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web.xml  what is web.xml file..? explain its types..?   The web.xml file is important file for j2ee application. this file is also called the deployment descriptor. When you web application started the web server reads
web xml  which url address is given in web.xml?   When using prefixes in XML, a so-called namespace for the prefix must be defined. The namespace is defined by the xmlns attribute in the start tag of an element
web.xml - XML
web.xml  Can you please help me to create web.xml I tried to create like this in editplus.. and enter ctrl + B It shows some error.... Is there any thing wrong with this web.xml otherwise please help me... Thanks
Access web.xml init parameters
Access web.xml init parameters  How to access web.xml init parameters from java code
regarding web.xml - JSP-Servlet
regarding web.xml  I am the java beginner, please send the web.xml code and how to run a servlet for apache5.0.... my problem is in tomcat manager am getting the message 'fail' in web.xml  Hello,Please check the tomcat
Configure Js request in Web.xml
Configure Js request in Web.xml  Hi all, I have 1 basic doubt,suppose i have 2 jsp,1 servlet,1 web.xml file.i need to redirect 1 page via servlet with help of web.xml file.Here just i need to redirect to
web.xml - servlet - Java Beginners
web.xml - servlet  Hi All, In my web application, I have one servlet that has to run automatically when ever I start my web application... application. I was suggested to use tag in the web.xml file to run that servlet
What are the elements in the deployment descriptor(web.xml)?
What are the elements in the deployment descriptor(web.xml)?  What do the following elements in the deployment descriptor(web.xml)are: ??.. ?.. ??? ?
How to Configure Spring in web.xml file ?
How to Configure Spring in web.xml file ?  How to Configure Spring in web.xml file ?   Hi you need to map the DispatcherServlet in web.xml as <servlet> <servlet-name>dispatcherServlet<
Assembling web.xml from fragments
This section contains detailed description on assembling web.xml from web fragments with an example
loacation of errorpage in web.xml for 404 error
loacation of errorpage in web.xml for 404 error   The webpage cannot be found HTTP 404 Most likely causes: ?There might be a typing error in the address. ?If you clicked on a link, it may be out of date. What you
web.xml deployment descriptor - JSP-Servlet
web.xml deployment descriptor  Pls guide about how to write the web.xml file to deploy our web applications that uses JSP, by using tomcat... ... with JSP in tomcat.Thanks  Hi,Here is the code of web.xml:<?xml version
Why use in web.xml - JSP-Servlet
How to use web.xml in Servlet 3.0
How to use web.xml in Servlet 3.0 In this tutorial you will learn how to use web.xml in Servlet 3.0. Here I am giving the simple example of a Servlet...); } } web.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <web
without writing web.xml file we can write servlet program
without writing web.xml file we can write servlet program  Sir Morning... Sir I have one Question "without writing web.xml file we can write servlet program". if yes which way? if no why? but without use Annotation........ Plz
How to Send particular error to another page in Servlet from web.xml
How to Send particular error to another page in Servlet from web.xml  How to Send particular error to another page in Servlet from web.xml   Hi you can forward particular error from web.xml file as <error-page>
How can I call a Servlet that is declare on web.xml with spring framework
How can I call a Servlet that is declare on web.xml with spring framework ... is declare on web.xml, but the spring dispacher don't find it so how I can make spring dispacher to call a servlet that is declare on my Web.xml here is my
Getting Context Parameter Names
in the web.xml file. ServletContext is a interface which helps us to communicate.... In web.xml, do the following: <servlet> <servlet-name>
Getting Init Parameter Names
values which we have given in the web.xml file. Whenever the container...;PhoneNo"));   } } web.xml file
Spring Context Loader Servlet
in the web.xml file to load the Spring Context. Spring ContextLoaderServlet... Modification in the web.xml file Following code needs to be added to the web.xml file to register the ContextLoaderServlet
servlets  which url address is given in web.xml
Question  which url address should be given in web.xml
wexml for jsp
wexml for jsp  an exaample for web.xml for sample jsp program
struts.xml - Struts
struts.xml  I have tried again and again, but somehow, my web.xml is not able to find struts.xml. Where should I be placing struts.xml?? The filter tags in web.xml are correct. Thanx
xml  how to creatte html file and validate using java and finally i need get web.xml file
filters in java - Struts
