Tutorial: About Delhi as a Tourist Destination

About Delhi as a Tourist Destination

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About Delhi as a Tourist Destination

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About Delhi as a Tourist Destination

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About Delhi as a Tourist Destination

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About Delhi as a Tourist Destination
About Delhi as a Tourist Destination  Tell me something about Delhi as a tourist destination in India. Thanks.   Tourism in Delhi Delhi is a nice tourist destination. Tourists from through out the world are willing
About Akshardham Temple of Delhi
Akshardham Temple of Delhi The Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple is one of the newest temples in Delhi. This Swaminarayan Akshardham temple is a massive building that has a number of features that make it one of the newest tourist spots
About Sansad Bhavan of Delhi India
Sansad Bhavan in Delhi India The Sansad Bhavan building is one of the most essential buildings in not only the city of Delhi but also for all of India... building is located in the northwest section of Vijay Chowk in Delhi. It is only
About President House of Delhi India
President House of Delhi The Rashtrapati Bhavan, which is more commonly known as the President House of Delhi, is the place where the President of India.... It was built on Raisina Hill, a spot in New Delhi that is home to many
Tourist Places in Delhi India
architecture and a major tourist destination of Delhi. This temple is devoted to Deity...Tourist Places in Delhi The Indian capital Delhi is one of major tourist... and other tourist attractions. Some of the major places of interests in Delhi
About Metro Walk Rohini Delhi
. This has become a very popular tourist destination for people to visit when in Delhi. The Metro Walk is a complex that takes up about 200,000 square feet...Metro Walk Rohini in Delhi The Delhi Metro Walk is the largest shopping mall
Delhi Tourism
Delhi tourism has own offer. An array of tourist attractions is elegantly strewn... the landscape of Delhi speak volumes about its regal past. Red fort, Jama Masjid... Delhi acquaints you to the diverse destination of Delhi. The tourists can go
tourist places near Delhi
tourist places near Delhi  Is there any tourist places near Delhi... where we can go on weekends
Srinagar - A wonderful Summer Destination
of Jammu and Kashmir. It is an admired tourist destination in its own right...Srinagar ? A wonderful Summer Destination Srinagar the summer destination... this captivating beauty. Srinagar the summer destination of repute is well known for its
Delhi to Agra Tour by Car
to this highly sought after tourist destination. A vast majority of these tourists... of Taj Mahal from Indian capital. Tourist willing to make a Delhi Agra car trip...Delhi to Agra Tour by Car Most of the tourists who visit Delhi also want
Delhi Travel Guide
Delhi tourism has own offer. An array of tourist attractions is elegantly strewn... the landscape of Delhi speak volumes about its regal past. Red fort, Jama Masjid... Delhi acquaints you to the diverse destination of Delhi. The tourists can go
Lakshmi Narayan Birla Temple of Delhi
Delhi Lakshmi Narayan Temple The Lakshmi Narayan Temple in New Delhi has been... marble just like some other religious sites around Delhi. There are also three.... The tallest of these is about 165 feet in height. This large tower was originally
Delhi Raj Ghat Memorial of Mahatma Gandhi
Raj Ghat in Delhi One of the most well revered sites in Delhi is Raj Ghat.... However, it is important tourist spots to the people of India. This is where... is located in Delhi off of the Yamuna River. It is located around Ring Road
About Safdarjung Tomb of Delhi
Safdarjung Tomb of Delhi The Safdarjung Tomb of Delhi is a tomb that was built... garden. This garden is about three hundred square miles in size. The garden... shapes. An interesting point about these living spaces is that there are no spaces
About Lotus Temple of Delhi
About Lotus Temple of Delhi The famous Lotus temple of Delhi is one... of the Lotus Temple New Delhi: The Lotus Temple of Delhi has an Expressionist form... a circular shape of nine sides. The Lotus Temple of Delhi was built
Delhi-Jaipur Tours
Delhi-Jaipur Tours Delhi,the capital of India, is a coveted tourist destination in its own right. Prominence of Delhi as a major hub for commercial and tourist activities attracts visitors form different corners of the world who want
