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  Tutorial: C interview questions

C interview questions

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C interview questions

Read Tutorial C interview questions.

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C interview questions

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C interview questions

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C interview questions
C interview questions  Plz answer the following questions..... TECHNICAL - C /question number 1/ Code: int z,x=5,y=-10,a=4,b=2...? a. 5 b. 6 c. 10 d. 11 e. 12 /question number 2/ With every use of a memory
C interview questions
C interview questions  Plz answer the following questions..... TECHNICAL - C /question number 1/ Code: int z,x=5,y=-10,a=4,b=2...? a. 5 b. 6 c. 10 d. 11 e. 12 /question number 2/ With every use of a memory
C - Java Interview Questions

Difference between C++ and Java - Java Interview Questions
Difference between C++ and Java  Basic difference between C... was derived from C++ but still there is big difference between these two... definition in C++, but there is no closing semicolon. 3. Forward reference
Java - Java Interview Questions
Interview interview, Tech are c++, java,  Hi friend, Now get more information. you can lean all type interview question by following link..., Am Ashok Kumar C from Tamilnadu, I am going to finish Master Degree In Computer
Java interview questions
Java interview questions  Plz answer the following questions... - 1 b. -231 to 231 - 1 c. -264 to 264 d. -232 to 232 - 1 Which of the following is not a hexadecimal number? (A) 999 (B) (hex)23 (C) 0x556 (D) 0x1F2
Interview Question - Java Interview Questions
Interview Question  1)If we give S.O.P. statement after finally block shall it prints or not? 2)Write a program in java to read a file & write...(new FileReader("c://a.txt")); Pattern pat = Pattern.compile
interview questions - Java Interview Questions
interview questions for Java  Hi Any one can u please post the interview point of questions.Warm Regards, Satish
interview - Java Interview Questions
interview  kindly guide me some interview questions of Java
java - Java Interview Questions
Why Java  Why Java? why not C or C
basic c/c++ questions
basic c/c++ questions  Are the Control statements like if(),while() in built functions? if no, why not as they satisfy all the properties of a function
basic c/c++ questions
basic c/c++ questions  Are the Control statements like if(),while() in built functions? if no, why not as they satisfy all the properties of a function
C/C++ QUESTIONS  ??Write a function for finding out the occurences of repeated word from a sentence. This function would return an array of duplicate words.
about c and java
about c and java   i need java and c language interview and objective questions with answers for the fresher.please provide to me   Please...://
C/C++ QUESTIONS  "Write a function for finding out highest and lowest marks obtained by a student from an array contained student name and marks". For Example : GetHighestLowestMarks{Student{n}, Marks{n}} returns
code - Java Interview Questions
code  Will you please tell me the JNI code for shut down button that the code in java from c
java - Java Interview Questions
java  After the declaration: char[] c = new char[100]; what is the value of c[50]? a) 50 b) 49 c) '\u0000' d) '\u0020' e) " " f) cannot... the declaration: int x; the range of x is: a) -231 to 231-1 b) -216 to 216 - 1 c) -232
tomcat - JSP-Interview Questions
file after downloading tomcat server,then put it into C:\\ directory and extract...) CATALINA_HOME = C:\apache-tomcat-6.0.16; 2) CLASS_PATH= C:\apache-tomcat-6.0.16
JAVA - Java Interview Questions
JAVA  WAP TO SOLVE {(a-b)+(c*(d/e%f)} as a=5,b=7,c=9,d=11,e=13,f=15  Hi Friend, Try the following code: class Series{ public static...=a-b; double c2=d/e; double c3=c2%f; double c4=c*c3; double calculate
jsp - JSP-Interview Questions
into C:\ drive.Then go to Start menu->Control Panel->System->Advanced...) CATALINA_HOME = C:\apache-tomcat-5.0; 2) Put the servlet-api.jar into lib folder of apache tomcat folder and set the classpath: CLASS_PATH= C:\apache
java - Java Interview Questions
java  If s1 is declared as: String s1 = "phenobarbital"; What will be the value of s2 after the following line of code: String s2 = s1.substring( 3, 5 ); 1. a) null b) "eno" c) "enoba" d) "no"  
tomcat - JSP-Interview Questions
