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  Tutorial: UILabel programmatically

UILabel programmatically

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UILabel programmatically

Read Tutorial UILabel programmatically.

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UILabel programmatically

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UILabel programmatically

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UILabel programmatically
UILabel programmatically  Hi, How to create UILabel programmatically? Thanks
UILabel Font Size
UILabel Font Size  Hi Developers, How to set font size of UILabel? I am creating label programmatically and I have to set the font size programatically. How I can set UILabel Font Size? Thanks   HI, Following
NSString into the UILabel
NSString into the UILabel  How to display the NSString into the UILabel on UIButton Click?   Find the given code and example that explain...); //Set in the lable [myLabel setText:str]; Set UILabel text to NSString
Hyperlink on UILabel iPhone SDK
Hyperlink on UILabel iPhone SDK  Hi, I wanted to set a hyperlink on UILabel in my iPhone application. Can anyone suggest me how to do it? Thanks
UITableviewcell programmatically
UITableviewcell programmatically  Hi, How to create uitableviewcell programmatically? Thanks
UITableViewCell programmatically
UITableViewCell programmatically  Hi, How to create UITableViewCell programmatically? Thanks
UITextField Programmatically iPhone
UITextField Programmatically iPhone  How to create UITextField Programmatically in iPhone
Update a resultset programmatically
Update a resultset programmatically  How to update a resultset programmatically
custom uibutton programmatically
custom uibutton programmatically  Hi, How to create custom uibutton programmatically? Thanks   Hi, Please see the thread UIButton custom programmatically. Thanks
insert and delete a row programmatically
insert and delete a row programmatically  How to insert and delete a row programmatically ? (new feature in JDBC 2.0
UIButton custom programmatically
create custom UIButton programmatically? Tell me the best code for uibutton custom programmatically. Thanks   Hi, Here is the code example of crating...:UIButtonTypeRoundedRect]; Read more at: Create UIButton Programmatically Thanks
iPhone UILabel Color
iPhone UILabel Color In this example we'll discuss about the UILabel class..... But first of all lets understand what is UILabel? UILabel is class... the use of text area in your app then you can simply place a UILabel over
how to create uiwebview programmatically
how to create uiwebview programmatically  How to create uiwebview programmatically in iPhone application?   Given is the code that will create the WebView programmatically in iPhone.. CGRect webFrame = CGRectMake(0.0
How to set UILabel text size, color etc.. in XCode
How to set UILabel text size, color etc.. in XCode  How to set UILabel text size (height), color etc.. in XCode
Creating UIView Programmatically
Creating UIView Programmatically The example will show you how to create a UIView programmatically. In the previous example, we have illustrated you how... programmatically. Code to create UIView Programmatically - (void)tableView
Authenticating Users Programmatically
This section contains detailed description on 'authenticating users programmatically' which was introduced in Servlet 3.0.
Create UIButton Programmatically
Create UIButton Programmatically In this example we'll discuss about how to create a UIButton in code. This is a simple programming approach to create and add a button on UIView dynamically. To create a button programmatically just
how to color the Eclipse editor background programmatically?
how to color the Eclipse editor background programmatically?  I have to color specific portion(background) of the of the Eclipse editor by running the java programm and provided that do the coloring from a given line number
How to upload zip file from android to server programmatically?????
How to upload zip file from android to server programmatically?????  hi , I want to upload zip file from android phone sdcard to server programmatically. So any one do this task in past so please share your experience with me
Given a code listing, determine whether it is a legal and appropriate way to programmatically access a caller's security context.
Given a code listing, determine whether it is a legal and appropriate way to programmatically access a caller's... it is a legal and appropriate way to programmatically access a caller's
Java Coin Flip
Java Coin Flip Coin Flipping is basically a interpretation of a chance outcome as the expression of divine. A coin should always have two sides. In this section, we are going to toss a coin programmatically. We have created a program
iPhone Change Button Text
iPhone Change Button Text The example illustrate how to change the text of UIButton on click. Basically UIButton is a object that is handled by UIControl class, which defines the behavior of all the objects such as UIButton, UILabel
, programmatically. Here we will discuss Polymorphism briefly: -- Polymorphism
Super-class in java
process, programmatically. -- Inheritance allows to organize and structure
definition and achieved through the object creation process, programmatically
Sub-class in java
process, programmatically. -- Through inheritance developers organize and structure
definition and achieved through the object creation process, programmatically. Here
JavaScript link method
JavaScript link method       JavaScript link method is used to create a hyperlink for any string. While we use the link method it creates hyperlink programmatically
iPhone UISwitch Action
message. You can create you UISwitch either programmatically or simply drag...; UILabel* showMessage; } @property(nonatomic, retain... UILabel* showMessage; -(IBAction)switchingbtn:(id)sender; @end
UINavigationBar Color - iPhone example
UINavigationBar Color - iPhone example The example is discussing about how to change the color of UINavigationBar. In iPhone applications you can customize the UINavigationBar and change their color either programmatically or by Interface
Open Source Screen Scraping Tools written in Java

