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error in sample example

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error in sample example

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error in sample example

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error in sample example

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error in sample example
error in sample example  hi can u please help me XmlBeanFactory class is deprecation in java 6.0 so, pls send advance version class   Use XmlBeanFactory(Resource) with an InputStreamResource parameter
Axis2 sample program
Axis2 sample program  Hi.. I have tried the HelloWorldServie example in axis2. While running which showing as a faulty service. The error showned as follows This Web axisService has deployment faults Error
GLImageProcessing iphone sample
the GLImageProcessing example for iPhone? Thanks   Hi, The GLImageProcessing sample for iPhone shows how to use OpenGL ES libraries to bright, sharp an image. You can download it from GLImageProcessing example page from apple
HQL Sample
HQL Sample In this site there are many tutorials and example of HQL. These examples comes with HQL sample code that you can download and run on your computer and learn the HQL by modifying and executing these examples. The HQL Sample
Error on example
Error on example  When I execute this program,it is throwing ArrayIndexOutOfBound exception. How can I solve this.   Post your code
Sample Ajax Code
Sample Ajax Code  Sample Ajax Code for getting values from another JSP   The below code is helpful to access another Action class... will get the useful example. Thanks
event calendar sample
event calendar sample  creating a event calendar for my small app in PHP.. can any one explain about it's design with example php event calendar script
Sample Code For ArrayLlist - Java Beginners
Sample Code For ArrayLlist   Hi Friend, I want sample... ArrayList.Give sample code for Arraylist with realtime application.  Hi I... about ArrayList. http://www.roseindia.net/java/example/java/util
error  When I deploye the example I have this message cannot Deploy HelloWorld Deployment Error for module: HelloWorld: Error occurred during deployment: Exception while deploying the app [HelloWorld
Java error code
Java error code       Java Error code are the set of error that occurs during the compile-time and Run-time. From java error we have given  you a sample of code
Iterator Java Sample
() Java Sample Iterator Example import java.util.ArrayList; import... Java Sample Iterator interface makes the traversing of the elements easy... sample { public static void main(String[] args) { List list = new ArrayList
error in hibernate example
error in hibernate example  i am getting error in this.... log4j:WARN No appenders could be found for logger (org.hibernate.cfg.Environment). log4j:WARN Please initialize the log4j system properly. Resource: Contact.hbm.xml
Hibernate sample code - Hibernate Interview Questions
Hibernate sample code  Hi Can any body tell me how to persist inner class,abstract class,final class,and interface in hibernate. From... in database. I For read more information,Example and Tutorial On Hibernate
The Sample Banner Example in Java
Java - The Sample Banner Example in Java   .... In this program we will see how to display the banner in applet. This example has...; Try online this example. Download the Java Code
Looking for sample project in java using netbeans
Looking for sample project in java using netbeans  Hi all, i am novice in developing desktop application in java using netbeans. can anyone pls help.../example/java/swing/addeditanddeleteemployee_inf.shtml
Stateless Session Bean Example Error
following error while running StatelessSessionBean example on Jboss. Please help me... [STDOUT] Error:example not bound 22:57:12,683 INFO [STDOUT] add 22:57:12,687 ERROR...   Yes sir, I'm working on this example and getting error that I've
import org.hibernate.Session error
;Hi! Im using Eclipse. Steps : 1. Downloaded the example code and library from... my sample database table. Thanks   Hi, I think libraries... Example of tutorial Take the jar and code from the zip file. You will have to add
hibernate sample code
This section contains a simple Hibernate 4 example using Annotation with source code. The eclipse id and Apache Tomcat is used in this example
Reply to ur mail(Hibernate Error)
Reply to ur mail(Hibernate Error)  Hi! Im using Eclipse. Steps : 1. Downloaded the example code and library from rose india and extracted the content... the dialect and given user name and password. Used my sample database table. Thanks
Collection of Large Number of Java Sample Programs and Tutorials
Collection of Large Number of Java Sample Programs and Tutorials Java.... Navigable Map Example...; Navigable Set Example
Getting Exception on UseDefinedException sample program - Please help me how to resolve
Getting Exception on UseDefinedException sample program - Please help me how to resolve  class UseDefinedException extends Exception{ String msg... is an example of user-defiend exception. class MyException extends Exception
SCJP Module-10 Question-2
Given a sample code: import java.io.File; public class Test { public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { File file = new File("... time error. (D) Raise run-time exception. Answer: (B
SCJP Module-9 Question-12
Given below the sample code : 11 EnumMap< Integer> frequencyEnumMap = new EnumMap< Integer>(ordinaryMap); 12 frequencyEnumMap.put(null, 100); 13... will be the output of the above code ? 1. compile error 2. 100 3. null 4
have any one tried ajaxanywhere with jsp/servlet please provide sample
AAUtil but gives error on compile.   Hi Friend, Please visit
Ajax sample

