Tutorial: reload uiviewcontroller iphone

reload uiviewcontroller iphone

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reload uiviewcontroller iphone

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reload uiviewcontroller iphone

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reload uiviewcontroller iphone

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reload uiviewcontroller iphone
reload uiviewcontroller iphone  Can anyone tell me how to reload the uiviewcontroller in my iphone application every time ..whenever i switch and come back from different view controller. Thanks!   the viewWillAppear
uiviewcontroller viewwillappear
uiviewcontroller viewwillappear  When i reload uiviewcontroller, viewwillappear method not getting called. Can anyone please explain what is the proble
Reload UIWebView
Reload UIWebView  Hi, please tell me how to reload a UIWebView in iPhone application. Thanks.   Reloading UIWebView iPhone SDK [iwebView...://www.roseindia.net"]]]; [iwebView reload
How to dismiss UIViewController
How to dismiss UIViewController  How to dismiss UIViewcontroller in my iPhone application? Please suggest. Thanks
Rotating UIViewController
Rotating UIViewController In this example, we are going to show you.. how... for Rotating UIViewController in both portrait and landscape orientation. -> Create.... To test on iPhone: just rotate the device. Your application should look alike
uiactionsheet in iphone
uiactionsheet in iphone  Dynamically adding action sheet to UIViewController
Change orientation of UIViewController
Change orientation of UIViewController  Is it possible to change the UIViewController orientation dynamically
How to reload the current page?
How to reload the current page?  How to reload the current page
Call UIViewController over RootViewController
Call UIViewController over RootViewController   Hi, i have created the window based application.. but not sure how to call the UIView over RootViewController. Thanks
Reload the page after ValueChangeListener is invoked
Reload the page after ValueChangeListener is invoked  How to reload the page after ValueChangeListener is invoked
reload parent window - WebSevices
reload parent window  Hi, Here I have a code for close child window and reload parent window. window.opener.location.href="http://www.mysite.net/example.php"; self.close(); Its working properly when User enters
Drop Down reload in IE
Drop Down reload in IE  Hi i was using two drop down box..One for Displaying date followed by another for Dispalying Month..If i Select/Change Month from the 2nd drop down then the 1st drop down ( which is date) automatically
uitableview inside uiviewcontroller

jsp reload current page problem
jsp reload current page problem  Hi, i am facing problem while reloading the JSP page
jsp reload current page problem
jsp reload current page problem  Hi, i am facing problem while reloading the JSP page
iphone  hiii, how can we use table recursively in iphone
iphone  How can connect with the other database in iphone application(like... MYsql or oracle) is this dirctly possible
iphone  hello... i want to make first iphone application . How can i make it plz help me
iPhone Button Click Sound
iPhone Button Click Sound In this series of iPhone button tutorial, we are going to create a small iphone application that is going to play a sound on clicking the button in iPhone SDK. For the audio we are going to use
how to do actionsheet in iphone?-RV
how to do actionsheet in iphone?-RV  -(IBAction)buttonClicked { UIActionSheet *asheet = [[UIActionSheet alloc] initWithTitle:@"Share...; } if(![_engine isAuthorized]){ UIViewController
how to do map in iphone?-RV
how to do map in iphone?-RV  In Appdelegate.h @class... MapKitDisplayViewController : UIViewController <MKMapViewDelegate> { int g... overlayView; } In mapdetail.h @interface mapdetail : UIViewController
iPhone MapView Current Location
iPhone MapView Current Location This is a simple MKMapView example in iPhone... as current location but on running the application in iPhone it will give you... mapviewViewController : UIViewController { IBOutlet MKMapView *mapview




