Tutorial: computer network - Design concepts & design patterns

computer network - Design concepts & design patterns

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computer network - Design concepts & design patterns

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computer network - Design concepts & design patterns

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computer network - Design concepts & design patterns

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a computer network is referred as
a computer network is referred as  The structure of interconnecting of nodes of --- a computer network is referred as 1. Network topology 2. Internet 3. Local Area network 4. Wide Area network 5. All of these   Answer
java with computer network
java with computer network  i feel it's very difficult to use java for network programming. how can i recover this problem?give me any simple example... that explains the java for network programming Overview of Networking through JAVA
Computer Networking
as a computer network.   Now you just need to maintain a network... Computer Networking       Here we are going to unfold the concepts
Computer Networking
Computer Networking       Here we are going to unfold the concepts of networking... activity where you were using a computer along with a printer, modem and a CD
How to take control of diffrent system or computer
in Java, you need to implement concepts like Networking, Dynamic Proxy, Threads... the network. b. Events Server ? This entity will reserve the keyboard and mouse events
Open Source Firewall
of the tools used to secure a computer network. A firewall can prevent unwanted... to important computer resources while preventing unwanted access and to ensure... regularly in order to evaluate traffic patterns including denied connections
Computer VoIP Phones Security
Computer VoIP Phones Security      ... computer keyboards rather than bombs and guns. Telecom and especially computer... these services. This is all the more true for peer-to-peer computer phones. Now Let us
local host sharing on same network compute
local host sharing on same network compute  i have an desktop bill application on wamp and i want to use it on other computer on same network . computer connected with hub or switch

call another computer in LAN (no internet acces)
call another computer in LAN (no internet acces)  Any idea how to develop a java application that makes VOIP calls inside an isolated (without internet access) network? Is there any (free) software solution for my problem? Thank
Network IP Setting in Windows 8
is the 'Network IP Setting' of your PC. So, let us learn how to configure your Network IP in Windows 8 on your PC. 1. To access your Network IP setting, first of all go to the start menu on your Desktop and Select the 'Network' option
patterns  who ever answered my previous ques thank u sooooo much!!!!!!!!!! though i was able to solve most complicated progms in java patterns are a night mare for me. thank u once again.can u help me on how to print





network programming
network programming   Tutorial for Network programming and administration
Open Source Code
XML-based messages over a computer network, normally using HTTP. SOAP forms... of messaging patterns in SOAP, but by far the most common is the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) pattern, where one network node (the client) sends a request message
Network programming
Network programming   write and run a client and a server program using C language in Unix as per the following specifications: a) A TCP client program will establish a connection and send a text string to the server. b) A TCP
Network Project
Network Project  I am writting a java program for a LAN which creates accounts for students and allows them to view assignments posted by lecturers and also submit. I would like to know the structure it would take, i.e whether i
Computer Networks
Computer Networks  The IPV4 packet has arrived wtih first few hexadecimal digits as 0X45000028000100000102. How many hopes will this packet travel before being dropped
java network

computer science
computer science  Objective:Work with hash tables by creating a hash table using linear probing. I need this code in java. "LinearProbingHashTable.java" Description:Create a generic class called LinearProbingHashTable<K,V>
network - Java Beginners
Java network library  What are the Java Network library
Java Programming language concepts for beginners
as computer programming language. Java needs JRM (Java Runtime Environment) to run on a computer. JRE includes JVM (Java Virtual Machine), Java platform... by everyone. The concepts behind Java programming are clearly explained
Computer Terminology Bug
Computer Terminology Bug  What is mean by bug in computer terminology
Computer Terminology Bug
Computer Terminology Bug  What is mean by bug in computer terminology
basic function of computer system
basic function of computer system  What is the basic function of computer system
Define computer software.
Define computer software.  How to define a computer software?   A computer software is a set of instruction that tell the computer what to do
Tomcat access to network files
Tomcat access to network files  i have web application which is running on tomcat 6.0, it access network files from JSP. but i am getting an errror. please help
Computer forensic application
Computer forensic application  how to write computer forensic application using java for recovering deleted files and deleted partitions
What is FTP (File Transfer Protocol)?
FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, which is basically a network protocol used to transfer files from one computer or host to another within a network (TCP-based network) through internet. The first FTP client applications were
Network monitoring under LAN
Network monitoring under LAN  am in search of a java program that monitors the real time traffic statistics such as datarate,traffic flow of a LAN....can any one help me by posting java codes or related ideas
network bassed program
network bassed program  sir... i need code for how to sending meg one system to another system using java program plz send coding
network admin - Security
network admin  i want to develop some s/w in java which can monitor various ports like 80,23,8080 etc and restrict them if necessary.. pls help
Computer shop mangerment
Computer shop mangerment   Part A You are supposed to write a class Computer to stores the computer id, description, brand, price, speed and another... of it. Part B Develop array based java program to help a local computer shop
network security analyzer
network security analyzer  i want a prog which runs on a firewall machine and continuously checks the firewall log file for any attack, if it detects any attack the prog should send a warning to the administrator in the form
List of Computer Software
List of Computer Software  Hi, I am looking for the list of Computer programming languages. Provide me the list of Computer Software used these days... for different purposes. See the List of Computer software. Thanks
The input device used by computer is
The input device used by computer is  The input device used by computer is 1. Motherboard 2. Central Processing Unit 3. Keyboard 4. System Unit 5. All of the above   Answer: 2. Central Processing Unit
computer - Swing AWT
computer  What is a Computer and why we should use it? I am new to this technologies so please let me know the benefits of using computer.   What you what to know about computers?Is it a software or hardware related
Hibernate concepts
Hibernate concepts  hibernate concepts Entity System,Entity Named Resolver,Auxiliary database objects,ternary associations and interceptors are used in real -time programming
Java Network Bandwidth - Java Beginners
Java Network Bandwidth  Hi ....... How to calculate the Network Bandwidth using Core Java
computer configuration - Java Beginners
computer configuration  someone posted a code but tha is not working... a working code Create a class Computer that stores information about... about a single computer is, - Company Name - RAM size. - Hard Disk Capacity
computer management - Java Beginners
computer management  Create a class Computer that stores information... to be stored about a single computer is, - Company Name - RAM size... array of 4 objects of Computer class and that takes input for all above
ALU Computer Term
ALU Computer Term  What is ALU? Please define and explain ALU in simple language.   ALU stands for Arithmetic logic unit is a brain of CPU, which is used for the processing of data and information provided
characteristics of a modem computer
characteristics of a modem computer  Which of the following describe one or more characteristics of a modem computer? 1. An electronic device 2. A mechanical device 3. A Electro-mechanical device 4. All of these 5. None
Computer security - Security
computer security advice  Can any one give me a computer security advice? Thanks!  Please take care whenever you are formatting your hard drive as when you format a hard drive, you erase all its files and prepare
Datagram in network environment
Datagram in network environment       In a network environment the client... is used to send or receive the DatagramPackets over the network envirnoment
Getting Computer Date in java
Getting Computer Date in java  Hi , I want to get the PC Date and insert it to a DB, specifically MSSQL.. Everything in my scriptlet works but this.. String strDate = new Date(); I get this server error, "The type Date
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