Information about Delhi Old Fort
Delhi Old Fort -  Places to see in Delhi The Old Fort of Delhi, which... in Old Fort of Delhi, held in the evenings. This showcases a look at the long history of Delhi. The fort can be easily found near the Zoological Park
About Nehru Place Market Delhi
Nehru Place of New Delhi Nehru Place is one of the newer markets in New Delhi... Place. Nehru Place was built in the southern part of the state of Delhi... to it like some other historic sites around New Delhi. It simply features a series
Information about Khan Market New Delhi
Information on Khan Market of Delhi Delhi Khan Market is a retail market that is known for being a high end area. The famous khan Market of Delhi... at the southern part of New Delhi. It is a few blocks away from the India Gate
About Jamali Kamali Tomb of Delhi
Jamali Kamali Tomb to Visit in Delhi Jamali Kamali Tomb Delhi is the burial... memorable. The interesting point about Jamali Kamali Tomb is that it features... noticeable. The design for the tomb makes it easy to find. It is about
Explore Delhi India
during these days. Rashtrapati Bhavan - One of Tourist Spots of Delhi...Explore the Surprises of Delhi Much like the country it is located in, New Delhi, the capital city of India, exerts a magical pull over all types
Information on Jama Masjid of Delhi
the Chawri Bazar Road of today's Delhi is located. A notable point about... in Delhi. However, anyone who does go to the area as a tourist will be subjected...Jama Masjid of Delhi The Jama Masjid is a massive mosque that is located
Information about Deer Park of Delhi
around the Deer Park Delhi: Some other tourist attractions which are located near...Deer Park Delhi Delhi, the capital of India, is not only important for being... of a lot of ancient as well as modern tourist attractions. The Deer Park is one
About Bharat Upavan Garden Delhi
it a great place to see when in Delhi. Here are some of the many points about this place for any tourist to see. Delhi Bharat Upavan Park is located in about...Bharat Upavan Garden of Delhi The Bharat Upavan Delhi is a large garden
Delhi Agra Tour Packages
and Agra consist of sightseeing of major tourist attractions of Agra and Delhi so... of Delhi. One should start the sightseeing of tourist attractions in Old... landmarks in New Delhi. The tourist can also go to visit Qutb Minar, one
Tourist Places of Manipur India
Tourist Places in Manipur India Manipur, one of the seven sisters state of Northeast India, is one of the most beautiful tourist places of India that lies... a tourist paradise. Manipur holds glorious history and rich culture, and is renowned
Tourist Places of Himachal Pradesh India
Kullu Tourism is the fastest growing popular tourist destination of Himachal.... Chail Must to visit in Himachal Pradesh Chail is a major tourist destination...Tourist places of Himachal Pradesh Himachal Pradesh, the 'Dev Bhumi'
Information on Salimgarh Fort of Delhi
this a great tourist attraction for people in Delhi to visit. The Salimgarh fort...Salimgarh Fort of Delhi The Salimgarh fort is a sixteenth century fort that was built in Delhi. This is located in an area that is near the Yamuna River
About ISKCON Temple New Delhi
The ISKCON Temple of Delhi The ISKCON Temple in Delhi is a temple in the eastern part of the Kailash part of Delhi. It is right near Hari Krishna Hall... this temple are about ninety feet tall, thus making them easy for visitors to see from
Tourism in Delhi, Agra and Rajasthan India
to Delhi, Agra and Rajasthan, the tourist can explore the nearby tourist destination... a beeline to explore these places of tourist interests that speak volumes about India... Nizamuddin Auliyaa Dargah. The tourist in the city of Delhi can also explore
Information about Fun N Food Village Delhi
Fun N Food Village of Delhi The Fun N Food Village is an amusement park in Delhi. It is located in the southwestern part of Delhi right near the border... of the slides in the park are among the longest in all of Delhi. There are also some
The Garden of Five Senses Delhi
in size. The tourist attraction point of the Garden of Five Senses Delhi...The Garden of Five Senses in Delhi There is a relatively new garden in Delhi..., a notable neighborhood in the southwestern part of Delhi. The Garden of Five
About Dr. Karni Singh Shooting Range Delhi
The Dr. Karni Singh Shooting Range in Delhi Most people who travel to Delhi..., there is a very special shooting range in Delhi. This is the Dr. Karni Singh Shooting Range of Delhi. This is a range that noted for being one of the world's