compile error
compile error  Hello All for example public class A { static void main(String args[]) { System.out.println("Hello World... program with Test.java and try to compile with javac test.java an error like
Java Compilation error. Hibernate code problem. Struts first example - Hibernate
Java Compilation error. Hibernate code problem. Struts first example  Java Compilation error. Hibernate code problem. Struts first example
Sample Java program for beginners
Java example What is Java? Java is a OOPS based programming language which... and methods A Java class is like a group for example Human Beings under which all objects for example you, me fall. Class has other features like creation
JSF Sample Programs
JSF Sample Programs  I need a JSF sample programs
error - JDBC
error  i wrote the program using dbms type 4 driver.it is comipled,i got a errors d:temp> java DBConnect db Connect Example...(String[] args) { System.out.println("db Connect Example."); Connection
Error - Struts
Error  Hi, I downloaded the roseindia first struts example and configured in eclips. It is working fine. But when I add the new action and I create the url for that action then "Struts Problem Report Struts has detected
ISAPI Filter Error (
ISAPI Filter Error (  MFC: For ISAPI Filter geting error from Web service i.e ("Error:- InternetOpenUrl()") I have writen MFC application for ISAPI... but when we are doing load testing we are getting error from web service.Error
Java Program Complication error - Java Beginners
to write called ThreeArrayLists.java, but I keep getting this error "use... elements in the price and quantity arrays (for example, amount [i] = price[i... a formatted output. Sample program output: 1) 10.62 * 4.0 = 42.48 2) 14.89 * 8.5
SCJP Module-1 Question-1
Given a sample code: 1.    public class Example1 { 2.    3.    public static void main(String[] args) { 4... make a static reference to the non-static field x. (6): Syntax error on token
PHP Error Handling Functions
the given error handling tutorial for example code. PHP Error Handling Example...Though every programming language offers default error handling methods. You can also write your own error handling functions in PHP. There is a bit
sample Applet program
sample Applet program  I need Source Code for sample Applet program.   Hi Friend, Please visit the following link: Applet Tutorials Thanks
sample code - WebSevices
sample code  Hi Guys, can any body tell me use of webservices ? I want a sample code using xml with one application server bea weblogic and webserver tomcat   Hi Friend, Please visit the following link
Need sample code
Need sample code  Need code for graph which shows the performance comparission of aprior algorithm and coherent rule algorithm.plz can any one help me i need in a week
runtime error - Java Beginners
runtime error  I created a sample java source ,compiled it succesfully using command prompt but when i tried to run i got the folowing error " Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError" I have set
SCJP Module-9 Question-8
Given below the sample code : import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.Iterator; import java.util.List; import java.util.NavigableSet; import...)); } } What will be the output of the above code ? 1. Compile error 2. 3  6
Program error - WebSevices
Program error  Hello, Any one know the sample program for Login page using zend framework. Then how i connect my databse file to zend framework. Anyone help me
applet security error - Applet
applet security error  HI, Thanks for your reply. In the sample plugin code, the URL(nspluginurl) you have specified is for netscape navigator. ------------ ----------- Can you please tell me the same for IE url
SCJP Module-9 Question-21
Given below the sample code : 1 import java.util.*; 2 public class... of the above code ? 1. 3 2 1 2. 1 2 3 3. no output 4. Compilation error Answer (4) Explanation Error at line 13 . Can only iterate over an array or an instance
Sample java program
Sample java program  I want a sample program: to produce summary information on sales report. The program will input Data of Salesman Id, Item code, and number of cuestomer. Sales id is 5digit long, and items code range from
SCJP Module-1 Question-27
Given a sample code: 1    public class Test1 { 2    String greet; 3    int value; 4    public... will be the result? Choose the correct option? (A) Compilation error at line no 5. (B
SCJP Module-11 Question-9
Given a sample code: class Big { int value = 77; Big() { value = 66; } } public class Test extends Big implements Serializable { private static...? (A) 0 (B) 11 (C) 66 (D) Compilation error Answer: (C
Difference between error and exception ????????
Difference between error and exception ?  Can we handle a error in java if yes than give an code of an example? Difference between error... yourself or that might be thrown because of an obvious run-time error such as trying
JSP Paging Example in Datagrid - JSP-Servlet
JSP Paging Example in Datagrid  Hi, I have tested JSP Paging Example... it gvies the following error. An error occurred while evaluating custom... operator "." (null) Can anybody tell me whether this sample provided
Sample Code - Development process
Sample Code   Hi Friend, Give sample code DTO in webapplication.  Hi friend, DTO Implementation: One way to improve the performance of this user request is to package all the required data
Sample program of JSP
Sample program of JSP  <%@ page language="java" contentType="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1" pageEncoding="ISO-8859-1"%> <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org
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