Tutorial: ORDAudio object in servlet

ORDAudio object in servlet

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ORDAudio object in servlet

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ORDAudio object in servlet

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ORDAudio object in servlet

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ORDAudio object in servlet
ORDAudio object in servlet  Hi, I want to know how to retrieve the ORDAudio object in my servlet and play it in browser when Play button is clicked. I am able to store audio object in to database thru my servlet...but my code
Servlet Scope object
Servlet Scope object  Which scope object(Request, Session, Application, Page) to use if (a) I want to maintain the user profile that the customer... and password entered by the user using another servlet but in the same web application
How to find a servlet object by name?
How to find a servlet object by name?  How can we locate a servlet object in the code by it's object name?   A. In web.xml you map servlet and define url pattern. Now this url-pattern is used for calling servlet. <
Page object - JSP-Servlet
Page object  Hello friends, How can we make use of PAGE object of implicit JSP object. If this is possible explain me about it's methods. I did not find any methods or explanation of this object. Pls help me
request object - JSP-Servlet

session object
session object  how to make session from one servlet to another servlet for an integer variable.   Please visit the following link: http://www.roseindia.net/servlets/SessionAttributeListenerExample.shtml
how many ways are there to invoke a servlet object?
how many ways are there to invoke a servlet object?  how many ways are there to invoke a servlet object
get a session object - JSP-Servlet
get a session object  how to do in a table when i click on a radio button i should get the id value which is in the same row and store it in the session this is in jsp when in the servlet if i call a get session i have to get
Bussiness Object API - JSP-Servlet
Bussiness Object API  I m feteching the reports from CMS server and displaying the report on web page . the problem is that displaying a report takes... = (IReportSourceFactory)enterpriseSession.getService("PSReportFactory"); Object
bean object
-beans.shtml http://www.roseindia.net/jsp/servlet-jsp-data-list.shtml
Pass a dom object from jsp to servlet
Pass a dom object from jsp to servlet  I am creating a dom object in my jsp page. now i want to pass that object in a servlet through calling servlet in jsp. can anyone help me
Read MultipartRequest object twice. - JSP-Servlet
Read MultipartRequest object twice.  Hi, Thanks for your reply for "How to revert back ServletInputStream object after reading once." Q. Now I am facing problem for ServletInputStream object. Can we read stream twice
How to get jSon object in servlet from jsp - JSP-Servlet
How to get jSon object in servlet from jsp  How to get jSon object in servlet from jsp? In jsp page i have written: var sel... object in servlet???  Hi Friend, Please visit the following link
Changing loacation for file object - JSP-Servlet