Delhi Agra Jaipur Tour
. As city of Delhi receive huge tourist influx in the form of business... and Jaipur later. As the city of Delhi is replete with numerous tourist attractions... with the tourist can go for the tour of famous places of Old Delhi like Red fort
About Chandni Chowk Market Old Delhi
About Chandni Chowk of Delhi Chandni Chowk is a historic market in Delhi... different types of retailers can be found in the area. The best point about Chandni... around the city of Delhi. This market was built in 1650 under the direction
Tourist Places of Uttarakhand
Tourist Places in Uttarakhand Uttarakhand, the Abode of God or in Hindi 'Devbhumi' is one of the most popular tourist and pilgrimage destinations of India... important pilgrimage destination too as it owns several sacred places including
Andhra Pradesh Tourist Places
, as Vizag is a major tourist destination of Andhra Pradesh. This city is famous... of the important Hindu pilgrimages of India and a famous tourist destination... on the bank of river Krishna, Amravati is a major tourist destination
Information about Qutub Minar Complex in Delhi
Qutub Minar Monument Complex in Delhi The Qutub Minar Complex is a series... of a series of Islamic buildings around the Qila Rai Pithora citadel in Delhi... Khilji in Delhi. This features a combination of stone and marble around its build
Tourist Places of Punjab
Punjab? Punjab is a major tourist destination and religiously important state... of the most popular tourist destinations and pilgrimage centres of India. Situated... houses several major tourist attractions including low altitude mountains, gorge
Humayun's Tomb of Delhi
Humayun's Tomb of Delhi Humayun, a Mughal emperor who ruled a large part of what is now known as India, is buried in Delhi. His tomb is a notable building... wife. The tomb was built in Delhi in 1570. The tomb features some of the most
Tourist Places of Haryana India
religious places for Hindus and a major tourist destination at the Delhi-Shimla... of Haryana is the most attractive tourist destination of Haryana. Panchkula... of Haryana Karnal is an adjacent city to Kurukshetra and major tourist destination
Delhi Adilabad Fort Information
Adilabad Fort : Places to visit Delhi The Delhi Adilabad Fort was built... fort of Delhi. It is the fourth fort to have been built around Delhi. It mostly.... However, Muhammad moved the capital away from Delhi, thus causing people to move
Where to Stay in Delhi
Where to Stay in Delhi About to set out for a trip to Delhi and perplexed about where to stay in Delhi? With a host of accommodation of different range... you will visit the city; you don?t have to worry about accommodations in Delhi
Information on Tibet House Museum Delhi
House. The museum has become a notable destination for people in Delhi thanks... the year. Visitors to this place in Delhi can learn more about artwork...Tibet House of Delhi The Tibet House is an important museum in Delhi
Delhi Hauz Khas Complex Information
Hauz Khas Complex Delhi The Hauz Khas Complex is a large building space around the southern part of Delhi. This is a complex that was built in the middle... of getting the water shortage around Delhi controlled. The large reservoir was built
Gangtok Summer Destination of India
Gangtok Hill Station - A perfect Summer Destination in Eastern Himalayas... of Sikkim, Gangtok, is a summer destination par excellence. All your... on the mind body and souls of the jetlagged tourist who come from different parts
Same Day Agra Trip from Delhi
Same Day Agra Trip Form Delhi Located at a distance of 200 km from Indian capital Delhi, the city of Agra is a highly coveted tourists destination in India... and business tourist visiting the city of Delhi often make a visit to the city
Azad Hind Gram Tour Delhi
. It is about two kilometers away from the boundary on Delhi Haryana around...Azad Hind Gram: A Must to See in Delhi The Azad Hind Gram is a space in the western part of Delhi that is noted for being very conducive to tourists
Delhi Lotus Temple Information
New Delhi Lotus Temple or Baha'i House of Worship The Baha'i House of Worship in the city of Delhi is a massive temple that is devoted to the Baha'i... lotus-like shape. The Baha'i House of Worship of Delhi was built in 1986
The Red Fort of Delhi India
it very distinguishable. In facts, the history about Red Fort of Delhi still holds.... The information about Red Fort of Delhi is still in use to this day...Red Fort Monument of Delhi The Red Fort of Delhi is one of the most
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