Tutorial: UIWebView Activity indicator

UIWebView Activity indicator

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UIWebView Activity indicator

Read Tutorial UIWebView Activity indicator.

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UIWebView Activity indicator

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UIWebView Activity indicator

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UIWebView Activity indicator
UIWebView Activity indicator  Can anyone please explain, how to implement a Activity Indicator on UIWebView in my iPhone/iPad application. Thanks
activity indicator for uiwebview
activity indicator for uiwebview  In my iPhone application, we required an activity indicator for uiwebview to show the loading time. Can any one please explain how to do that? Thanks in Advance
iPhone show activity indicator
iPhone show activity indicator  Hi, How to show activity indicator in iPhone application? Thanks
activity indicator for iphone sdk
activity indicator for iphone sdk  Setting the UIActivity indicator in search bar for iPhone SDK.   [NSThread detachNewThreadSelector:@selector(threadStartAnimating:) toTarget:self withObject:nil];   -(void
Scrolling in UIWebView
Scrolling in UIWebView  How to make an un-scroll able UIWebView
thousand indicator - Framework
thousand indicator   How to add thousand indicator to String...(String[] args){ JFrame frame = new JFrame("Thousand Indicator"); JButton... entered a " + s.length() + " digit number.", "Thousand Indicator", 1); } else
Reload UIWebView
Reload UIWebView  Hi, please tell me how to reload a UIWebView in iPhone application. Thanks.   Reloading UIWebView iPhone SDK [iwebView loadRequest: [NSURLRequest requestWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@"http
UIWebView in UINavigationController
UIWebView in UINavigationController  I am wondering why application gets slow while push and pop. I have used the UINavigationController in my application. [self.navigationController popViewControllerAnimated:YES
uiwebview fit page
uiwebview fit page  How to fit the page in UIWebView in Xcode. Thanks
Caching UIWebView
on UIWebView that is loading perfectly but my problem is .. it's taking a lots of time to load. Is it possible to caching the loaded file in UIWebView. And if yes
Caching UIWebView
on UIWebView that is loading perfectly but my problem is .. it's taking a lots of time to load. Is it possible to caching the loaded file in UIWebView. And if yes
uiwebview zoom
uiwebview zoom  Hi, I want to zoom UIWebview programmatically. Please provide me code. Thanks   Hi, First you set the "Scales Pages to Fit" property of your webview in interface builder. Then use the following code
Scrolling UIWebView JavaScript
Scrolling UIWebView JavaScript  Hi, i am looking for an example code to make a scrolling function for UIWebView in JavaScript. Thanks
uiwebview stringbyevaluatingjavascriptfromstring example
uiwebview stringbyevaluatingjavascriptfromstring example  Hi, Can anyone share example code for using uiwebview stringbyevaluatingjavascriptfromstring function? thanks
contact and activity management system
contact and activity management system  how to make a web application on contact and activity management system. can anyone help me
open pdf in uiwebview
open pdf in uiwebview  Hi, How to open pdf in uiwebview? Thanks
UIWebView Zoom in and out
UIWebView Zoom in and out  Hi, Can anyone give me the example of tap and zoom in and out the pdf loaded on uiwebview?? Thanks
Clear UIWebView cache iPhone
Clear UIWebView cache iPhone  Hi, In my iPhone application ..i am using a UIWebView to load different URL on it. But i am afraid that it 's... a UIWebView? Thanks
UIWebview javascript callback
UIWebview javascript callback  HI, In my iPhone application I am loading a web page in UIWebView. There is a button on my web page. On button click... of uiwebview javascript callback. Thanks
UIWebview javascript tutorial
UIWebview javascript tutorial  Hi, How to call javascript function defined in the web page from UIWebview object? Thanks   Hi, You can use the stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString function of UIWebview class
UIWebView zoom not working
UIWebView zoom not working  Hi, I don't know why UIWebView zoom not working? Tell the solution. Thanks   Hi, Open the .xib file and set scalesPageToFit to YES. Thanks
uiwebview open url in safari
uiwebview open url in safari  How to open outgoing URL like ffacebook or twitter in iPhone/iPad
how to create uiwebview programmatically
how to create uiwebview programmatically  How to create uiwebview programmatically in iPhone application?   Given is the code..., 0.0, 320.0, 460.0); UIWebView *webView = [[UIWebView alloc] initWithFrame
UIWebview load url
UIWebview load url  How to load website url in UIWebview? Tell me code for UIWebview load url of a website Thanks... = [NSURLRequest requestWithURL:url]; //Load the request in the UIWebView. [webView
Specify the drag indicator by using the DragManager
Specify the drag indicator by using the DragManager : In this example we must specify a size for the drag indicator. In this example we use a doDrag...:Panel title="Specify the drag indicator by using the DragManager"
UIWebView call javascript function
UIWebView call javascript function  Hi, I am developing web browser for iPhone and iPhone devices. I want to call the java script in my html page from UIWebView. Please let's know how to call JavaScript function from objective c
loadRequest uiwebview
loadRequest uiwebview The example exhibits the use of loadRequest method in UIWebView. loadRequest is basically a method that can be used to load any web... the outlet and property of UIWebView in .h and synthesize it in .m file. Also
Monitoring user activity

