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  Tutorial: isequaltostring returns false

isequaltostring returns false

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isequaltostring returns false

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isequaltostring returns false

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isequaltostring returns false

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isequaltostring returns false
isequaltostring returns false  Is "isequaltostring" returns false? How can we set the "isequaltostring nil"?? Please answer. Thanks in advance
php return true false
php return true false  i wanted to create php function that returns true/false
Need coding help - two dimensional matrix and it returns back a boolean.
Need coding help - two dimensional matrix and it returns back a boolean. ... as the argument and returns true if the array or matrix is left or right... it is a triangular matrix if false it is not. any help with this coding
php do while false
php do while false   Is there any difference between FALSE and false
The false Keyword
The false Keyword        The false is a keyword, which represents one of the two legal..., but it is actually Boolean literals. The default value of the boolean data type is false
DateTime::getOffset  in PHP This DateTime::getOffset functions returns the daylight saving time offset. It returns DST offset in seconds on success or False on failure.  Description about Date Time Function PHP public
Check Date in PHP
for validating the system date. It validate the Gregorian date. It returns 'True' if finds the specified date valid, otherwise it returns false. Note...; The output of the code above will be: bool(true) bool(false) bool(true)  
date_format() date_format alias DateTime::format function returns date formatted according to given format. It returns formatted date on success otherwise False on failure. Description on date_format() PHP public string DateTime::format
date_sunset() in PHP date_sunset function returns the sunset time for a given day and location. The day is specified as a timestamp. It returns the sunset time in a specified format on success, or FALSE on failure. Syntax of date
PHP Date Timzezone Get The date_timezone_get alias DateTime::getTimezone function returns time zone relative to given DateTime. It returns DateTimeZone object on success or FALSE on failure. Syntax of date_timezone_get() in php
Regarding method returns multiple values
Regarding method returns multiple values  Hi, 1)I have a requirement like,1 method returns multiple to do that one. 2)can i use method, for example like getFile()[] in this way or not. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz provide
JDBC insert that returns primary key
JDBC insert that returns primary key  How to write code for jdbc insert that returns primary key? Help me fast Thanks   Hi, Following code can be used: //Add record into database String queryInsert = "insert
Java - Boolean Expression and Operation in Java
performs the relational or logical operations and returns the boolean value (True/False). In this example you will see that how the expression returns a boolean value which is either true or false. This example illustrates you how
Conditional (Logical) Operators
the following statements where the second expression returns false after... statements where the second expression returns false after evaluating the right-hand.... Consider the following statements where the second expression returns false
JavaScript test() method
() method returns true if a pattern exists within a string, otherwise it returns false. This method searches a string for a specified value. You can see
Example for a method in java which returns a class
Example for a method in java which returns a class  Hi, I want to create a 1 class,and declare some methods there.I need to method must returns a classname.when i call that particular method(which returns a class),how can i
Method which returns area of circle - Java Beginners
Method which returns area of circle  Need simple Java Method example that returns area of circle  Java Example CodeWith the help of given Java code you can return the area of a circle and give the radius
Refresh Button returns null point exception when clicked
Refresh Button returns null point exception when clicked  Dear all Please assist with the following: How to rectify a piece of code for the refresh button in java. When clicking the button it returns an error "null point
SQL Mode
Mode is a Function that returns the frequent occurring value of a numeric expression. When there are no duplicate values in the records, the mode returns NA... that include a set of string value in a normal  mode. The Query result in 0 (false
java code for print true if even and false if odd and print error if any float value with out using conditional and looping statement
java code for print true if even and false if odd and print error if any float value with out using conditional and looping statement  hi class...(arg[0]); System.out.println(true num%2==0); System.out.println(false num
Check for character is digit or not.
;else {       System.out.println("false"...;System.out.println("false");     }   
Check for character is letter or not.
;else {       System.out.println("false"
for comparison between two objects. It always returns the output in Boolean... between the given objects... and the method returns "true" in case... Examples is equals to Java Examples Code -> false Java Examples is equals
PHP date_create
