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Getting Around Agra

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Getting around Agra is quite easy as this historic city is well served by a plethora of public and private transport options making your travel to the city a delightful experience. You have a host of options to choose from while you are on a trip to the city.

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Getting Around Agra

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Getting Around Agra

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Getting around in Agra
Getting around in Agra  Hi, I am looking for complete information on getting around in Agra? Thanks
Getting Around Agra
Getting Around Agra Agra's Taj Mahal is undoubtedly the one thing which... to go around Agra and up to Sikandra but one would have to  hire a car..., do clarify whatever doubts you may have regarding to your getting around
Visiting agra
such as Car, Rikshwa etc. to get around in Agra. Please see Getting Around Agra...Visiting agra  Hi, I am visiting Agra next week. Can anyone tell me how to get around in Agra? What all options are available in Agra? Thanks  
Getting to Agra India
Getting to Agra Geographical Location of Agra In terms of Geography, Agra... are present. Getting Agra by Railways Network Agra is well connected to every... to reach Agra, which means by the time you arrive it is around 10 AM IST
Local transport in Agra
to move around Agra. You can hire any Local transport available in City. Read detailed information on Getting Around Agra. Thanks... in Agra? I want to see Agra local places myself. Thanks   Hi, Taj
Attraction Around Taj Mahal of Agra
time. Swami Bagh Samadhi - Visiting Places around Taj Mahal Agra Swami Bagh...Taj Mahal Attractions: Speaks of the Opulent History of Agra Agra... year. Agra Fort: An Architectural Elegance of Mughal Developed by Emperor
Shopping in Agra
Shopping in Agra: Apart from being a city of history, monumental wonders and mouth watering Mughal cuisines, Agra is a city that will not disappoint... to handicrafts, this city has something for everyone who is mad about shopping in Agra
Agra Travel Information Guide
from 1526 till 1658 but the chronicle history of Agra started around the 11th... lines are ? Delhi to Agra:   Around twenty trains run from Delhi to Agra... in the fare) in it. How to Getting Agra by Bus:  There are numerous buses
Make Trip to Agra
Trip to Agra A trip to Agra offers you an opportunity to see Taj Mahal, one of the seven world wonders. Thousand of tourists from around India... different geographical regions make a trip to Agra. The city stunningly situated
What is in agra india
of the seven wonders of World. Please check Agra Travel Guide page for getting...What is in agra india  Hi, What is in agra India? What all things I can see in Agra? Can anyone tell me the list of places to see in Agra? Thanks
Places Around Jaipur
Places Around Jaipur Tourists on a visit to Jaipur often wish to visit various interesting places around Jaipur. Not only the pink city, the places around Jaipur are tourist favorites and highly thronged by visitors from around
How to Reach Taj Mahal Agra from Delhi
and easiest way to reach Agra is by air. The city airport Kheria is stretched around... a special mention. How to Getting Taj Mahal by Train or Rail: Agra is well...How To Reach Taj Mahal Agra Down the ages, Taj mahal, the epitome of love
Tourist Places of Agra India
Tourist Places in Agra Agra, the city of two World Heritage Sites ? The Taj Mahal and the Agra Red Fort ? is one among the top tourist destinations... favorite tourist place of Uttar Pradesh. The Red Fort of Agra and Fatehpur Sikri
Same Day Agra Tour
in early morning (0500 hours). It takes around 3-4 hours to reach Agra. .... On arrival in Agra at around 0800 hours. Our representative will guide you...Same Day Agra Tour We are offering Same Day Agra Tour that enables you to see
Five Star Hotels in Agra
5 Star Hotels in Agra A host of five star hotels in Agra are raring.... Globally admired as the city of Taj Mahal; Agra, a city in the state of Uttar... star hotels in Agra are bespoke accommodation for tourist having a yen
Agra Travel & Tourism Guide
from Delhi to Agra, as the distance between these two cities is around 200 km...Agra Travel & Tourism Guide This section gives you complete information on Agra Travel and Tourism. Agra is famous for Taj Mahal and various tourist
Agra Travel Guide
How to reach Agra (get in) Get around Agra Must see sites...Agra Travel Guide Here, we are presenting complete travel guide of Agra and tourist places around it. Our team has visited these places to collect first
Holidays in Agra
Holiday in Agra Fed up with routine life of metros and looking for a holiday? You can set out for a holiday in Agra as the city has so much to offer... is highly frequented by tourists from around the world. An eclectic assortment
Gardens in Agra
various admirers in India and around the globe. Taj Mahal Garden Agra...Gardens in Agra The city of Agra may have become synonymous with Taj Mahal... attractions of the city. Apart from Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and several other imposing
Tours to Agra
world wonders. While on Agra tours one can go to visit the various tourist attractions situated in and around the city. To add a good memory to your Agra trip...Tours to Agra Tours to Agra offers tourists an interesting peek
Tours to Agra
Tours to Agra Tours to Agra offers tourists an interesting peek... of the seven world wonders. While on Agra tours one can go to visit the various tourist attractions situated in and around the city. To add a good memory
Agra Car Hire
