Tutorial: iphone video sharing in facebook, email, Twitter

iphone video sharing in facebook, email, Twitter

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iphone video sharing in facebook, email, Twitter

Read Tutorial iphone video sharing in facebook, email, Twitter.

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iphone video sharing in facebook, email, Twitter

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iphone video sharing in facebook, email, Twitter

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iphone video sharing in facebook, email, Twitter
iphone video sharing in facebook, email, Twitter  Hi, I need sample video sharing iphone development codes --Thanks in advance
Social Media Marketing: Twitter or Facebook?
Social Media Marketing: Twitter or Facebook? The decision has to be made... networks. Now, the obvious choice would be facebook, but because of some simple aspects, we will see why twitter can be a good option as well. Facebook has
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Twitter Best Practices Questions  Hello, What are the best practices of using Twitter for business? How you can get more from Twitter for your business? What is the use of Twitter? Tell me answers fast. Thanks   
Andrew Stone Designs Twitter Applications
Andrew Stone Designs Twitter Applications for the iPhone... twitter away merrily on their iPhone. Twitter applications for the iPhone have been... applications. The iPhone users can use the twitter application for a measly $4.99.
Help me to create a sharing text just like facebook using jsp servlet and oracle
Help me to create a sharing text just like facebook using jsp servlet and oracle   I tried to use lot of methods but i couldn't get the proper method to do the share option. While a person is login into the web page he can share
iPhone News
Stone Designs Twitter Applications for the iPhone The iPhone users can now twitter away merrily on their iPhone. Twitter applications for the iPhone have... iPhone News and Updates   
iPhone Development in 2009
. iPhone Networking and Sharing: Here we list some handy chat/mail applications... iPhone Development in 2009       The iPhone, Apple Inc's latest gadget is already a craze
Sitemap iPhone Tutorial
;Purchase iPhone Without Contract | Andrew Stone Designs Twitter Applications... Search Applications ? iPhone | An Online Video Mobile Application - iPhone... iPhone | Objective C Tutorial | Objective C Introduction | Why
Facebook Social Media Marketing
finds interesting, Facebook gives him the luxury of sharing that article with his...Facebook Social Media Marketing Facebook has been nothing short... shared their information or photos with each other, Facebook has evolved into a Giant
Web Development for iPhone
Web Development for iPhone Developing Web apps for iPhone or any other... for desktop. A web app for iPhone needs special characteristics and developers must keep those characteristics in their mind while developing any site for iPhone web
iPhone       Apple iPhone 3G is a multi-touch smartphone that has successfully combined multimedia, email, business and internet into a single platform. The iPhone
How to create and use Facebook Shared Photo Albums?
Video Tutorial - How to create and use Facebook Shared Photo Albums? Facebook... to use Facebook Shared Photo Albums?. We have also included a video tutorial... with them. Video Tutorial of Facebook Shared Photo Albums Facebook
iPhone 3G FAQ
bookmarks, apart from your email clients, contacts etc. Is the iPhone GSM or CDMA... the video shoot functionality. Does the iPhone feature Navigation options? Yes... iPhone 3G FAQ      
What is iPhone
?oops, screen!   Mail me: The iPhone supports many popular email... What is iPhone       Apple iPhone - iPod, Cell phone and 3G, all in one! The iPhone
how to do actionsheet in iphone?-RV
otherButtonTitles:@"Facebook",@"Twitter",@"Mail",@"SMS", nil]; asheet.actionSheetStyle...how to do actionsheet in iphone?-RV  -(IBAction)buttonClicked { UIActionSheet *asheet = [[UIActionSheet alloc] initWithTitle:@"Share
video uploading using jsp
; private String email; private String video; FileItem fitem3...video uploading using jsp  this is the code i hv written...); System.out.println("xcxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"+listItems.size()); email
video   I need code for creating video chatting in a webpage.Can you send me the code related to that or API
email  how do i code for making clicking a send button sends a email
email   hi I am using 1and1 server. Using this server i am sending a mail using java program . But it is running some problem occur " Cannot send email. javax.mail.SendFailedException: Invalid Addresses; nested exception
Twitter REST API
Twitter REST API  While writing a program to post the tweet into twitter i am getting following error: The Twitter REST API v1 is no longer active. Please mig rate to API v1.1 What could the the solution? Thanks   Hi
Best Social Media Tools
, Tiny Pics, SnapFish, Photo Bucket and Kodakk Gallery etc. Video Sharing Websites Video Sharing Websites allow you to upload your recorded and unique... of the popular Video Sharing Websites are: YouTube, Vimeo, MetaCafe, MegaUpload
how to send email in php and attech with any file
how to send email in php and attech with any file  how to send email and attech with any file like text, image, video
Flash on iPhone 3G
