Tutorial: j2me-worldclock using CLDC

j2me-worldclock using CLDC

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j2me-worldclock using CLDC

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j2me-worldclock using CLDC

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j2me-worldclock using CLDC

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j2me-worldclock using CLDC
j2me-worldclock using CLDC  hello everyone!! Am a final year student doing BCA!! I have taken up j2me as my project and am trying to do world clock using only CLDC!! A simple clock shown in a digital format (hr:min:sec). and i
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J2ME with Database Connection  I'm using SonyEricssion Java ME SDk for CLDC with WTK2. Can u give me a sample program for Database Connection using MS-Access with MIDlet code
J2ME Tutorial
application development, CLDC, CDC What is J2ME J2ME is an acronym for Java 2... : Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) Connected Device... ME Wireless Toolkit 2.5.1 (WTK 2.5.1) for CLDC CLDC CLDC
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Sun Java Wireless Toolkit
(MIDP),  J2ME's Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC), such as cell.... Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC): It is a subset of the Java class...: Applications developed by using with this profile are known as MIDlets. Today almost all
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