for Agra so that they can explore the places situated in and around the city...Agra Car Hire While going for a trip to Agra most of the tourists and vacationers go for a car hire for Agra, as it offers freedom to travel
Incredible Travel to Agra
Travel to Agra Agra is one of the major tourist attractions spot of India... to travel to Agra as it is home to Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World..., the city of Agra falls in vicinity. The city of Delhi could be a base for travel
Luxury hotels in Agra
Luxury hotels in Agra Luxury is not new to Agra as the city has a long... and elites has added a certain aura to the city luring various tourists from around the world who come to relive that comfort of past at luxury hotels in Agra. An air
Agra Tourism Guide
that offer variety to the tourists. Getting to Agra is quite easy as it is well...Agra Tourism Guide The Agra Tourism Guide takes you to famous tourist spots i.e. Taj Mahal in Agra is what Eiffel Tower in Paris and Statue of Liberty in New
Gardens in Agra
of Akbar at Sikandra, which is around 15 kilometres from Agra City...Gardens in Agra: Agra though much of an industrial town in the modern era, its... that are not unusual of the Mughal era. The gardens in Agra, it seems formed an essential
Culture of Agra India
Culture of Agra The city of Agra in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India has... of the Agra city. The city that is home to one of the seven world wonders... has developed a culture of its own. Thousands of tourists from India and around
Same Day Agra Trip from Delhi
board an Agra bound train in the morning around 6:30 am and reach the city of Agra around 10 am. After daylong sightseeing of various tourists' attractions...Same Day Agra Trip Form Delhi Located at a distance of 200 km from Indian
Budget hotels in Agra
Budget hotels in Agra The city of Taj Mahal, Agra has hordes of admirers... to their fancy; there are hordes of budget hotels in Agra, offering quality stay... with various tourist attraction like Agra Fort, Dayal Bagh, Moti Masjid and others
History of Agra India
History of Agra India Brief History of Agra: Period before Islamic Rulers. Agra's history dates back to as far as the 11th century. Ptolemy was the first one to refer Agra by its name. It has also been mentioned in the Arya Griha
Other Important Travel Sites of Agra
Other Important Travel sites in Agra: From Mughal monuments to ancient temples, missionary churches to the modern day multiplexes, Agra has emerged into a blend of history and modernity. Although Agra is famous particularly
Agra Shopping Places
Agra Shopping Places Agra Shopping Places Your visit to the various Agra... for their Agra trip and most of them end up buying replica of Taj Mahal. The traditional market around Taj is flooded with locally made handicraft that is specialty
Same Day Agra Trip by Car
. As the city of Taj Agra is situated at a distance of around 200 km from...Same Day Agra Trip by Car Want to explore the city of Agra from Delhi... will. Same day Agra trip by car has various advantages of its own kind. First
Must to See in Agra India
Must See Sites in Agra Agra's rich cultural past along with strong Mughal... or how long you may be there in Agra. Agra Taj Mahal Timings: The Taj Mahal of Agra is opened on all days from sunrise to sunset except for Fridays due
Must to See Agra Fort
Agra Fort: Must to See The Agra Fort, must to see place, is undoubtedly the most popular place visited in Agra after the Taj Mahal. This huge Red Sandstone... with it for more than 500 years and still counting. The Agra Red Fort resembles
Same Day Agra Travel Trip by Bus
in their pocket. A bus trip from Delhi to Agra takes around five hours...Same day Agra Trip by Bus Situated at a short driving distance from Delhi, the city of mughals Agra receives thousands of footfalls everyday. A large
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Hotels near Taj Mahal Agra
accommodation in the hotels situated around Taj Mahal Agra by availing... and demands to your tour operator. Hotels around Taj in Agra are classified...Hotels near Taj Mahal in Agra Planning a trip to Agra and want to experience
Delhi to Agra in One Day - Fabulous Heritage Trip
and if there is no exceptional traffic hazards waiting on your way you will comfortably reach Agra around...Delhi to Agra Fabulous Heritage Trip in Just One Day  Agra, the former... of the planet flock to Agra primarily to experience the ravishing beauty
Architectural Marvel Taj Mahal Agra
around four hundred seedlings. The center of taking the snap of the major tomb
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Travel places around delhi
Travel places around delhi  Hi, Can any one tell me the names of all the travel places around Delhi? Thanks
Rules and Regulations of Taj Mahal Agra
Rules and Regulations of Taj Mahal, Agra The significance of the Taj Mahal... security inside the Taj premises and around the compound, there are also... to show him around the monument, it is advisable to hire guides available
Excursions from Agra
Excursions from Agra The monument of Taj Mahal is a romance personified... to this city. But the tourists shouldn?t think that enigma called Agra ends with visit to Taj as there are hordes of tourist attractions in and around the city. A better
Overnight Agra Tours
Overnight Agra Tours  Which is best an overnight agra tour or same day tour from Delhi? Thanks
Delhi to Agra and Mathura Route
Delhi to Agra and Mathura Route  Tell me the shortest route for Agra from Delhi. Thanks
Accommodation Agra India
Accommodation Agra India  Can anyone suggest the best Hotels in Agra. Thanks
Agra India Tour
Agra India Tour  How to plan for a Agra tour from New Delhi in India? Thanks
Agra India Tour
Agra India Tour  How to plan for a Agra tour from New Delhi in India? Thanks
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