Tutorial: Two forms submission to one Action Class in Struts2.0

Two forms submission to one Action Class in Struts2.0

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Two forms submission to one Action Class in Struts2.0

Read Tutorial Two forms submission to one Action Class in Struts2.0.

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Two forms submission to one Action Class in Struts2.0

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Two forms submission to one Action Class in Struts2.0

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Two forms submission to one Action Class in Struts2.0
Two forms submission to one Action Class in Struts2.0  Hi, I have two forms.I want to submit two forms with only one submit button to the same action, same method. How can i get this. Please reply me
Two forms and One Servlet
Two forms and One Servlet  Dear Sir, I have 2 forms in one page and one submit button into second form which submits data to one servlet. If I do... get both forms textbox value. Thanks in advance
Struts2.0 - Struts
Struts2.0  Hi, How wrote separate Form (not in Action) so define bean tag in struts.xml ( struts2.0) how map dat bean to tag... plz any one help me... thanks& regards kalyani
Struts2.0 - Struts
Struts2.0  Hi , I am Kalyani, im very new to struts2.0 , just i... for that i wrote following code... plz verify my plz,plz help me any one....plz... com.tecra.struts.dao.UserDao; /** * * @author admin */ public class
struts 1.x and struts2.0 - Struts
friend, Struts1 extends the abstract base class by its action class.... While in Struts 2, an Action class implements an Action interface, along... ActionSupport class that implements commonly used interfaces. Although an Action
form submission
form submission  I have two pairs of textboxes...( so in total 4... was not clear in my question. So, v1 and v2 are considered as one and similarly v3 and v4 are considered as one.   Thnx for the solution...but I want
How to use struts2 grid with form submission
;/action> action: public class ListItemsAction extends ActionSupport... searched on Stackoverflow with no luck; I want to make one filter form... in Struts2 jQGrid. By default when page loads, Struts2 jQGrid already have action url
Login Action Class - Struts
Login Action Class  Hi Any one can you please give me example of Struts How Login Action Class Communicate with i-batis
What are different normalization forms?
What are different normalization forms?  What are different normalization forms?   Hi, 1NF: Eliminate Repeating Groups- Make a separate... field contains at most one value from its attribute domain. 2NF: Eliminate
Is Multiple Actions in Action class - Struts
Is Multiple Actions in Action class  In ActionClass we can use only one action i.e execute(), but in DispatchAction we can use multiple actions.My question is , we can use multiple actions in Action class if(action.equals("add
STRUTS2.0 Validation Errors
STRUTS2.0 Validation Errors   <!DOCTYPE validators PUBLIC "-//OpenSymphony Group//XWork Validator 1.0.2//EN" "http... Login Action class.and the Login form is using the default theme.Validation
Create Action class
; } return control; } } In the above action class userName and password is two...Create Action Class An action is an important portion of web application... an action class you need to extend or import the Action classes or interface
Sending large data to Action Class error. Struts code - Struts
Sending large data to Action Class error. Struts code  I have a jsp...);} and in action class i want to get the value of variable 'val'.But since this is large string value so it is not passed to action class. So please help me
Multiple Forms in JSP
Multiple Forms in JSP      ... can contain checkboxes, textfields, radio- buttons and many more. Forms are used to pass user- data to a specified URL which is specified in the action attribute
Developing Login Action Class
Developing Login Action Class   ... for login action class and database code for validating the user against database.   Developing Login Action Class   In any application
javascript form submission
javascript form submission  how can apply validation when doing submission like following <html> <script type="text/javascript...(); } </script> <form id="myform" action="submit-form.php
how to do two database tables in one page?
how to do two database tables in one page?  dear all: i want to show these two database tables in one page. one table on the left (dbtable.jsp... code: index.jsp <html> <form method="post" action="dbtable.jsp
Struts 2 Action Tag
Struts 2 Action Tag "action" Tag in Struts 2 is used by developer to call action class from a JSP page. For calling the action class, developer must assign action name. Struts 2 Action Tag is one of the Data Tags, which are used
What is Action Class?
What is Action Class?  What is Action Class? Explain with Example
validate jtextfield in two different class use keylistener
validate jtextfield in two different class use keylistener  validate jtextfield in java swing will use two class, design part in one class and method calling in one class will use Keylisteners or change listeners
how to handle action events in case of more than one JFrame
how to handle action events in case of more than one JFrame   I have... in it to improve the interactivity of the game, i.e i have added two #JDialog named... button gets clicked application or game should be closed. Action of button
Struts Action Class
Struts Action Class  What happens if we do not write execute() in Action class
Action tag - JSP-Servlet
Action tag  Hello, I want to help ....i hav one feedback form there is action , .. can i use two action at the same form because i want... action="services.html " but it only shows html page bt does not submit my data
Action Script 'include' statement example
;     Example below shows two consequent action... are used to call two action script files. Action script files posssess...; In Our first action script file, GeometricalFigures.as two packages
there are two classes has been used except the main class in which the main function... and rectangle class are calling with different - different arguments two times... is the object of the rectangle class. In real-world objects share two
