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Android Platform...
Android Platform...  I am willing to port a J2ME code on Android...-error.I am trying to resolve those error. Can any J2ME programme be ported on Android Platform, On doing just certain changes
Google Android
; Android is an open platform consisting of an operating.... The revolutionary Android platform has been developed by leading technology and mobile.... Introducing Android Android is an open-source platform
What is Android Application Framework?
technology or more emphatically Android operating platform is a stack of software... on the operating platform. What is Android Application Framework? Now like most.... This procedure of developing the applications on Android platform in java
The Warfare between iOS and Android Platform
is supported on Android application platform and on the other hand the first... the overall experience of both Android and iOS platform are almost similar... of presenting them to you. It is more popular with iOS platform users than Android
android video player
android video player  i need java code for zooming effects for video,cropping the video,creating snapshots from the video,pls provide the code that can be run on android platform
Introducing Android
Introducing Android       Android is an open-source platform developed under the Open... Android, however there are other companies as well who are involved
Android Gaming
Android Gaming       Android the open source mobile platform launched by the Open Handset... Android phone games have been launched till now owing to the fact that just one
Top Android Applications
Top Android Applications       Since its launch in September 2008 Google Android has become a popular mobile application platform. Although there are a limited number
Android Studio Training
the developers to quickly develop applications for Android platform. Tutorial...Android Studio Training Videos and examples Here we are giving complete tutorials that will help the developers to learn the Android Studio IDE. the Android
Android  How to create Android sample program
android  wat are the basic language need to develope android os
android  Is it possible to have an android mobile without operating system ? Is it possible to format the android mobile and make it without operating system
ANDROID   Hi Frds, I developed android app which access the external memory(MicroSD) data,It works in android mobile (Samsung Galaxy Y),But it not works in Samsung Tab 2.It shows some exception like Android :: Out
Google Android FAQ
Google Android FAQ       Android is the mobile phone platform consisting of an OS, web... handsets for Android. Why an open source platform would be beneficial
Android  how to read input values from a dialog box to hash table and put those values to another dialog box in android
Google Android Emulator
Google Android Emulator       If you want to test, run and debug your Android apps without using a physical Android based mobile then you just need the Android Emulator
Uses of Android Technology
platform the use and development both are vast Android technology as we all know... inputs and that made Android a platform which is getting the widest possible input... one or two things about android technology which in recent years almost became
Android Phones for 2009
manufacturers have expressed support for the Android mobile platform, which consists... of the OHA is pleased with the success of the Android platform and has strong faith... Android Phones for 2009   
What is Android Technology?
Android is presently the most popular and fastest growing platform in all... continued to adapt Android as their operative platform or experiencing huge downturn in the business volume. Today Android as a versatile platform

Android Unknown Facts
mobile platform. 5 Things You Never Knew About Android... to launch the Android mobile platform. Today Rubin is the director of mobile... does Google benefit from keeping the Android platform open source especially when
Android Application Development
platform and Android-based apps can be freely distributed directly to the users... Android Application Development       Android is the newest big-ticket entrant
Google Android Phone
, the sky's the limit. This is the purpose with which the Android mobile platform... Google Android Phone       Just to clear the air, Android is not a mobile phone
Android 4.3 Jelly Bean - What's new in Android 4.3 Jelly Bean?
What’s new in Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and how it is beneficial for the users? Amidst great expectations and hype the all new Android 4.3 Jelly bean... graphics, etc. This new Android Jelly Bean avatar will offer smother interface
how to scroll multiple images using on Click in Android
how to scroll multiple images using on Click in Android  I am new android platform, now i am working with small application. here there is requirement like multiple image scrolling dynamically. But unfortunately i am unable
Android Development
source software – Android – emerged few years ago which became immense popular among the mobile software developers and mobile users. Android is a Linux based open source mobile operating system initially developed by Android
Android Application Development is a Wide Open Process
Android Application Development is a Wide Open Process There are a variety of different types of Android phones that are available from all sorts of manufacturers. These Android phones are able to use a number of applications that can
Top 10 Business Applications for Android
categories. There are multitude of business applications for Android platform... no list of utility business applications for Android or for any other platform can... for Android platform. Evernote is a note taking application that works more like
Basic Facts about Android Application
. While Apple still maintains the status quo with its own Apple platform, android... of improvement of the Android operating system as an open source platform.... The user friendliness of Android application The great application platform
Android Market
wheeling and Android mobile platform is not meant for a specific phone but any... Android Market      ... Android Market for distributing and downloading applications for mobiles that run
Windows 8 versus Android
android is a platform that almost swept majority of smart phone devices Windows phone... anything within its own devices only, in Android platform across all types... the potential success of all the platforms and in talking of Windows 8 versus Android
What is Android Ice Cream Sandwich?
of the platform. After the initial years since 2009, all android versions... handsets built on the Android Gingerbread platform or others, most... into the Android mobile operating system making the Android platform even more
Android Development
Android Development  what Language we use in google Android... for android. You can download the Android SDK for the development of Android... android development
Android Development India
. But, with the development of Android platform, these problems have been almost sort out. Now, Android operating system based mobile phones are capturing a large portion of mobile... platform has additional advantages that's why the demand of Android based mobile phone
Top 10 Health Applications for Android
on Android platform. To choose top 10 health applications for android is really... popular and favorite fitness application on Android platform, but this one...Just fairly within a little more than one year Android application seem
XmlParsing in Android
XmlParsing in Android  how can i XmlParsing in Android
Android Question
Android Question  how can i use pre-defined table in my application
json and android
json and android  how can i use a json string [{"Id":10,"News":"sportnews"}] and fill a spinner for a android app?. i tried and i got a: AndroidRuntime:android.widget.ArrayAdapter.createViewFromResource(Adapter
platform independent
platform independent  what is difirence between machine independent and platform independent
Android using database
Android using database  How to Add,delete,modify the contact name,address,phone no into the database using android coding
asking for android program
asking for android program  can i use this code in android calculator program
Javeline Platform
Javeline Platform       Javaline is an open source Java & Javascript platform. Read full Description
Android mobile store
Android mobile store  Hi, How to create Android mobile store application? Is there any free code that can be used for creating the applications? I... it from Android market place. How it can be done? Thanks
intervw questions for an Android
intervw questions for an Android  Hi Friends, plz send me some important Q&A for an android interview
Augmented Reality in Android
Augmented Reality in Android  How to get location of the object shown in camera view using Augmented Reality in Android
Android Application Project
Android Application Project  Hi, How to create Android Application Project with following features: Select list of music station Play the the selected station Save station in the list Search stations of interest based
iText support android? - MobileApplications
iText support android?   would iText support android? i ve linked the iText.jar file with my android project developed in eclipse... //code Document document = new Document(PageSize.A4, 50, 50, 50, 50
PDF reader in android - JavaMail
PDF reader in android  Hi, iam trying to open and perform basic operations on PDF file in android. But i unable to get it. IS there any possibilities to solve that problem? Waiting for reply
android connection to database oracle 10g
android connection to database oracle 10g  Hello, How i can connect my android application to my oracle 10g database
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