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uiwebview fit page

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uiwebview fit page

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uiwebview fit page

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uiwebview fit page

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uiwebview fit page
uiwebview fit page  How to fit the page in UIWebView in Xcode. Thanks
uiwebview zoom
uiwebview zoom  Hi, I want to zoom UIWebview programmatically... to Fit" property of your webview in interface builder. Then use the following code...]; } Thanks   Hi, "Scales Pages to Fit" property to TRUE Thanks
UIWebview javascript callback
UIWebview javascript callback  HI, In my iPhone application I am loading a web page in UIWebView. There is a button on my web page. On button click... of uiwebview javascript callback. Thanks
UIWebview javascript tutorial
UIWebview javascript tutorial  Hi, How to call javascript function defined in the web page from UIWebview object? Thanks   Hi, You can use the stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString function of UIWebview class
UIWebView call javascript function
UIWebView call javascript function  Hi, I am developing web browser for iPhone and iPhone devices. I want to call the java script in my html page from UIWebView. Please let's know how to call JavaScript function from objective c
loadRequest uiwebview
loadRequest uiwebview The example exhibits the use of loadRequest method in UIWebView. loadRequest is basically a method that can be used to load any web page over web view in iPhone application. The method can be written as - (void
How to send UIWebView Title to UINavigationBar
How to send UIWebView Title to UINavigationBar  How can i replace the title of the UINavigationBar to UIWebView Page Title(i.e. javascript title)?   Write the given code into webViewDidFinishLoad method NSString
iPhone Transparent UIWebView
iPhone Transparent UIWebView Generally, UIWebView class is used to embed the web content into your application including background color of that page too. But in case if you wanted to load the page in transparent color.. you required
Scrolling in UIWebView
Scrolling in UIWebView  How to make an un-scroll able UIWebView
Reload UIWebView
Reload UIWebView  Hi, please tell me how to reload a UIWebView in iPhone application. Thanks.   Reloading UIWebView iPhone SDK [iwebView loadRequest: [NSURLRequest requestWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@"http
UIWebView in UINavigationController
UIWebView in UINavigationController  I am wondering why application gets slow while push and pop. I have used the UINavigationController in my application. [self.navigationController popViewControllerAnimated:YES
Caching UIWebView
on UIWebView that is loading perfectly but my problem is .. it's taking a lots of time to load. Is it possible to caching the loaded file in UIWebView. And if yes
Caching UIWebView
on UIWebView that is loading perfectly but my problem is .. it's taking a lots of time to load. Is it possible to caching the loaded file in UIWebView. And if yes
Scrolling UIWebView JavaScript
Scrolling UIWebView JavaScript  Hi, i am looking for an example code to make a scrolling function for UIWebView in JavaScript. Thanks
uiwebview stringbyevaluatingjavascriptfromstring example
uiwebview stringbyevaluatingjavascriptfromstring example  Hi, Can anyone share example code for using uiwebview stringbyevaluatingjavascriptfromstring function? thanks
open pdf in uiwebview
open pdf in uiwebview  Hi, How to open pdf in uiwebview? Thanks
UIWebView Activity indicator
UIWebView Activity indicator  Can anyone please explain, how to implement a Activity Indicator on UIWebView in my iPhone/iPad application. Thanks
UIWebView Zoom in and out
UIWebView Zoom in and out  Hi, Can anyone give me the example of tap and zoom in and out the pdf loaded on uiwebview?? Thanks
Clear UIWebView cache iPhone
Clear UIWebView cache iPhone  Hi, In my iPhone application ..i am using a UIWebView to load different URL on it. But i am afraid that it 's... a UIWebView? Thanks
UIWebView zoom not working
UIWebView zoom not working  Hi, I don't know why UIWebView zoom not working? Tell the solution. Thanks   Hi, Open the .xib file and set scalesPageToFit to YES. Thanks
uiwebview open url in safari
uiwebview open url in safari  How to open outgoing URL like ffacebook or twitter in iPhone/iPad
how to create uiwebview programmatically
how to create uiwebview programmatically  How to create uiwebview programmatically in iPhone application?   Given is the code..., 0.0, 320.0, 460.0); UIWebView *webView = [[UIWebView alloc] initWithFrame
UIWebview load url