object  is it possible to create object in the same class..?.   Yes, you can. class CreateObject { CreateObject(){ System.out.println("I have an object."); } public static void main(String[] args
How to revert back ServletInputStream object after reading once. - JSP-Servlet
How to revert back ServletInputStream object after reading once.  Hi All, I am trying to get parameter from request object which is multipart/form.... To read data from request object using ServletInputStream. Now I want to iterate same
Method is undefined for the type Object(org.apache.jasper.JasperException)
Method is undefined for the type Object(org.apache.jasper.JasperException) .../bap/editPracticeRevenuSplit.jsp Generated servlet error: The method getPracticeRevenueCode() is undefined for the type Object
JSP implicit object "application"
JSP IMPLICIT OBJECT application In this section, we will discuss about JSP implicit object 'application' and it's uses with an example. Using "application"  object you can share data with all pages
JSP implicit object "pagecontext"
JSP IMPLICIT OBJECT  pagecontext A PageContext instance provides access... and pageContext are implicit JSP Objects. The page object represents the generated servlet instance itself, i.e., it is same as the "this" keyword
ResultSet Object data to Ms-Word Doc
ResultSet Object data to Ms-Word Doc   help me , i don't know how to write data from oracle database into MSWord document using servlet or jsp
how to get session object in simple java class??
how to get session object in simple java class??  i am fallowing... setters and getters) 3) GroupServlet.java (a servlet class for control) 4... the value to GroupPojo.java and set this pojo object into session. sending control
Accessing Session Object
Accessing Session Object      ... resources like the session object, session context and the last accessed session... if the Action is used in a servlet environment. Note that using this interface
servlet - Servlet Interview Questions
, the servlet container will load the servlet class and create servlet object when it receives the first request call for that particular servlet. But, by using... container to load and create the servlet object when the container is starting
how to generate a bar chart on a JSP PAGE using the arraylist object passed form the servlet.(using jfreechart)
how to generate a bar chart on a JSP PAGE using the arraylist object passed form the servlet.(using jfreechart)  I have created a servlet.In this,i... contains only one object(rollno,name,marks1,marks2,marks3,marks4) from
object of object class
object of object class  what do u mean by "object of object class
servlet - Servlet Interview Questions
new qustion is: why we do not need to use main method in a servlet.... For initialization of servlet instances the init method is used. The container initializes the servlet instance by calling the init method of the Servlet
Servlet - Servlet Interview Questions
a ServletResponse object and passes to servlet's service method. 4)Method Used... and HttpServletResponse?  Servlet Request 1.public abstract interface ServletRequest 2.A ServletRequest object provides data including parameter name and values
Servlet - Servlet Interview Questions
. 3)It is an abstract class which extends Object. 4)It implements Servlet... to GenericServlet is HttpServlet. 6)It is a protocol-independent servlet. 7)GenericServlet
servlet with weblogic
servlet with weblogic  hi everyone.... When I'm running this program... javax.servlet.ServletException: Servlet class: 'DataInsertion' couldn't...()Ljava/lang/Object;(ServletStubImpl.java:1108
Java Servlet Problem - JSP-Servlet
Java Servlet Problem  I have a servlet class that implemets..., but in the attributeReplaced() method, i want to perform a redirect to another servlet..., i need atleast one response object, which is not available inside the listener
object creation
object creation  when will java object is created? is it at runtime or compiletime
Object       An object...). In an object, variables store values for later use and methods are the unit... are the basic units of the object-oriented programming. Objects are the part of our day
Object Oriented
Object Oriented  C++ is Purely object oriented or not .Then why java called purely object oriented
Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Object reference not set to an instance of an object  Object reference not set to an instance of an object
JSP with java/servlet - JSP-Servlet
wanted to use jsp to only present the data and wanted to have another object (java bean or servlet) to fecth the database. Jsp would get the data from that object and present it. Will appreciate your answere/flow for this.  Hi
Session Object
Session Object  Why do we require Session Object?  Hello.... The session object is used by the developers to store and retrieve user's related data such as login details. The javax.servlet.http.HttpSession object
object as argument
object as argument  what happens when we pass a object into a method???if java is pass by value how does this makes a difference.....pllzzz give me more clarification on why we pass objects in a margument
ArrayList object
ArrayList object  i have am ArrayList object it containg data base records in it, now i want to display this ArrayList object data in my jsp programe, plz help me
Object Creations
Object Creations  String a[][]=new String[10][20]; The above line how many objects are created
Java object
Java object  Which class should you use to obtain design information about an object
Java object
Java object  What is mutable object and immutable object?  An Immutable object is a kind of object whose state cannot be modified after it is created. This is as opposed to a mutable object, which can be modified
Session Object
Session Object   What is the Max amount of information that can be saved in a Session Object ?   There is no such limit on the amount of information that can be saved in a Session Object. The only limit is the Session
object array
object array  Hi i have array that is object[] obj= { new string("hi"), new vector().add(10), new hashmap().setkey()} display(obj); display(object{[] obj) {} Now my question is what is the string length and how to retrieve
Vector object[]
Vector object[]  I want to create payslip in java public Vector...(); Object[] value = new Object[] {"Employee Name",f.ename.getSelectedItem()}; rec.add(value); value = new Object[] {"Mary-Kate Olsen", "Ashley
constructor or object
constructor or object  object or construct which create first?   A constructor is always created first. Here is an example: class Example { Example(String st){ System.out.println(st); } public
implect object
implect object  how i implment implect object   Hi Friend, Please visit the following links: http://www.roseindia.net/help/java/o/jsp-implicit-objects.shtml http://www.roseindia.net/jsp/jspfundamentals.shtml Thanks
class and Object
class and Object  how many classes,References and objects in this following statement.... A a=new B();   Hi, In the statement: A a=new B(); There are 2 classes, Class A and Class B. References : 1 (Object of B
object and method
object and method  a college would like to automate managing courses offered to students. initially only three courses are involved. each courses has... and an application that creates the necessary object
Object slicing
Object slicing  I have a program as bellow: #include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> class A { public: int x; A() { x=10; } }; class B:public A { protected: int y
Class and object
the object of subclass Thanks
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