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JSRS       JSRS routes calls directly from Javascript into your server-side language and back out again, known browsers: IE4+, NS4.x, NS6.x, Mozilla, Opera7 and Galeon. Read full
Java Plateform Micro Edition
ME have evolved in separate JSRs. Sun provides a reference implementation
What is JSR ??
What is JSR ??  hii, What is JSR ?   hello, Java Specification Request (JSR) is the actual description of proposed and final specifications for the Java platform. JSRs are reviewed by the JCP and the public before
Java EE 7 Platform Receives Final Approval from JCP Executives
members. "This completes the JCP approval process for all of the JSRs under the Java... Specification Requests (JSRs) and 9 Maintenance Releases (MRs), which also includes the JSRs led by Red Hat (CDI and Bean Validation) and IBM (Batch
Java EE 8 Takes Off
additions to the Java EE and it is filed as separate JSRs. Simplification... will use all these new features. Here are the list of JSRs filed towards
Oracle invites Community to Weigh-In on Java EE8
provided to the members of community. Questions are regarding? New JSRs
Oracle Launches Project Valhalla for Java
or more JSRs is being subsequently created. The initial source of the project
JAVA - Java Beginners
JSRs. Java J2SE also keeps the version number 1.5.0 or 1.5 in same places
J2EE Application Development Solutions and Services
and different JSRs. The Rose India expert Java team has years of experience in executing
What are the level in Jboss 5 application server to deploy the application
with links to related bugs, enhancements, and JSRs. Note, this web page relates... in other JSRs or through the concurrent maintenance review of the Java SE
Others Frameworks
Application.    JSRS JSRS routes
J2ME Books
phones (read: MIDP/CLDC) and it explains most of the related newer JSRs as well
Open Source Portals
(JSRs) for future ended devices at the portals soon, such as MIDP 3.0 (Mobile
J2ME Tutorial
as JSR 68, the different flavors of Java ME have evolved in separate JSRs
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