Flash on iPhone 3G       The old iPhone and the new iPhone 3G provide support for many popular applications including push-email but surprisingly lacked in Flash capability
share data iphone sdk
share data iphone sdk  How to share data in iPhone application? Actually i want the sharing feature in my iPhone application. Thanks!   You can use the emailing feature in your iPhone application to the share data
iframe application facebook login
iframe application facebook login  Create link to facebook from iFrame application
facebook like button code
facebook like button code  How to create a facebook like button? can anyone share the code..?? Thanks in advance
What is iPhone SDK?
What is iPhone SDK?       What is iPhone SDK? The iPhone SDK or iPhone software... and build the software for the iPhone. The iPhone SDK includes the API and components
sending data to facebook
sending data to facebook  how to post data into facebook from a java program
facebook login button html
facebook login button html  facebook login button html i have a facebook login button code ..but not sure how to use it. Can any one please explain? Here is the facebook login button code in html <fb:login-button
P2P file sharing application
P2P file sharing application  Hi, I have developed a simple file sharing application in java using TCP socket. Now, the question is how do i make this application P2P? Can Distributed Hash Table (DHT) do that or there are other
iPhone apps developer
astrology, numerology, Horoscope, music, fun video, Television on iPhone... to development several online and offline video games able to run on iPhone...iPhone apps developer With the launch of Apple's innovative product iPhone
Top 10 Emerging Social Networking Sites
of life. While the giants like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace are already phenomenon... answer to giants like Facebook or Twitter, has already double subscriber base... post their messages on the Facebook style message board for real time sharing
Outsourcing iPhone development
. To be part of iPhone business or to be added only for sharing...Outsourcing iPhone Development Apple Inc., which is the habitual... the world by launching third generation Internet phone – iPhone. After its
iPhone Development in India
iPhone Development in IndiaIn June 2007, the Apple Inc had launched an incredible mobile in United States with the tag name of 'iPhone' that had faster... of the product, iPhone gained unbelievable fame not only in US but also in the whole
DESKTOP SHARING USING JAVA  Sir i have the following code for scren capturing it is capturing in png format but when i am sending it over other m/c it is taking delay of around 16 seconds..i think it is because this line of code
iPhone Development Company
iPhone Development Company Roseindia Technologies Pvt Ltd, an emerging iPhone Development Company in India is working on some groundbreaking iPhone... and Tic, Tac Toe 4, and customized web apps, iphone games, online news portals
iPhone Software Development
support for audio and video. Make use of the iPhone's unique mobile APIs, like...iPhone Software Development Apple's Inc. iPhone is an amazing device used... iPhone in the downgraded version of OS framework to Mac OS X framework. It has
Online and Onsite iPhone Training Course from Rose India
Online and Onsite iPhone Training Course from Rose India     Apple iPhone is a great 3G multi-touch phone... iPhone applications on the iPhone Store for free or commercial distribution
iphone  hiii, how can we use table recursively in iphone
Twitter Social Media Marketing
Twitter Social Media Marketing Twitter is a social networking website used..., that's what you would say if are asked to define Twitter. Twitter on the other hand, is much more than that. What makes twitter different than any other
iPhone 3GS Programming
recording facility. Due to its video recording facility, iPhone 3GS... iPhone 3GS Programming iPhone 3GS is the advanced version of iPhone 3G, which Apple inc had released in 2007. With the launch
iphone mail sending problem
iphone mail sending problem  Hi, I'm receiving the following error ... while sending mail in my iphone application Terminating app due to uncaught... an image to the email NSString *path = [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource
iphone  How can connect with the other database in iphone application(like... MYsql or oracle) is this dirctly possible
iphone  hello... i want to make first iphone application . How can i make it plz help me
New Gmail Version for iPhone from Google, New iPhone Gmail, iPhone 3.0 Gmail
New Gmail for Apple iPhone Google launched the new version of its popular email service Gmail for the iPhone with a host of specially designed features. One of the cool new features is the floating bar that appears whenever you
iPhone News and Updates

Fring Application for Apple iPhone
New Version of Fring for iphone Apple has developed new version of Fring... can be used on the original iPhone, iPhone 3G or iPod Touch. Fring facilitates... Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo and AIM
sending data from java to facebook wall
sending data from java to facebook wall  how to send data form a java program to facebook wall
iPhone Troubleshooting Guide
. Issue: Unable to download iPhone email Solution: Sometimes the mail cannot... iPhone Troubleshooting Guide       The iPhone is a pretty stable and robust smartphone
video rating
video rating  Please send me the code for video rating using java
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