the tomcat, create a folder 'application' into C:\apache-tomcat-6.0.16... the tomcat, go to C:\apache-tomcat-6.0.16\bin and double click the startup.bat.
Java - Java Interview Questions
Java  How to use C++ code in Java Program?   Hi friend..., typedef, and so forth) to that provided by the C++ preprocessor, but with far... source code is much more consistent and easier to read than C++ source code
corejava - Java Interview Questions
. var c = s.charAt(i); if (((c < "0") || (c > "9"))) return..., append to returnString. for (i = 0; i < s.length; i++){ var c = s.charAt(i); if (bag.indexOf(c) == -1) returnString += c
java - Java Interview Questions
main( String args ); c) public static void main( String args[] ); d) public... ] inside the main( ) method? a) MyProg b) "I" c) "like" d) 3 e) 4 f) null...? a) array b) boolean c) Integer d) protect e) super 4. After
Java - Java Interview Questions
expurgate(Collection c) { for (Iterator i = c.iterator(); i.hasNext.... For Example: static void expurgate(Collection c) { for (Iterator i = c.iterator
java - Java Interview Questions
). So JVM is an Interpreter for bytecode. most modern languages like c....... For the languages like C++, we need to implement full compiler targeted... level languages such as C/C++, its source code require to be compiled
java - Servlet Interview Questions program is in this directory C:\Tomcat 5.0\webapps\Mimetypes\WEB-INF
java - Java Interview Questions
;Servlets are effectively a Java version of CGI scripts, which are written in Perl, C, C++, UNIX shell scripts, etc. There are however, a few important differences
java - Java Interview Questions
java  what is java?  hi , java is a programming language,a development environment,an application environment,a deployment environment. java is similar to c++ syntax(not exactly equal to c++ syntax),using
list - Java Interview Questions
arList = new ArrayList(); arList.add("a"); arList.add("b"); arList.add("c
COLLECTIONS - Java Interview Questions
("B"); arraylist.add("C"); arraylist.add("D"); arraylist.add("E
java - Java Interview Questions
row? a) arr[n].length(); b) arr.size; c) arr.size -1; d) arr[n][size]; e
JSP - JSP-Interview Questions
JSP  in my program i have placed a filename label and one text box if i enter any file name such as text files ,documents etc... i will put one search button when i click that search file it will search from our drives like C
Interview Question - Java Interview Questions
Interview Question  I need Interview Questions on Java,J2EE Pls help me
java - Java Interview Questions
Helpful Java Interview questions   Need Helpful Java Interview questions
Servlets - Servlet Interview Questions
"); FileOutputStream fileOut = new FileOutputStream("c:\\excelFile.xls"); wb.write
OOPS - Java Interview Questions
is = " + i + "."); result = c(i); System.out.println... static int c(int i) throws MyException, MyOtherException { switch (i
COLLECTIONS12 - Java Interview Questions
Data(2, "B")); list.add(new Data(3, "C")); list.add(new Data(4, "D")); Map
Java - Java Interview Questions
to look amateurish and Spartan. * AWT supports Ctrl-C Ctrl-V copy/paste
java - Java Interview Questions
classes in languages like C++ and Pascal. But in Java one can define his/her own
EJB - Java Interview Questions
the previous request and responses. c)Stateful session beans does not have pooling
Hi - Hibernate Interview Questions
Hi   please send me hibernate interview questions
Hibernate - Hibernate Interview Questions
hibernate interview questions and answers  Hi, Can anyone give me the best reference of hibernate interview questions and answers?Thanks in advance
About interview questions
About interview questions   I want interview questions on IDE's Please send links
Java Interview Questions
Java Interview Questions  Hi, Can anyone tell the urls of Java Interview Questions on Thanks
Struts - Java Interview Questions
Struts Interview Questions  I need Java Struts Interview Questions and examples
help me - Java Interview Questions
interview questions java pdf   Do you have any PDF for Java Interview questions
java - Servlet Interview Questions
java  servlet interview questions  Hi friend, For Servlet interview Questions visit to : Thanks
java interview - JSP-Interview Questions
java interview  what type of questions would be asked to a 3 years experience person in java? can anyone please provide list of topics or interview questions for 3 years experience in java
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