Tutorial: What is dynamic websites

What is dynamic websites

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Website makes strong impact on the image of your company. It is very important when you are more concern about exploring your business worldwide. The success of website depends upon effective and efficient web designing

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What is dynamic websites

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What is dynamic websites

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What is dynamic websites
What is dynamic websites Nowadays website... can choose from two ways for creating dynamic websites. Using... through out the websites by using your administration interface. The dynamic
Dynamic Website Designing
and news. We have strong experience in advanced dynamic websites like Shopping... the differences between dynamic website and static site. Then what r u looking...Dynamic Website Designing The Dynamic sites differ from the static in terms
Dynamic keyword
Dynamic keyword  hi....... What is the dynamic keyword used for in flex? give me the answer ASAP Thanks  Ans: Dynamic keyword-> Specifies that instances of a class may possess dynamic properties added
What is PHP?
for development of web based applications such as dynamic websites, Web...What is PHP? In this section we will discuss about PHP and will try to understand "What is PHP?" and "Why it is used for web development
dynamic textfields
dynamic textfields  Hi, I am a fresher and joined recently in one company. they gave me a desktop application project using swings.here is my... what is my problem is :if the user had syrup which is having 4 ingredients(zinc
What is the difference between static and dynamic SQL?
What is the difference between static and dynamic SQL?  What is the difference between static and dynamic SQL?   Hi, Static SQL is SQL... (especially Enterprise Applications) reach a stage where some dynamic data
What is HTML5?
What is HTML5?  What is HTML5? Please let us know the latest features of HTML5. Also, Is Html5 is capable enough to create animated websites?   What is HTML5? - HTML5 is a latest version of HTML(Markup Language
What is Web Graphics
What is Web Graphics Web graphics in any websites is as significant as the content of the site... of what they are looking for. Web graphics helps designers to enhance
static page and dynamic pages?
static page and dynamic pages?  what is the static page and dynamic pages
static page and dynamic pages?
static page and dynamic pages?  what is the diff between static page and dynamic pages
static page and dynamic pages?
static page and dynamic pages?  what is the static page and dynamic pages adv and disadv
What is JavaScript and its Features?
widgets, applications, dynamic websites, PDF documents, developing game, etc. All... for JavaScript as many websites need it to run. A pop-up to update JavaScript.... JavaScript language is used to make a webpage more dynamic and can be used again
Dynamic pages - Struts
Dynamic pages  I want to recreate a page on click and then enter data in my database via struts1.1 please help me what can i use or what help i can get from
What is PHP Hosting?
dynamic informative feel and look of websites. Though simultaneously... beneficial for web development purposes to shape dynamic websites and web pages... and dynamic attributes of websites in hosting. PHP as a language is one of the most
Dynamic html examples
Dynamic html examples  Hi, What is Dynamic HTML? Explain with dynamic html examples. Thanks   Hi, DHTML stands for Dynamic HTML and is uses the HTML, JavaScript, DOM, & CSS in a program. Following is very simple
need dynamic image example
need dynamic image example  struts 2 img example for a dynamic image.. one that the user of the website uploads. To be more clear on what I am doing. I am creating a profile for a user and the user is uploading his image which I
dynamic display - JSP-Servlet
dynamic display  hi, i want to display dynamic values in drop drown box in a jsp page.these values are in the form of arraylist's object which... in rdbms.hope u will understand what i have mentioned.plz reply soon....  Hi
Dynamic include of multiple files
Dynamic include of multiple files  I want to include a series..., such as undefined variables (sourceElement). Is what I'm basically trying to do even...; This works perfectly. However, what I need is to be able to (1) make
javascript for websites url validation
javascript for websites url validation  javascript for websites url validation   JavaScript Code for URL Validation **function isvalidurl(url) { return url.match(/^(ht|f)tps?:\/\/[a-z0-9-.]+.[a-z]{2,4}\/?([^\s<
What is Static Website
websites: Simple to create and host Cheaper in the comparison of dynamic...What is Static Website The static website is simple website design which... and upload it as an .html or .htm web page. Static websites are simple in character
Dynamic variable in java - Java Interview Questions
Dynamic variable in java  My interview asked what is dynamic variable in java and where we use them.   Hi Friend, The variables that are initialized at run time is called as dynamic variable.You can use it anywhere
What are Web Design Services
What are Web Design Services... and graphics on a single web page or a bunch of web pages that create websites... to the success of websites like easier navigation, nice blend of texts and images
PHP Training
used programming language used for scripting dynamic web pages and database driven e-commerce websites. It is a rich and task-specific language and suits... to learn and to be able to develop the dynamic web pages using our training tips. We
What are Google Penguin Update Issues?
