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x-axis and y-axis

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x-axis and y-axis

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x-axis and y-axis

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x-axis and y-axis

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x-axis and y-axis
x-axis and y-axis  hi,, i want to to write a program that display a graph of x-axis and y-xais when i entered the parameters of the function
Affine Transform Example
you an example. We have create combo box to show shearing for x-axis and y-axis... will rotate with x-axis and y-axis if you sets shear. Download Source Code...("0.00");   panel.add(new JLabel("Shear X:"
how to show x axis values of timeline chart in jfreechart with particular month.
how to show x axis values of timeline chart in jfreechart with particular month.  my x-axix timeline having day of 1 month and days shows me only differently and 1 month. I want month attached with days
Project  Hi, Am starting a new project to draw a 2d graph using java swing and opengl,where in the input for X-axis and Y-axis co=ordinates should be accepted from user... As am very new to this am seeking help so pls help
Time series sorce code
Time series sorce code   hi.......... I want to show the output of my project as time series. Can u give me a simple code for time series. Where i amble able to put on x-axis the date and y-axis the range.? I require the time
Time series sorce code
Time series sorce code   hi.......... I want to show the output of my project as time series. Can u give me a simple code for time series. Where i amble able to put on x-axis the date and y-axis the range.? I require the time
JavaScript scrollBy() method
example which will scroll window by the 100, 100 pixels position on the X-axis and Y... window upward with the 100 pixels on X-axis and 100 pixels on Y-axis. You can see that it has scrolled the window with the X-axis and Y-axis positions provided
Charts in JSP - JSP-Servlet
with the datas coming from the database? Series chart in the sense, If I have x axis as months(Jan, Feb, Mar,.......) and y axis some values say.. For january
JavaScript scrollTo() method
are the parameters which represents x-axis coordinate position and y-axis coordinate...;/html> Output : Input X-axis and Y-axis position into input boxes... enter X-axis and Y-axis values to 50,50 it will scroll the window to the position
program2 - Java Beginners
. II. Translate the rectangle along the X-axis, Y-Axis and X-Y axis.  Hi Friend, We have used translate(int x,int y) method to translate...)); g2d.fillRect(x, y, width, height); g2d.translate(150, 50
Bar Chart
multiple bar on one value means I want to create a graph where on my x-axis i have year i.e. 2005,2006,2007...... and on y- axis the range..... The graph
plotting a graph - Java Beginners
(button1); g.setColor(Color.blue); g.drawLine(600,0,600,1000); // x-axis g.drawLine(0,350,1400,350);// y-axis for (int i=0;i<=1000;i++){ g.drawLine(i,(int
JSP using java - Java Beginners
page. The bar chart structure like inpacks(Y-axis) VS ipaddresses(X-axis) My
java array
java array Two cells is a matrix will be called connected if they are adjacent on either x-axis or y-axis  Two cells is a matrix will be called connected if they are adjacent on either x-axis or y-axis (but not diagonally
); System.out.print("How nmany values do you want for x and y axis: "); int v... user to y-axis co-ordinate...can you pls help by sending code... double[v]; System.out.println("Enter values for x-axis: "); for(int i=0
to generate barcharts - Java Beginners
to generate barcharts  Please kindly suggest: to generate a bar chart which should take data from backend(JDBC),in which Y-axis should represent hours(1-12) and X-axis should represent task name?  Hi Friend, 1
The GE Matrix
i.e. X and Y-axis, where the Y- axis represents the Market attractiveness and X- axis indicates Competitive strength. Each of the products, brand, services
Cubic Diagram In Java
) as a coordinate space. The parameter are defined to set cubic diagram point x-axis and y-axis direction and the ctrlx1 or ctrly1 sets the x and y axis. All... to use cubicCurve2D Class to define a cubic parameter as a (x ,y) coordinate
JFreeChart dosn't work
as a String). The X-axis should be the different string, and the Y-axis should
Draw Line in J2me
show the distance from x-axis and y-axis.  The Application look like... can't draw a line without creating it.  g.drawLine(x, y, x+w, y); g.drawLine(x+w, y, x+w, y+h); g.drawLine(x+w, y+h, x, y+h); g.drawLine(x, y+h, x, y
Laying Out Components Using Absolute Coordinates
is used for your application. The coordinates are specified based on the x-axis and the y-axis of the frame. This program shows a frame which contains some swing... for the component on the frame: setBounds(int x-coordinate, int y-coordinate, int
