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variable function in php

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variable function in php

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variable function in php

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variable function in php

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variable function in php
variable function in php  Can any one tell me how to write a variable function in PHP?   Go through the PHP Variable function tutorial ... PHP Variable Function
variable function in php
variable function in php  Can any one tell me how to write a variable function in PHP
PHP Variable Outside Function
PHP Variable Outside Function In PHP Functions, a variable can be called either outside the function or inside the function. If we declare a variable within... the example to understand how it works : PHP Variable Outside Function Example 1
php variable functions
php variable functions  Setting a variable in a class function, where can I use that variable
php variable scope
php variable scope  How can i access a variable from scope of another function
PHP Variable Functions
PHP Variable Functions: Learn PHP Variable Function means that if a variable name has a format like this $var(), PHP will consider this as a variable function... to execute it. This variable function does not work with echo(), print(), unset
creating a global variable with php
creating a global variable with php  Is it possible to create a variable to declare as global in case of database connectivity?   Yes, if you want to have access of that variable anywhere in the program. See the example
PHP SQL Variable
PHP SQL Variable       PHP SQL Variable are denoted with a leading dollar sign ($). The PHP ... illustrates how to create the variable in php for sql operation. In this example
PHP Variable Scope
of a variable in PHP is inside a function or inside a block. To make the variable global...PHP Variable Scope: In every language every variable has a scope, may...   Example: <?php $a=4; add(); function add() { $a=34
PHP Variable Global
of global variable that can be controlled by a function.   PHP Global Variable...PHP Global Variables PHP Global variable are the variables which can be used... can use global variable in different-different ways, For example : PHP Global
variable types in php - PHP
variable types in php  Do i need to explicitly specify the variable type in PHP
PHP Global Variable
for PHP Global Variable: <?php $a=1; function globe() { $a="12...PHP  Global Variable To access global variable in PHP we need to use... to access the globally declared variable. There is no limit to use global
php search variable
php search variable  Search variable in PHP
If function in PHP
If function in PHP  Hi, Provide me the example of If function in PHP. Thanks   Hi, If function is PHP is used to check for some condition and the execute a block of code. He is an example of if() function in PHP
Get Variable in PHP Video tutorial
In this tutorial you will learn to use GET variable in PHP with the help... GET variable in PHP as the tutorial has been described with simple example... to use the GET variable in PHP you should know that, basically there are two
php variable in javascript
php variable in javascript  Access php variables in Javascipt or Jquery rather than php echo $variable
php define variable
php define variable  How to define a simple and a global variable in PHP
php a href variable
php a href variable  href variable PHP.. please explain
define string variable in php
define string variable in php  how to define string variable in PHP
The PHP Date() Function
The PHP Date() Function The PHP date() function is used for formatting... date and time. No installation is necessary for using this function.  Syntax... formatting. For example: <?php echo date("Y/m/d") . "<br />
PHP Echo Function
PHP Echo Function As you know echo () is one of the function of php, which... the echo function as given below… <php Echo “hi how are you... to it. And just write “echo $variablename; PHP Echo Function Example: <php
if variable is null php
if variable is null php  How to check if submitted variable is null in PHP? Thanks!   Check if Variable is NULL in PHP You can use isset($var) to check if the variable is not defined or null in PHP. and after setting
PHP var_dump function
PHP var_dump Function The PHP var_dump() function displays information about...; PHP Var_dump Function Example 1: <?php $a=array(1,2,'c',true,array... and  value. General format of var_dump() in PHP is: void var_dump(mixed 
Create Session Variable PHP
Create Session Variable PHP  hi, Write a program which shows the example of how to create session variable in PHP. Please suggest the reference... session Variable in PHP. May be this reference will solve your query. Thanks
PHP For Loop Function
or decrement the variable(s). For loop function Example: <?php for($i...For loop Function in PHP: In for loop construct there are three parts of For loop, first Initialization part: initialize a variable (we can initialize more
