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java - Java Beginners
java  Display true if the given string contains an appearance of "xyz" where the xyz is not directly preceeded by a period (.). So "xxyz" counts but "x.xyz" does
JAVA - Java Beginners
JAVA  I want to read the content of file "a.cfg" such that If a.cfg contains abc = xyz then value of xyz should be stored in abc variable
CORE JAVA  Iā??ve a string like below String xyz =ā??nullā??; I want to compare xyz with space which is in other String ABC. What will be the output
calling from iphone through programitically in iphone
calling from iphone through programitically in iphone  calling from iphone through programitically in iphone please help me my senario is if i click send sms button message should deliver to xyz person and that xyz person make
java script
java script  Hi, Any one please tell me how, to store below elements in an array using java script 12,13,14,a,b,xyz
Calling a function
Calling a function  Hi, I have a function xyz() in php code. When...;/form> <?php if(isset($_POST['Submit'])) { xyz(); } ?> and then my function function xyz() { } but this is not working can u tell me
Static final variables - Java Beginners
Xyz{ private static final String name="xyz"; public void displayData... the variable 'name' } } class Abc extends Xyz{ public void display
JSP Populate - JSP-Servlet
JSP Populate  Hi, I want to call a XYZ jsp via URL with some parameters and at the same time want to use that parameter to populate the same XYZ jsp from database. How do I populate this XYZ jsp after hitting that URL (it needs
Reading the body of mail excluding the signature
Reading the body of mail excluding the signature  Consider the body of mail as given below- Hi, How do you do? XYZ (Image) xyz@abc.com... organization) In this mail from XYZ
unrecognized selector sent to instance
:@"Email" style:UIBarButtonItemStylePlain target:self action:@selector(xyz:)]; action:@selector(xyz:) So, here action name must be same to the button action method
How to copy existing column along with data and column name into another existing table
xyz 678 now i should get the ouput like this... TableA... hyd xyz 678 how to do this.... i know that firstly the column
Default Values
is of string type and its default value is XYZ. <xs:element name="...;Now in this case, type element will be assigned XYZ value. <type/>
read from file and store using hash map
read from file and store using hash map  I was stuck with a java project where I have to read a file with two different concepts and store them differently in hashmap. My data file would be something like Adults: Name, xyz
how to modify content of XML file
to xml file to replace "XYZ".Every time with the content of text box the file should
url masking - JSP-Servlet
is it possible to use *.localhost ie abc or xyz or wat evet the user types
re - JSP-Servlet
re   METER INSTALLATION For BP > Meter Make Sams XYZ ABC Meter serial
write a program - Java Beginners
{ public static void main(String[] args) { String str = "hello abc xyz
Sealed class
(e.name); } e.printMe(); // XYZ
"; } function xyz() { window.alert("Hi...; <input type="submit" value="Second" name="b2" onclick="xyz()"/> <
"; } function xyz() { window.alert("Hi...; <input type="submit" value="Second" name="b2" onclick="xyz()"/> <
File.list() method
File.list() method  import java.io.*; class xyz { public static void main(String[] args){ byte b[]=new byte[5000]; System.out.println("enter.... import java.io.*; import java.util.*; class xyz { public static void main
No SDK with the name or path
or path....version xyz. Base SDK Missing. What is this error and how can i set... Missing or No SDK with the name or path for XYZ version follow the steps below
Interface Example-2
interface InterfaceA {   void abc();   void xyz(); } interface InterfaceB ...;ClassX implements InterfaceB {   public void xyz
Creating Multiple ArrayList
ArrayList<String>(); ("L"+i).add("xyz"+i
Jsp Code:Refreshing Page - Java Beginners
Sal Designation Update-button 1 Xyz 111 programmer Update-button on click
How to implement session variables - JSP-Servlet
_num = Integer.parseInt(amp_number); session.setAttribute("xyz",lamp_num... from which servlet i'm calling the variable xyz. please help me. Thanks, ... = Integer.parseInt(amp_number); session.setAttribute("xyz",amp_num); getServletConfig
javax. servlet.Servlet Exception: Initialization failed, Unable to get DB connection - JSP-Servlet
--- ---- --- ---- --- ----- --- --- ----- --- ---- ---- --- ---- --- ---- ------ -- XYZ Company Ltd... -------- -------------- -------- -------- ----------- ------ ----- -------- ---------- ------ -------- XYZ...); ResultSet rs=ps.executeQuery(); if (rs.next()){ out.println(""); out.println("XYZ
select result from three tables using sql.
Username Id Arj arjun 007 xyz abcd 008 abcd asdf 007 table
java - Java Beginners
) { College c=new College(); c.name="XYZ College"; c.display
Works only for one row
("DBID")%>" readonly="readonly" id="xyz" name="xyz" size="100"></center>
by appending ('_') prefix to the HTML element. For example _ABC=XYZ, whereas ABC is the name of the variable and XYZ is its value
Could not connect to SMTP host: smtp.gmail.com, port: 465, response: -1 - JavaMail
= "riteshdiwakar87"; static String password = "xyz"; static String... javax.mail.Authenticator() { String pass="xyz"; protected PasswordAuthentication
coding problem - JSP-Servlet
Building Enterprise Bean Perspective to Allow Access
interface. for example @EJB XYZ xyz; Through JNDI lookup, lookup method
loyality application
loyality application  Loyalty Application XYZ Bank is a leading public sector bank in India and has recently launched a credit card in alliance... goods. The reward catalog of XYZ bank is given below. Category Item name Item
core java - Java Interview Questions
xyz){ --- ---}Amount(int cat){}Now see carefully here in the small brackets of same method I have assigned three different?int amt, int xyz, int cat? parameters
Instance variable in java
void main(String args[]) { Employe e=new Employe("XYZ",1000); e.display
i have installed oracle 10g (both ee and xe) editions... while am installing i found port num as 1521 for ee, 1522 for xe
= DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1522:xe","lms","xyz"); System.out.println
Web Service
"); String arg6 = new String("xyz"); String[] parms = {arg0, arg1, arg2
Web Service
"); String arg6 = new String("xyz"); String[] parms = {arg0, arg1, arg2
how create package of this java code
static final String SMTPAUTHPWD = "xyz"; private static final String
how create package of this java code
= "abc"; private static final String SMTP_AUTH_PWD = "xyz"; private
SPEL-System Property
: ------------------------------------- System Property 'myProperty' Value: xyz
;Press the 'Buy'-button that is in the same context (e.g. row) as the text 'xyz
Variables in a Servlet - JSP-Servlet
Variables in a Servlet   Hi, I'm using some variables in a servlet1 (which i get from a jsp, like "String x = request.getParameter("xyz");"). the servlet response is a jsp page which after taking some more parameters gets
JDBC Autocommit
= "insert into abc(id,value)('2','xyz')"; st.executeUpdate(sql
Need help writing a console program
skills! xyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMONPQRSTUVWXYZ1234567890-=_+ ! end data Here
What is XML?
Company</to>    <from>XYZ Company</from>    <
creating table in hibernate
="hibernate.connection.url">jdbc racle:thin:@ XYZ < property
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