Monitoring user's activity

iPhone PDF UIWebview
iPhone PDF UIWebview  In my iPhone application i am trying to load the pdf file on UIWebview.. but some how it's not working. Please suggest. Code that i used is as follow... NSString* filePath = [[NSBundle mainBundle
How to send UIWebView Title to UINavigationBar
How to send UIWebView Title to UINavigationBar  How can i replace the title of the UINavigationBar to UIWebView Page Title(i.e. javascript title)?   Write the given code into webViewDidFinishLoad method NSString
UIWebView Background Color
UIWebView Background Color If you wanted to change the background color on UIWebView in iPhone SDK, then you required to set the background color of UIWebView... of UIWebView or UIView. This example illustrate you how to change the color
Activity display dynamically depend on the locale on Struts
Activity display dynamically depend on the locale on Struts  i want... can be expend or collapse (add or delete) activity at run time. I have two properties file: messages.properties: activity.name=activity messages
iPhone Transparent UIWebView
iPhone Transparent UIWebView Generally, UIWebView class is used to embed... to set the background color as clear color. Syntax to get Transparent UIWebView: To get a transparent background for a UIWebView in iphone just find the given
display uiactivityindicatorview on button click through notification ios 5
; I wants to add a UIActivity Indicator view on UIView controller. Also i want to display a Activity indicator when a UIButton is click. I searched a different method including alert view and delegate method to show the indicator
Embedding HTML in iPhone App
in iPhone application. To embed the HTML file we required a UIWebView... with UIWebView, create your ".html" file and add it under Resources folder... to embed HTML into UIWebView iphone app - (void)viewDidLoad { NSString
Fleet GPS system
Every vehicle in fleet business has installed fleet GPS system in order to keep tab about their every activity. GPS system also helps a fleet company against any unwanted lawsuit as they keep record of every activity and every work
Consumer behavior in marketing management
In any marketing activity, consumer plays a significant role, as it is the consumer, which finally decides the output of all marketing strategy... business activity. Such behavior of consumer is crucial in deciding their suitability
ZF Transfer Control
How to transfer control from one page to another, in ZF: This is a very common activity in web site development that we need to transfer controls from one page to another. In this tutorial we will do the same. As we know that in MVC
Business process management system

What is business administration degree?

scrolling div ipad
scrolling div ipad   Please suggest me how to scroll the div in iPad UIWebView? Thanks
Web Services Tutorials and Links
Activity: The World Wide Web is more and more used for application... to as Web services. The goal of the Web Services Activity is to develop a set... Services Activity Statement explains the W3C's work on this topic in more detail
ZF Page Redirect
Redirect to another page using submit button, in ZF: It is one of the most common activity in a web application to redirect one web page to another web page. We will learn how to redirect page in Zend Framework form. As we have
Marketing orientation: way for marketing

Fleet vehicle tracking
or the fleet manager to keep a close eye on every activity that goes down during... to detail, this helps his company against any theft or illegal activity, which
Project Management Process
for carrying out any organisational activity effectively and efficiently. Project..., budget and time for each activity to be carried our during the entire... to carry out each activity with proper control and validation to ensure
About Dr. Karni Singh Shooting Range Delhi
targets from several different positions, is another activity that people can... and exciting activity. This tourist spot features many great spots for shooting
Fleet management vehicle tracking system in India
intact, or the surveillance of the ongoing activity. GPS vehicle tracking system
Fleet Tracking Systems Works
Fleet vehicle tracking systems are designed to track the daily activity and motion of fleet vehicles. This helps the company against any fraud committed by the employee and also minimises the unauthorised use of such fleet vehicles
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