Open Source Automated Test Tools written in Java

hide show keyboard iphone
hide show keyboard iphone  How to hide show keyboard in iPhone programmatically
hide show keyboard iphone
hide show keyboard iphone  How to hide show keyboard in iPhone programmatically
hide show keyboard iphone
hide show keyboard iphone  How to hide show keyboard in iPhone programmatically
Disable UITableView Scrolling
Disable UITableView Scrolling   How to disable the UITableView Scrolling either programmatically or in XIB
Updating log4j programatically
Updating log4j programatically  Is there a ready made utility which I can use to edit the log4j.xml programmatically
UIPickerView Example
;      IBOutlet UILabel *mlabel;    ...; and then create the property @property (nonatomic, retain) UILabel *mlabel; Your...;UIPickerViewDelegate, UIPickerViewDataSource> { IBOutlet UILabel *mlabel; NSMutableArray
UIButton.frame iPhone
UIButton.frame iPhone  please suggest how to set UIButton.frame programmatically ..also how can i add UIButton to UIScrollView dynamically. Thanks for any Help
iPhone Make Call from App
iPhone Make Call from App  iPhone Make Call Programmatically I have... App. I am just wondering how to make a call programmatically... is there any... Programmatically //tell will take your telephone numbers or may be you can //pass
iPhone Quiz App Tutorial
)a; And the Outlet that you will create will be like... IBOutlet UILabel... {     IBOutlet UILabel *Question;     IBOutlet UILabel *answerA;     IBOutlet UILabel *answerB;  
Struts   1)in struts server side validations u are using programmatically validations and declarative validations? tell me which one is better ? 2) How to enable the validator plug-in file
change uislider value
change uislider value  change uislider value   change NSSlider Value programmatically You can use the methods of NSControl. Example: [self.slider setDoubleValue:0.1
Session   How can we set the inactivity period on a per-session basis?   We can set the session time out programmatically by using the method setMaxInactiveInterval() of HttpSession
iPhone Slider Example
UISlider. It looks like this IBOutlet UISlider *mswitch; IBOutlet UILabel..., retain) UILabel *labelTxt; we are writing the action on button i.e....; IBOutlet UISlider *slider; IBOutlet UILabel *labelTxt
Text box control--keypress event
Text box control--keypress event  In my form have a text box...My requirement is... when is type characters in that box... before typing the 3rd character the space should come automatically or programmatically...the sturucture
custom navigation bar in iphone
it programmatically or if i can do it in Interface builder. Thanks
Methods in Objective c
; UILabel* label; } @property(nonatomic,retain)IBOutlet UIButton* button; @property(nonatomic,retain)IBOutlet UILabel* label; -(void
Subtitle in Table View iPhone
;   UILabel *stateLabel = [[UILabel alloc] initWithFrame...;    UILabel *capitalLabel = [[UILabel alloc...]; }     UILabel * stateLabel = (UILabel
uiview alloc initwithframe
uiview alloc initwithframe  Hi, How I can make uiview programmatically? Tell me good code for UIView alloc using initwithframe method. Thanks   Hi, You can use following code: UIView *modalView = [[[UIView alloc
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