date_create () date_create function returns new DateTime object. It returns DateTime object on success or returns FALSE on failure. This functions was introduced in PHP 5.1.0. Description DateTime date_create ([ string $time
The instance of keyword
reference then it returns false... or not and returns the value accordingly. Keywords are basically reserved words... a result true or false based on the condition. It also lets the developer
JavaScript type of Operator
'. The operator returns 'object' for the Date constructor and 'boolean' for the true or false...;    The JavaScript type of operator returns the datatype... to show the use of type of Operator. The operator returns 'object' for the variable1
JPA Substring() Function
() function. The substring() function returns the some part of string arguments...; } @Column(name="sname", length=100,nullable=false) private String sname...",nullable=false) private int sroll; /** * @return the sroll
JPA Lower() Function
. The Lower() function returns the lower-case of given string.  JPA Lower... = id; } @Column(name="sname", length=100,nullable=false) private...; } @Column(name="sroll",nullable=false) private int sroll; /** * @return
JPA Upper Function
. This function returns upper-case of the specified string arguments. JPA Upper...", length=100,nullable=false) private String sname; /** * @return...) { this.sname = sname; } @Column(name="sroll",nullable=false
JPA Length Function
() function. This function returns a number of characters in the specified string...(name="sname", length=100,nullable=false) private String sname...=false) private int sroll; /** * @return the sroll */ public
Java Break continue
 loop condition is false. 'continue' statement returns the program
JavaScript elementFromPoint method
;    JavaScript method elementFromPoint returns...("Please enter valid point as 100");   return false;  ... point as 100");    return false;    }  
JPA Abs Function
. This method returns absolute value of the given field. JPA Abs Function...; } @Column(name="itemName",length=50,nullable=false) private String itemName
JPA Sqrt Function
. This method returns the square root of the given argument. JPA sqrtFunction...; } @Column(name="itemName",length=50,nullable=false) private String
JPA Mod Function
. This function returns the modulo of number and divisor.  For JPA mod...) { = id; } @Column(name="itemName",length=50,nullable=false
The boolean Keyword
and false. Java have the boolean type so literal values true and false. ... is false. Syntact:  boolean valid = true; if (valid
JPA Locate Function
() function. This method returns the index of search string in specified string. String positions are 1-based. If string is not found then it returns "0"...; } @Column(name="sname", length=100,nullable=false) private String sname
Nil Values
Nil Values This is an optional attribute. Its value can be set to true or false. Its default value is false. It defines that an element can be assigned null value explicitely. If it is set to true then the attribute value can be set
Conditional operator in java
. Conditional operator is used to evaluate boolean expression which return or false.... syntax: variable a = (expression) ? statement-1 if true : statement-2 if false
objective c if string equals
objective c if string equals   Checking if a string is equal to ' " '   In objective c, isEqualToString is a keyword that allows you to check if the string is equal to or not. if ([text isEqualToString
of the checkbox is either true or false. However, the initial state is false
Java Truth-Table
or false for all input values, that are, logically valid. The Truth-Table below... produces false. | - It produces false if both operands are false otherwise... produces false. ! - It produces true if both operands are false and produces
JSP Buffer Overflow
to be overflow when the attribute 'autoFlush' of buffer is set to false. As you... be flushed. Incase you the set this attribute to false and buffer become full... <%@page buffer="1kb" autoFlush="false" %> <
PHP Array Search Key
it returns True or the function returns false. General description of array_key..._exists(). The function returns Boolean value that indicates that whether... Return Value Boolean value: True/False   PHP Array Search Key
JavaScript Math.sin() method
JavaScript Math.sin() method       JavaScript's Math.sin() method returns mathematical sine of the number and it returns value between -1 to 1. Syntax:  Math.sin( value
Java Methods
Java Methods       JavaScript type of Operator The JavaScript type of operator returns the datatype of an operand. You can see in the given example
nsstring compare
nsstring compare  HI, How to compare two NSString objects? Give me code for nsstring compare. Thanks   Hi, You can use isEqualToString... isEqualToString:@"MyValue"]){ //Strings are equal }else
java.lang.String.length() length() is the Java String class method that returns the actual length of the String. The length() method will always returns integer value for any given String for example... String str = "
The session Attribute of page Directive In JSP
. This is the boolean attribute of the directive. It sets a boolean value either true or false... for running the JSP page on the server. If you set the value of session object false... ("Next Page with session false.") made on the session.jsp page
The else Keyword
by the if keyword evaluate to false. When the if condition evaluates to false... statement that starts the 'false' statement block. else  is a java keyword
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