iphone Window Based Application
with Window Based Application and in that will add UIViewController subclass 
MapView Example in iPhone
MapView Example in iPhone The example illustrate how to embed or display a MapView in iPhone SDK UIView based application. To embed a Map in your iphone... myMapViewController : UIViewController <MKMapViewDelegate> { IBOutlet
iPhone UILabel Color
iPhone UILabel Color In this example we'll discuss about the UILabel class... the appearance of text in your iPhone applications. Final application will look alike... like how to change the UILable text color in iPhone and label text
Script on the page used too much memory. Reload to enable script again.
Script on the page used too much memory. Reload to enable script again.  Using a java script to generate the dynamic report. If page open the full screen mode browser show the "Script on the page used too much memory. Reload
iPhone Input Field, iPhone Input Field Tutorial
iPhone Input Field Generally, input fields are used to take input from the users.  In iPhone application we can use Text Field to take the input. ... This is a very simple "iPhone input field" example that will show you how to use
iPhone Text Field Validation
iPhone Text Field Validation In any user based application "... length in iPhone app. Let's find out what we are doing in the application... : UIViewController < UITextFieldDelegate > {     IBOutlet
How to implement xml parsing in iphone ? -RV
How to implement xml parsing in iphone ? -RV  In .h file @interface RootViewController : UITableViewController<NSXMLParserDelegate>... @interface nextview : UIViewController { IBOutlet UITableView *page2
how to do CRUDE operation in iphone?-RV
how to do CRUDE operation in iphone?-RV  .h file #import <sqlite3.h> @interface RootViewController : UIViewController { IBOutlet UIView *page1; IBOutlet UIButton *b2; IBOutlet UITextField *textid
iphone avfoundation
iphone avfoundation  What is iphone avfoundation and why it is required? Can anyone show how to implement the AVFoundation in iPhone application with example or tutorial? Thanks
iPhone Graphics
iPhone Graphics  Hi, How to create iPhone Graphics? I am learning to crate UI Design for iPhone and iPad. Thanks
Iphone call
Iphone call  Do you have other method to make a call on Iphone,without openUrl
iphone text field example
iphone textfield with example   In this iphone example you are going to see...how to add the value of two different textfield and printing...; @interface AddTwoTextFieldViewController : UIViewController
iPhone play, pause and stop playing music
iPhone play, pause and stop playing music This is the small iPhone SDK example that will show you how to play, pause and stop the music on button...; @interface buttonSoundViewController : UIViewController <AVAudioPlayerDelegate>
Iphone Tutorial
Iphone Tutorial  Hi, I am a new in this mobile applications segment. From where i will get the information about iphone tutorial or Iphone Development Tutorials. Please suggest the resouces......... Thanks
AlertViewWithPassWord iPhone
Iphone AlertView With PassWord In this tutorial will learn how to show Alert Box when text field is empty and the AlertView is Consist of Two textfield one...; @interface AlertViewPasswordViewController : UIViewController
iPhone UIAlertView 
. The iPhone application we are going to do is based on View Based Application. Final...; @interface UIAlertViewViewController : UIViewController
iPhone       Apple iPhone 3G is a multi-touch smartphone that has successfully combined multimedia, email, business and internet into a single platform. The iPhone
iPhone AlertView
iPhone AlertView In this tutorial will learn how to show Alert Box in iPhone when text field is empty. The application we are going to develop is based...; @interface AlerViewViewController : UIViewController
NSZombieEnabled iPhone
NSZombieEnabled iPhone  NSZombieEnabled Trouble in setting How can i set the NSZombieEnabled in iPhone application to track unmanaged memory
iPhone resignfirstresponder
iPhone resignfirstresponder  Hi, Provide me a good example of iPhone resignfirstresponder. I need a code to hide keyboard when use clicks outside the text box. Thanks   Hi, You can use the following code
Iphone Developmnt
Iphone Developmnt  i am making an application in ios, for ipad or iphone, what i want to know is that can i provide an option of changing the theme , or can i separate my code from the theme... so that when giving my product
iphone nsurlrequest authentication
iphone nsurlrequest authentication   How to authenticate a form in iPhone Application
iphone TextField
iphone TextField In this tutorial we will create table view and in table view cell that will add different Text Field and in that you can enter the text...;UIViewController *targetViewController = [[self.menuList objectAtIndex
libxml2.2.dylib iphone
libxml2.2.dylib iphone  Hi, I added the libxml2.2.dylib in iPhone application, still its not able to compile the XML processing code. What to do? Thanks   Hello, You must be getting the linking errors. You should
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