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  Tutorial: iPhone Icon Design

iPhone Icon Design

Tutorial Details:
con is a small graphical representation of any program, any file or any applications, which opens that particular element when it is clicked on.

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iPhone Icon Design

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iPhone Icon Design

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iPhone Icon Design
iPhone Icon Design Icon is a small graphical representation of any program... about the developed apps, and then we design a matching icon, which enhance.... Our skilled designers design iPhone icons using the latest and wide range
iPhone Application Icon
iPhone Application Icon The example will illustrate how to add an icon on the iPhone application in Xcode. Before adding the application icon in iPhone make... an application icon in iPhone simulator.. add the "png" icon that you want
How to design a mailbox icon
How to design a mailbox icon With this tutorial you are going to learn a method to design mailbox icon, you might have seen mailbox icon in the many... file with appropriate size as your design. Make a Shape: Choose Pen Tool (P
ios application icon names
ios application icon names  what are the naming convention for naming icons in universal application in iPhone
How to design a message icon
How to design a message icon You will see here how to design a message icon which used to show the condition. Let's start. New File: We have to create first a new file with any size. Make Shape: Choose "
iPhone Theme Design
iPhone Theme Design iPhone provide customized development of theme & icons as per the needs & requirement of users. Some of the developed iPhone... theme design helps in Getting out from boredom of old iPhone Icons &
How to make a folder icon, make a folder icon, folder icon
How to make a folder icon       The folder is used in the computer, this example will teach you to design technique of the folder.  New File: Take a new file as your folder
iPhone Graphics
iPhone Graphics  Hi, How to create iPhone Graphics? I am learning to crate UI Design for iPhone and iPad. Thanks
iPhone, iPhone Application Development services from Rose India Technologies.
version of OS framework to Mac OS X framework. iPhone Icon Design Icon... Theme Design iPhone provide customized development of theme & icons...iPhone Application Development and Support iPhone Mobile Application
Hello World iphone Example
Hello World iphone with Example In the given tutorial you will be creating a small iphone application called "hello world app" using interface builder, that will run in the iphone simulator. Before going into deep
Website design for iphone
Website design for iphone When the iPhone was first revealed it was certainly a step forward in mobile phone technology. The iPhone is an internet-connected, multimedia smartphone
Website design for iPhone
Website design for iPhone When the iPhone was first revealed it was certainly a step forward in mobile phone technology. The iPhone is an internet-connected... of iPhone revolutionize the global market of mobile technology and its proliferation
Icon image
Icon image  hiii how can we set image on the icon by which we can launch the application???   hello, when you will save a image named icon.png then it is automatically show this image on the icon
iPhone 3G vs iPhone 2G
. Apple has also introduced a more ergonomic design on the iPhone 3G with more... iPhone 3G vs iPhone 2G       Apple introduced the revolutionary iPhone 2G in Jan 2007 and since
iPhone application designer
team. Finally we deliver world class iPhone and iPad application design to our... applications. We design native application as well as internet based iPhone and iPad... types of iPhone and iPad applications. We create design for games, utility
iPhone Mobile Software Development, iPhone Mobile Application Development, iPhone Design Services and Solutions
iPhone Mobile Software Development iPhone Application Design and Development... in the design, development and deployment of high-end web based iPhone games... to design and develop all types of iPhone applications, however big or small
iPhone apps developer
customers. We design and develop custom applications for iPhone that create...iPhone apps developer With the launch of Apple's innovative product iPhone.... After getting authority to develop applications for iPhone or iPhone apps
PHP - Design concepts & design patterns
browse the WWW Directory by just clicking on the icon in the startup options
Offshore iPhone Development
with websites and online database in quick time. We design customized iPhone...Offshore iPhone Development With the evolution of Apple's iPhone (internet... marketing owner of iPhone - has first time introduced unique integrated features
iphone  hiii, how can we use table recursively in iphone
Load Icon Image Exception
Load Icon Image Exception  Load Icon Image Exception
iPhone Troubleshooting Guide
. You will automatically return to the main screen. Issue: iPhone battery icon... and the icon should show the charging status. Issue: How to Format the iPhone... iPhone Troubleshooting Guide   
iphone  How can connect with the other database in iphone application(like... MYsql or oracle) is this dirctly possible
iphone  hello... i want to make first iphone application . How can i make it plz help me
How to design a loading logo
How to design a loading logo You might have seen loading icon... their home page so that they need any icon to show that. We are going to design an animated loading icon so follow now. New File: First we have to take a new
iPhone 3.0 SDK
iPhone 3.0 SDK delivers on its Promise       Coming close on the heels of iPhone OS 3.0 release is the beta version of the third iPhone SDK. The iPhone 3.0 SDK beta allows
Best iPhone Accessories and Attachments
looks. Go for a iPhone case with electrostatic friendly design with veiled looks... Best iPhone Accessories and Attachments   ...' iPhone sites before. So what's new here? Well for starters, here you will find only
What is Logo Design
What is Logo Design A logo is a graphical element in the form of ideogram, symbol, emblem, icon, sign that is collectively form a trademark or commercial brand. Usually a logo design is meant for immediate recognition. The logo