techniques won't work and content of the websites should be for the audience and not for search engines. What people do is use SEO tricks to gain ranking... not get genuine results. Those websites, which target keywords and use them
Best Java Websites
Best Java Websites The best Java Websites listed here Java is one of the most... of things related to the Java Programming language. Best Java Websites... the Best Java Websites
what is ajax
what is ajax  what is ajax   AJAX = Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. AJAX is a technique for creating fast and dynamic web pages. AJAX allows web pages to be updated asynchronously by exchanging small amounts
What's PHP ?
What's PHP ?  What's PHP ?   Hi friends, PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocesser. It is a server side programing language that allows web developers to create dynamic content that interacts with databases. PHP
Web Content - Content Writing For Websites
Web Content - Content Writing For Websites       Content is the king on Internet, and writing unique... site owner wants to develop the original content for their websites
What is Joomla
What is Joomla? Joomla is one of the most reliable, manageable, handy, flexible and most advanced Open Source Content Management System used for managing... and easy to manage all the contents of the websites and web applications
dynamic report
dynamic report  i need complete code for generating dynamic report in jsp
HTML Editor Open Source
% of what these other editors use. * Fast - Bluefish loads complete websites within... many programming and markup languages, but it focuses on editing dynamic and interactive websites. See features for an extensive overview, take a look
Insert value of dynamic generated text box in jsp using javascript
Insert value of dynamic generated text box in jsp using javascript  hello sir , i want to generate dynamic text box at run time and i did that using... reloading the page what i want is i can insert the multiple columns value generated
What-is-PHP - PHP
What-is-PHP  Hi, I would like to know more about PHP. What PHP and how it is good for programming websites? Thanks Deepak   Hi, Read more about PHP at http://www.roseindia.net/php/ Thanks
What is Mobile Website
What is Mobile Website Mobile websites are specially designed for viewing mobile contents on Mobile Phones. Earlier websites were seen only on computers... very slower speed. So websites for computers cannot function well on mobile
dynamic polymorphism
dynamic polymorphism  Develop with suitable hierarchy, classes for Point, Shape, Rectangle, Square, Circle, Ellipse, Triangle, Polygon, etc. Design a simple test application to demonstrate dynamic polymorphism
What is Article?
What is Article?       In this section we will understand the term article and the benefits..., that can be published on websites, journal, magazine and or newspapers. Some
What is Google Penguin?
algorithm update with an objective to decrease the ranking of websites in search... those websites, which aim to optimize their search results by using inappropriate and large amount of unsolicited and manipulative links to their websites
What is Mobilegeddon?
will penalize the websites which are not mobile friendly. Now the mobile friendliness... will affect the ranking of the websites in the Smartphone or tablet search results... will strait down the search results ranking of the websites which are not 'mobile
dynamic polymorphism
dynamic polymorphism  give an example for dynamic polymorphism?   Dynamic polymorphism is where a class overrides a superclass method... seen at runtime, so they are considered dynamic. Here is an example
dynamic jquery statement
dynamic jquery statement  dynamic jquery statement
Dynamic form
Dynamic form  I need to make a dynamic form using jsp for example, i will need a list of items which when we select one option another list is modified ( like 2 lists of countries and citys ), and also a radio button wich once
What is Struts
in the servlet. Java Servlets is used to create dynamic websites with Java. Before...) are text documents having java code that combines static HTML with dynamic
dynamic form
dynamic form  I need to make a dynamic form using php, for example, i will need a list of items which when we select one option another list is modified ( like 2 lists of countries and citys from a dtabase ), and also a radio
dynamic calender
dynamic calender  hi i need the code to "insert date using GUI"   Hi Friend, Try the following code: import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; import javax.swing.*; class DatePicker{ int month
What are PHP, ASP and Perl
to create dynamic and interactive websites. Different software packages require... are important to provide dynamic look to any websites. PHP, Perl, ASP are among... that enables web developers to create dynamic web applications. ASP.NET can
What is criteria API?
What is criteria API?  Hi, What is criteria API? Thanks,   Hi, The Hibernate statistics is one of the most usable feature...) of Hibernate Criteria provides an elegant way of building dynamic query
What is Cloud Hosting?
What is Cloud Hosting? In this section we will discuss about Cloud Hosting. We are explaining "What is cloud hosting?" and why it is so hot... support. What is Cloud Hosting? The Cloud Hosting is a type of web hosting where
dynamic query
What is Tableless Website Design
What is Tableless Website Design The term web design refers to fine art of designing websites that are available on the World Wide Web and is used time.... There are variety of methods being used for designing a website. Websites are filled
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