rich... ultimately push people take a look at your new app. Look at most successful apps... community advertisement space to let people know about your app and how they can
Resources have been modified iPhone
Resources have been modified error while installing AdHoc distribution on his iPhone. How to solve Resources have been modified iPhone error? Thanks   Hi... is the process of creating ipa file from .app file. Step 1: Create a folder
BMI Calculator, BMI Calculator iPhone, BMI Calculator iPhone
BMI Calculator for iPhone Free iBMI Calculator Roseindia Technologies...) Calculator (Calc) for iPhone and ipod. Our iBMI Calc is one of the most accurate calculators for calculating the BMI rate of the body, which accurate
iphone  How can connect with the other database in iphone application(like... MYsql or oracle) is this dirctly possible
iphone  hello... i want to make first iphone application . How can i make it plz help me
rename project in iphone
rename project in iphone  hello, I have a lot of code that I've written, and finally have come up with the correct branding. If there is any way to rename the project then tell me How can I rename my project and app in XCode
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