UIWebview load url  How to load website url in UIWebview? Tell me code for UIWebview load url of a website Thanks... = [NSURLRequest requestWithURL:url]; //Load the request in the UIWebView. [webView
Auto fit the MS Excel cell width
Auto fit the MS Excel cell width  I am writing string in ms excel sheet via java code . Cell width is very large, and I want to auto fit the width of cell via java. Kindly help me as soon as possible. Its very urgent
activity indicator for uiwebview
activity indicator for uiwebview  In my iPhone application, we required an activity indicator for uiwebview to show the loading time. Can any one please explain how to do that? Thanks in Advance
iPhone PDF UIWebview
iPhone PDF UIWebview  In my iPhone application i am trying to load the pdf file on UIWebview.. but some how it's not working. Please suggest. Code that i used is as follow... NSString* filePath = [[NSBundle mainBundle
UIWebView Background Color
UIWebView Background Color If you wanted to change the background color on UIWebView in iPhone SDK, then you required to set the background color of UIWebView... of UIWebView or UIView. This example illustrate you how to change the color
Embedding HTML in iPhone App
in iPhone application. To embed the HTML file we required a UIWebView that will load the page in our application. Once you create your application with UIWebView, create your ".html" file and add it under Resources folder
FITpro for Eclipse
Tests (Fit) for Java within the Eclipse IDE. FITpro requires Eclipse 3.2... Eclipse  2. Get the FITpro zip from the SourceForge download page... files. The custom fixtures and some examples of Fit files and suites are also
Difficult Interview Questions Page -11
Difficult Interview Questions Page -11       Question 101: Your resume suggests that you may be over... is a two-way process. The goal should be to find a good fit for you
Fit Hight Ad Wdth of Ecel Seet Uing JSP
fit height and width of excel sheet using jsp...: setFitHeight(short height): This method is used to fit the height... to fit the width of the sheet .The return type o f this method is also void
login page
login page  code for login page
Preload Page
Preload Page  How do I make a page that loads my other html page and then goes to the html page once it's done loading? I need the page to say Please Wait
Java Interview Questions - Page 5
Java Interview Questions - Page 5       Question: How to create multithread in a program...: It uses those low order bytes of the result that can fit into the size
Login page
Login page  how to create Login page in java
Rendering of page
Rendering of page  What does it mean by rendering of page in JSF
home page
home page  Develop home page using swings and awt components
home page
home page  Develop home page using applets and swings
web page
web page  1.Create a web page with the following using HTML i) To embed an image map in a web page ii) To fix the hot spots iii) Show all the related information when the hot spots are clicked
WEB PAGE  How To Create A Simple web Page Of a gmail using applet
page downloading
page downloading  down loading code for file existed in webbrowser like one text document placed in web browser please help me friend
Login Page
Login Page  Can anyone tell me the steps to create a login page in myeclipse 7.0 and validating it with login database in db2 9.7 ??? Please tell me
divide a page
divide a page   how to divide a page using jsp in three different column and in which , in first column , there is a phone number box,whenever a phone numhber is given immediately it will shown in below of the phone box
divide a page
divide a page   how to divide a page using jsp in three different column and in which , in first column , there is a phone number box,whenever a phone numhber is given immediately it will shown in below of the phone box
Redirecting Page


login page
login page  pls say how to create a login page in jsp and mysql using netbaens   Hi Friend, Please visit the following links: http://roseindia.net/jsf/netbeans/index.shtml http://roseindia.net/jsp/loginbean.shtml
profile page
profile page  sir, i am beginer in php i am creating simple web site.i am creating login form.the user login he can any status,photo update.he can display in home pages in all user login.but problem in user goto profile page
SEARCH PAGE  search page:option for search criteria like name and DOB will be asked.on entering the detail,data matching search criteria will be displayed..criteria can be both or any one of them.. can you send code
jsp page
jsp page  <%@page contentType="text/html" pageEncoding="UTF-8"%>...;%@page import="java.sql.Statement"%> <%@page import="java.sql.DriverManager"%> <%@page import="java.sql.Connection"%> <%@page import
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