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j2me database question

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j2me database question

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j2me database question

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j2me database question

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j2me database question
j2me database question  **Is there any possibility to install a database into the mobile. If possible how can i connect it through midlet(j2me)** pls help me
j2me question
j2me question  write a j2me program that accepts two integer values from the user through a form and display the result of multiplication on a new screen.   Please visit the following link: http://www.roseindia.net
J2ME question
J2ME question  Lets say i have 2 screens. One for new user, another for existing user. Currently, the midlet contains radio boxes that allows users... the user chooses "new user". IM stuck at if command part   J2ME Tutorials
J2ME  how to get the color of a pixel in J2ME but not in Java. suppose my pixel is 100,60. My question is how to get the color of that pixel using J2ME. I am using Canvas. I needed to know, if there is any method to get
J2ME  Hi friends, i have display the bar code image from Mysql database to web page i need to display that image in my J2ME application,how
j2me database - MobileApplications
j2me database  hi can anyone tell is there any possibility of connecting database in j2me application..if so, how can i connect it..please help me
J2ME with Database Connection - MobileApplications
J2ME with Database Connection  I'm using SonyEricssion Java ME SDk for CLDC with WTK2. Can u give me a sample program for Database Connection using MS-Access with MIDlet code
question  Sir, i am developing a video streaming PC server to j2me client system that the j2me player can playing video from PC server .if have any code for video streaming then send to my email address as soon as possible
question  how to display the uploaded video file size in database using java or javascript
question  good afternoon, how to send values retrieved from database to user interface text box via response.sendRedirect or have any option to redirect selected values from database to same user interface who where in.please
question  i need to select data from database using mysql+java script+html   Please specify some more details
question  Good Morning Sir, submit attendance to database using system IP address with current system date and time.using JPanel+mysql+Java
in connection database with the java code. import java.sql.*; public class...:3306/test","root","root"); System.out.println("Connected to the database"); conn.close(); System.out.println("Disconnected from database"); } catch
question  Dear Sir, could you please send me a simple example of java and database connectivity with java and sql   Please visit the following link: JDBC Tutorials
question  Hi how to send an error message to an html page after checking the database for different users.for eg:your user name or password is incorrect.reply me with code, without using bean
question  I am doing a project using struts framework and spring jdbc .I have a issue that when data is inserted into database if we click the refresh button then the same data is again inserted in to the database.What
question  how to retreive data from database of a particular user after login using jsp+hiberante+struts configuration.   Please go through the following links: http://www.roseindia.net/struts/hibernate-spring
question  i need to select some details form database and that will displays on the same jsp page which is already contains some other details ,mustn't go to next page while i am clicking a link. have any option in jsp or java
question  Hi good morning sir, how to send an error message to an html page after checking the database for different users.for eg:your user name or password is incorrect.reply me with code, without using bean.using servlet,html
Help me on database connectivity in J2ME - Java Beginners
Help me on database connectivity in J2ME  i want help in J2ME. i want code for database connection with MySQL. spcl to fecth and insert data from databse. please help me
Database Sql question? - WebSevices
Database Sql question?  Given relation r (a, b,c), show how to use the exstended SQL features to generate a histogram of c versus a, dividing a into 20 equal-sized partions (that is where each partition contains 5 percent
question about database
question about database  sir i have made a drop down button using html..now i want to retrieve values from database so that they my appear in my drop... their values from database so that they appear in drop down i have made
j2me - MobileApplications
j2me  good evening. I would like to ask you how to link audio and video?I m doing this for final project.I would like to ask you send me... soon. This is my 3rd time sending this question. Thank you
How to access (MySQL)database from J2ME?
How to access (MySQL)database from J2ME?  I am new to J2ME. I am using NetBeans. Can anyone help me? How to access (MySQL)database from J2ME? ( I search a lot I found that there is need to access database through servlet
j2me mysql connectivity
j2me mysql connectivity  I do a project on reservation using j2me. I need a connectivity to a MYSQL database. How do I do this Thanks and regards Karthiga
j2me - Java Beginners
j2me  hai. my question is,before this you have send me email bout adding video and audio.I have try,but can't get it la.Can you email me how to link audio and video?If can,full coding please.and the output. I ask
J2ME code - MobileApplications
J2ME code  hi... i'm facing problem while connecting J2ME code... ... user enter name and pwd to J2ME code...j2me cl the servlet..and servlet is connected to database...how servlet gives the response in form of reply. .. user
j2me jdbc connection - JDBC
j2me jdbc connection  hello, whn i m importing sql package in mine midlet(tried for both javax.sql.* and java.sql.*;)..itz nt accepting it... hw to get connected to database?????.... plz help me out
j2me  i need more points about j2me
j2me  how to compile and run j2me program at command prompt
j2me  why we extends class MIDlet in j2me application
BOOKSHELF where Title!='INNUMERACY'; so my question is Does the optimizer
J2ME connectivity to ms access
J2ME connectivity to ms access  How to establish client server connectivity to access ms access database on the server side? I have made the odbc connection. Plz help me in the coding part.. Dont know how to start
J2me AddCommands and Dialog problems
J2me AddCommands and Dialog problems  can u explain why "back" command is on left side? since it is added after "screen" and its priority is less... to place in right side, how to place it?" one more question "how to stop a dialog
Time limit for a question from database injsp
Time limit for a question from database injsp  Hellu sir i am... the question and users answer these i want to add a time limit for a question which is fetched from database after the time over i want to show the next
j2me  how to use keylistener in j2m
j2me  I need fifth sem MCA mobile computing lab programs using j2me. i m beginner for j2me and i want to know how to run j2me programs. pls help
j2ME  give a sample example for using key listener in j2ME for developing Symbian
J2ME  Hi, what is the source code for Mortgage Calculator in J2ME for Developing Symbian
j2me  hi, in j2me does any click events for developing Symbian.? and How to add click event for dynamically generated button in j2me on Symbian OS
J2me  How to run j2me program in Wireless tool kit   Hi Friend, Please visit the following link: J2ME Tutorials Thanks
J2ME  Dear Sir, Am beginner of j2me am asking so many times but still now i didn't get a reply for you...I want source code to scan a image and upload to server in j2me also QR Code decoding in j2me thanks and regards
J2ME  how to create table using four field in RMS
J2ME  WHEN WILL repaint() of CustomItem will call automatically
j2me  Hi, how can add image in forms but using lick a button. does not using canvas in j2me for Symbian development
j2me  hi, i'm working emulator in j2me language, for Symbian OS (Nokia) development. then, what are the click events in this for developing the application.? Thank you
j2me  hi, how to use LWUIT in emulator J2me for Symbian OS? and also how to install in emulator, did worked
Question about "Insert text file data into Database"
Question about "Insert text file data into Database"  Hey I was reading the tutorial "Insert text file data into Database", (awesome btw), and noticed that both a FileInputStream, a DataInputStream and a BufferedReader
j2me solution - MobileApplications
j2me solution  Hi friends, In one of my mobile application i am... those values in mysql database via a servlet. i am using double lat... points and then insert into database. Check your sql query, I think your
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