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ZF Hello World
the default page, basically the changes mentioned below is for creating..., the alternative way to change the default page is pretty simple and we need to make... of the website, that means to access the application's root page we need to type
Zend FrameWork Part-6
reserves an action called index.php which is used as default page or action... to display the default page. In this present tutorial we will maintain four pages: Home Book Add Book Edit Book Delete Book Each page has one
What is Servlet in Java?
a default page reading "A Servlet Exception Has Occurred" when an error occurs while
The "pageEncoding" attribute of JSP page directive
of these is provided, ISO-8859-1 is used as the default page encoding. Example: ... attribute "GBK" while second JSP page sets default value i.e." ...The "pageEncoding" attribute of JSP page directive In this section
JSP Standard Action 'jsp:useBean'
:The default, page, indicates that the bean is only available on the current... in a JSP page. This action instantiates or locates a Bean with a specific name...;beanInstanceName"         scope="page
Chapter 2. Design, build and test web components
preferences page. To create a new dynamic Web project...). Accept the default value in the Project location... and then clicked Next, the J2EE Settings Page appears in which you can
Overview of JSTL Tags
. It can be either page, request, session, application. By default it is page...="value" [escapeXml="{true|false}"]   [default="... page based on some test. Syntax: <c:if  test ="testCondition"
HTML Elements
. It is aligned left by default in the page. A vertical space has... the table as left, right or middle in a page. The default alignment in this case... specify any type in an unordered list, the default type will be disc bullets
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