embed ganttChart on JSP page
", // X-axis label "Date", // Y-axis label dataset, // dataset true, // legend true
Flex Circle drawing example
;circle.graphics.beginFill(objectColor);   circle.graphics.drawCircle(x_axisy...;      public var x_axis:int = 0;     public var y_axis:int = 0;    
Setting Fields Information of a class using Reflection
sets x-axis, y-axis, height, width field values. Since we are setting integer...();   Field xfield = rect.getClass().getField("x");   Field yfield = rect.getClass().getField("y"
Inheritance - Java Beginners
, it is 1 because the x axis and y axis are all positive ) um friend also...Inheritance  class Point { private int x ; private int y; public Point (int x , int y) { this.x = x; this.y =y; } public void setX
Regarding Gantt chart generation - Java Beginners
Example", // chart Heading "Task", // X-axis label "Date", // Y-axis label dataset
Show Coordinates
-axis and y-axis. The class Point  shows a location with respect to x-axis and y-axis. The BoxLayout.PAGE_AXIS displays the components in the direction...(int x, int y) {   if (x < 0 
how to generate a bar chart on a JSP PAGE using the arraylist object passed form the servlet.(using jfreechart)
i have to display a graph between a student semester-marks .(semesters on x-axis and marks1,marks2,marks3,marks4 on y-axis) using JFREECHART.how can i do
JavaFX 3D Effect Example
rectangle by 2. Translate Rectangle according to X-axis and Y-axis position...: FontStyle.PLAIN } x: 0, y: 20 content: "HelloWorld"... } x: 10, y: 30 content: "HelloWorld" fill
PlotChart Control in Flex4
x-axis and y-axis. You can provide the data to the chart control by using data
i want to show timeline chart for three year in chart..
it in the three part but i want to show it in single part but X axis timeline constructed from particular year. but it should be override same x-axis to each year of three
applet printing
am drawing some string for y axis description of graph through affine transform
:- A value that represents the label for x-axis. f) ylabel:- A value that represents the label for y-axis
BubbleChart Control in Flex4
types of value in each data x-axis value, y-axis value and radius value. You
Graphics 2D
coordinates with respect to x-axis and y-axis.   ... class of package java.awt.geom.*. This class provides a line segment in (xy
Search bar application
= self.view.frame.size.height;     //Parameters x = origion on x-axis, y = origon on y-axis.     CGRect frame = CGRectMake(0, yaxis, width
Skyline Problem
Skyline Problem  Given a set S of rectangles, each of which has a side in common with the x axis and non-negative y values the skyline of S is the line tracing the largest y value from any rectangle in S The Problem: Write
How to remove the space between a JComponent and its Grid border while using GridBagLayout?
same X axis position.I want the textbox after Hai to start before the welcome TB
java - Java Beginners
); g2d.drawLine(30,250,250,250 ); g2d.drawString("X-axis",40,265...java  write a java programme to draw diagram for function f(x)=x2  Hi Friend, Here is the code which draws the diagram according to f(x
Histoqram - Java Beginners
-axis..but how to make y-axis has number?I mean for example when user type 'MMM...]; } g.drawLine(10, height - 45, 10, 10); // x is the start position for the first bar in the histogram int x = 30; // Draw a horizontal base
Change Background of Slide Using Java
. Initial values for x and y axis are 0.The height and width are 800 and 600
Line Drawing - Swing AWT
,by giving x & Y axis values  Hi friend, i am sending code of draw line...(); double x = (mousePoint.getX() < center.getX()) ? round.getMinX() : round.getMaxX(); point2.setLocation(x, a * x + b); } Line2D
Getting Fields Information of a class
that will be able to call getField() . getField("x") returns x-axis field object getField("y") returns y-axis  field object...().getField("x");   Field yfield  = 
Crate a Popup Menu in Java
the integer type value which is the position on the x-axis for the source component... class. This method returns the vertical positions of the y-coordinate
Spark Rotate3D Effect in Flex4
Spark Rotate3D Effect in Flex4: The Rotate3D effect rotates a component in x, y and z-axis. If you rotates the component along y-axis the component...; x="105" y="66" backgroundColor="#555555
Chart Series Class in Flex4
in a data provider are used. You can set these fields in x and y axis. You...;{cchart}" x="0" y="428"/> </s:Panel>...;cchart" dataProvider="{data}" showDataTips="true" x
Sharing a Table Model between JTable Components
the components on the x - axis. Here is the code of program
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