static variable in php
static variable in php  How can i call a global variable as a static variable
Example of fputs() function in PHP
. Example of PHP fputs() Function <?php     $file=fopen... Syntax It writes the given string or the variable to the file by using the file handler. It writes the data only up to the given length and stop writing
PHP Function Arguments
the argument in the argument list of the function to declare the variable as reference of the variable. PHP Function Arguments Example: <?php function...: $a= 14 $b= 34 After calling the function: $a= 34 $b= 14 Example: <?php
PHP Static Variable and Methods
PHP Static Methods and Variables: In this tutorial we will study when we... copy of the variable for the class. All objects of that class will access one copy... the method using class, without instantiating any object. Example of PHP Static
php array length function
php array length function  writing a php array length function
call function in php
call function in php  What is the call function in PHP please explain
PHP Variables Static
variable when we call the function Let's see the example below : <?php...PHP Variables Static PHP static variable is used to remember the value of a local variable when we call the function in our program. While your script
PHP toString Function
implicitly and print the value of the member variable. PHP toString Function Example: <?php class A { private $var; public function...() function (the constructor ) and assign the value to a variable. After instantiation
What is the microtime() Function PHP ?
What is the microtime() Function PHP ?   Hi, What is microtime() Function in PHP? What is the role of Microtime() Function in PHP. Please suggest me any online reference. Thanks
php error handling function
php error handling function  Is there any library or function that can be used to handle errors in PHP
Eval Function in PHP
Eval Function in PHP  Hello PHP experts, Please tell me about Eval() Function in PHP. How to use Eva() function in PHP? Thanks   Hi, The Eval() function is PHP is very handy. It allows to you store the PHP code
post function php
post function php  when should i use post function in PHP
array_merge function in php - PHP
array_merge function in php  What is the best use of array_merge function in php?  Hi Friend, Please visit the following links: http://www.roseindia.net/tutorial/php/phpbasics/PHP-Array-Merge-Recursive.html http
PHP Variable
PHP Variables, Special Symbols in PHP In any language variables are one of the most important thing, in PHP we can declare a variable of any type, any where.  PHP Variable Example 1: <?php $var="
PHP Variable variables
PHP Variables variable: Variables variable is a new kind of technique of using... the use of variable variable both in general use as well as in OOP concept. PHP Variables Variable Example: <?php $a="Rose"; $$a="
Array Sizeof Function PHP
Array Sizeof Function PHP  Hi, How to count the number of elements in an array using the PHP Array sizeof() function? Please provides me online help links or example of array sizedof() PHP. Thanks
setting php session variable by ajax
setting php session variable by ajax  Hello folks, i developing a php website where the content of the section load dynamically from database... tried to use AJAX to call another PHP script to set the session variable
PHP idate() Function
help related to PHP idate() Function. I waiting for your valuable suggestion. Thanks,   Hi, The idate() Function in PHP will returns a string... time if no timestamp is given. Syntax of PHP idate() Function :... int idate
Passing variable
Passing variable  How to pass variable to HTTP object in HTMl or PHP
php timezone function
php timezone function  how can i change the timezone using PHP
PHP Variable Across Pages
Function( ) The PHP also made one more function to transfer the information... PHP variables across pages When we develop web applications, sometimes we need to share values among various web pages. PHP provides various
php function call
php function call  I have an function in error-status.php like this function validateHostName($hostName) { if((strpbrk($hostName,'`~!@#$^&... to cal this function in my other page which is datetime.php how it is posible
What is the functionality of MD5 function in PHP?
What is the functionality of MD5 function in PHP?  What is the functionality of MD5 function in PHP
Eval () PHP Function, Example of Eval () PHP Function
PHP eval() Function In this tutorial we will learn about the PHP eval() function. The php eval() function can be used if you want to store the php command... eval() function: The PHP eval() function evaluates the passed string parameter
PHP Constant Function
Constants: We use define() function or const keyword to define a constant... of the constant.   PHP Constant Example: <?php define("pi",3.14... constant Example: <?php const ab="324"; const ab="32
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