iPhone Apps Designing Services
iPhone Apps Designing Services In mid 2007, Apple introduced smart internet based mobile phone (iPhone) that runs on Macintosh operating system. The Apple's iPhone is enabled with different sorts of web apps stored into iTune
iPhone Advantages and Disadvantages
: Not only is the iPhone trendy looking its thoughtful design ensures that it fits... iPhone Advantages and Disadvantages       iPhone 3G Vs others: iPhone 3G Advantages
All iPhone Tips and Tricks
All iPhone Tips and Tricks       If you are looking for some cool iPhone 3G tips n tricks... customisable options and the iPhone 3G is no different, rather only better. We
How to make a home icon, make a home icon, home icon
How to make a home icon       This example is very useful to make a home icon, it is used... as here. This is your final home icon. Look here  
Corporate Website Design
and presenting the sensation of digital experience. Website design for iphone... Corporate Website Design What is Web... Website The static website is simple website design which
web page design
lblCName, lblServices, lblCHistory, lblCLogo; JButton viewProd, placeOrdr; Icon
Changing Executable Jar File Icon
file for my java program and the icon that appears is the java icon. I will like to know if there is a way to change this to any icon of my choice.   Hi, You may use JSmooth to create executable java file and also associate icon
The iPhone Application Development Process is Valuable
of the features that the iPhone has to work with. The design that is used can...The iPhone Application Development Process is Valuable Apple’s iPhone... of this comes from how the iPhone is capable of supporting thousands of different types
Show Icon Displayer
Show Icon Displayer       In this section, you will studied how to display a single icon one.... To display the icon, we have defined an image. The class ImageIcon is responsible
Design and develop custom tags
Design and develop custom tags Prev Chapter 2. Design, build and test web components Next    Design and develop custom tags Custom
iPhone EMI Calculator, EMI Calculator for iPhone
EMI Calc - iPhone EMI Calculator     EMI Calc In the series of providing more and more free utility tools for iPhone users.... As you open the tool by clicking on the EMI Calc icon, the front side
jQuery icon Dock plug-in
jQuery icon Dock plug-in This section is about the icon Dock plug in of jQuery. The icon Dock is a jQuery JavaScript library plug-in that allows you...; title="Google alertes"> <img src="icon/alerts_35.gif"
Google Android G1 vs Apple iPhone 3G
quality, web browsing and multimedia. T-Mobile G1 vs iPhone 3G Design Comparison...-less design. Simply put out of the two smartphones the iPhone is slightly better... Google Android G1 vs Apple iPhone 3G  
Icon Changes at runtime
Icon Changes at runtime       This section illustrates you how to create an icon that changes from at runtime. To create an icon, we have defined Icon class which provides
iPhone Application Store Submission and Acceptance Process
iPhone Application Store Submission and Acceptance Process       At Rose India the custom iPhone... Development, App Testing and Debugging, Application Listing on the online Apple iPhone
Java error icon
Java error icon       JOptionPane's icon support specify icon to which the dialog displays. We can use four standard icon using JOptionPane icons  like
Setting an Icon for a Frame in Java
Setting an Icon for a Frame in Java   ... an icon for the frame in Java Swing. This program helps us to set the icon (image) on the title bar of the frame. When you open frame or window the icon
The Characteristics and Design of Web 2.0
The Characteristics and Design of Web 2.0   ... needs a unique logo (the pictorial or graphical icon that reflects the brand... Web 2.0 Templates are different in design and pattern from traditional website
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