servlet action not available - Struts
:: action class:: package org.students; import...servlet action not available  hi i am new to struts and i am getting the error "servlet action not available".why it is displaying this error
JavaScript submit method
; We can submit forms in following two ways in an HTML page: By using... the second way of form submission i.e. submitting form programmatically using... to the "SuccessPage.html" as we have defined in the action attribute of the form
DTO & Action class - Struts
DTO & Action class  Hi I am really new to struts2. I just wanted to know that if I have a DTO and an action class, how do I put the form data into the DTO? Can someone please explain with a simple example
Articles - Articles Submission Guidelines
on the internet. Article writing and submission to free article directory is one... Articles - Articles Submission Guidelines       In this Articles Submission Guide you will learn how
Two Pagination in one page
Two Pagination in one page  hai friends any one help me. how do u make two pagination script in same page i'm used some ajax coding one pagination script is working but another pagination is not working please help me urgent
how to display default radio button in struts2.0 for first time login - Struts
how to display default radio button in struts2.0 for first time login  hi, this is suresh jampala, i have one question regarding struts2.0,how can i display default radio button in struts2.0 when ever i loggedin first time
inteconnecting forms - JSP-Servlet
inteconnecting forms  hi, i have several tables in mysql database. i am creating some forms using jsp. i want to enter the name of the table... webpage.it should be something like student registration form. can any one tell me
Hibernate one-to-one relationships
. here is an example showing one to one relationship using hbm.xml. We have two...Hibernate one-to-one relationships  How does one to one relationship work in Hibernate?   Hibernate Mapping One-to-One Hibernate provides
getting db in action class
getting db in action class  hi, Am usin struts in ma application... n i need to interact with the db .. so i used.. getDataSource(request) but it gives me an error.. java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: LoginAction.getDataSource(Ljavax
Multiplication of Two Number in Class
Multiplication of Two Number in Class  ... multiply two number. A class consists of a collection of types of encapsulation... that can used to create object of  the class. The class define two public
PHP HTML forms and Post Method Code
PHP HTML forms and Post Method Code PHP html function With the given PHP HTML Code one can retrieve the form data and display the input on same page. PHP...? ACTION=?index.php?> <H2>Please Enter your Details?</H2> <
Action Script custom components
Flex Custom Components using Action Script:- You can create custom components by define Action Script class. User can create two type of custom components.... The process is that you will create a subclass of the Action Script
Struts application two submit button
;/html> Here am using two submit button one is login and another one is new...Struts application two submit button  Hai, i'm new in struts..." %> <html:form action="/login" method="post" styleClass="javachap
Date forms
Date forms      ... the Date object in various forms. In the following code segment we are performing...(), in which we are creating a Date class object date that contains a date
how to pass a string from one class to another
. there is only one return used in one class. But i want two kinds of input. How...how to pass a string from one class to another  hi all, Good morning. I am trying to develop a coding pass a string from one class and declare
autocall for sturts action class - Struts
in the server on action class should run automatically. how can I do this. help me...autocall for sturts action class  Hi All, We are developing a web application with struts frame work. In this project I have to call an action
Struts Dispatch Action Example
class enables a user to collect related functions into a single Action...; manages to  delegate the request to one of the methods of the derived Action class. An Action Mapping is done to select the particular method (via 
Action Event Listener
Action Event Listener          Action Listeners can be implemented in 2 ways. If you use the first one then it will limit you to use only one
New to struts2.0
New to struts2.0  hi am new to struts2.0 in my application i have declared a list in static how to get the static list values in my result.jsp??? if i remove the static in the list the result is getting displayed.why
JPA One-to-One Relationship
. There are two tables: person and address. Both are related to each other through the one... JPA One-to-One Relationship   ... will learn  about the one-to-one relationship. In the one-to-one relation mapping
JSF Forms - Developing form based application
JSF Forms - Developing form based application   ... everything you need to know about JSF. Developing Forms in JSF 1.2 In this tutorial we will show you how to develop UI forms using JSF 1.2. 
on a single page. For example on one web page you may add forms for login, search... JSP WITH MULTIPLE FORMS       In  this example, you will learn how to make multiple forms
Action and ActionSupport
Action and ActionSupport  Difference between Action and ActionSupport.... The developer implements this interface of accessing string field in action methods. The com.opensymphony.xwork2.ActionSupport is class . It is used
Java Bigdecimal class example
digits. If you haven't ever used this class, it's one that you should master... Java Bigdecimal class example       Java bigdecimal class comes under java.math library. Class
Action Listeners
Action Listeners  Please, could someone help me with how to use action listeners I am creating a gui with four buttons. I will like to know how to apply the action listener to these four buttons.   Hello Friend, Try
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