filters in java  I have implement Gzip filters in my web application, but web.xml is not supporting to filters in struts, i have implement the same code for servlet its working fine on local host but online web.xml is creating
jav - Spring
jav  In PART2 of the Spring tutorial it says "Add entry to web.xml file". Can you tell me what I should enter. Here is my web.xml file: servletclient servletclient 1 servletclient
XML - JSP-Servlet
XML  Hello have a nice time, how to write an web.xml which can access both jsp page and servlet file can you explain with example.. thanking you.   Hi Friend, Do you want the web.xml file? Please clarify
servlet and xml - XML
servlet and xml  how to call or invoke a form.html with a servlet using web.xml  hi friend, we will call or invoke the form.html...://localhost:8080/webapp/form.html. in web.xml: abc myservlet
servlet - Servlet Interview Questions
Servlet Priority  How to set priority for servlet?  in web.xml file we can set priority of servlet. 1 2
saritha project - Struts
in the web.xml
load servlet - Java Server Faces Questions
load servlet  how to load particular servlet on server startup  Hi Friend, Use 2 in web.xml like the following: HelloWorldExample HelloWorldExample 2 Hope that it will be helpful for you. Thanks
saritha project - Struts
in the web.xml
The server encountered internal error() - Struts
the problem in struts application. Here is my web.xml MYAPP... in either web.xml or the jar files deployed with this application In my index.jsp... in web.xml since the error said it's in web.xml? In the jar files, I've already pu
war file
war file  where should we create this war file in servlet program for example servlet structure like this 2.WEB-inf(web.xml) 3.class(.class
Servlets - Java Beginners
). Where do i need need to write the web.xml file? And Which name should i give for this web.xml file? How to run this program?  Hi friend
JSF - Framework
JSF  HI,can any one send me a sample web.xml, faces-config.xml .. for a sinple application using ....its very Urgent... Thanks in Advance  Hi friend, web.xml javax.faces.STATE_SAVING
mapping - XML
mapping  how does the web.xml works and how does the mapping done will you explain me?  Hi Friend, The web.xml file provides configuration and deployment information for the Web components(servlet parameters, servlet
Struts 2.0- Deployment - Struts
1.5 Tomcat 6.0  Hi friend, Check your config of Web.xml.../struts/struts2/ Thanks   I placed correct web.xml only. For first time I
Session Timeout
Session Timeout  Hi, we are using JBoss 4.0.2 I have edited the jboss-4.0.2/server/default/deploy/jbossweb-tomcat55.sar/conf/web.xml I...... the below is the snip from my web.xml file <session-config> <session
To Develope an Website
, please help me. What I did is I had created two XML files, web.xml and sampleproject.xml, I put that web.xml file under the webinf folder another
error in code - Java Server Faces Questions
check the error and give me the answer i am sending the code of web.xml and faces-config.xml web.xml Faces Servlet... friend, Do some changes to remove the error in web.xml You changes
Exception handling through Struts - Struts
tag to my web.xml file but still I am getting errors on the screen. It is not showing me that error page whatever I have entered in my web.xml My web.xml
session management - JSP-Servlet
think i am not using session management properly. and also in my web.xml file i... u my code. WEB.XML:- 1 like this i specified in web.xml and in my signout.jsp file:- signout page
Problem in integration struts+ spring - Framework
Problem in integration struts+ spring  Problem in integration struts+ spring hi, i am facing problem in integration struts+ spring. I am also using jstl tag. web.xml Test action org.apache.struts.action.ActionServlet config /WEB
Open a .doc file by click on the link using struts - Struts
Open a .doc file by click on the link using struts   I want to open a doc extension file when i click a link on jsp page .I know only about which is write in web.xml but not exactly know how i do this.Plz any one can help me
deploymnet problem - Struts
deploymnet problem  I am shifting from struts1 to strus2 , what all required for it? When I changed my web.xml I am not able start my application in tomcat server? Why? Error:Fail-Application at context path /myproject
facing problem plz help me out - Framework
Facing problem plz help me out  hi i am new to servlet i deployed... the web.xml file too parallel to the classes folder now i am facing this problem.plz tell me what to do... error:The requested resource (Servlet servlet
saritha project - Struts
in web.xml then also it is not coming plzzzzz give me particular answer or example plz
JAVA  HOW TO CONNECT JDBC IN SERVLET AND HOW TO PREPARE WEB.XML   Hi Friend, Please visit the following links:
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