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Upload video app

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Upload video app

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Upload video app

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Upload video app

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Upload video app
Upload video app  Hi, How to create upload video application... should be able to take video from mobile phone b) User should be able upload the video on my server c) User should be able to save the video and then upload later
upload video
upload video  hi sir i want to code of upload and download video in mysql database using jsp... and plz give advice which data type is used to store video in table
upload video using php
upload video using php  How to upload a video on MYSQL Server using PHP Code..? Can any one provide me an example
upload and download video
upload and download video  how to upload and download video in mysql...;Display file upload form to the user</TITLE></HEAD> <BODY> <FORM...;center><td colspan="2"><p align="center"><B>UPLOAD THE FILE<
ASP .Net Upload Video on youtube
ASP .Net Upload Video on youtube  Hi, I Naushad Ansari trying to upload video on youtube using my asp .net web application. I have read the documentation of youtube and I have created the application also but I am not getting
video uploading using jsp
video uploading using jsp  how to upload a videos in web page using jsp   Hi, You can upload your video with the help of JSP file upload code. Once file is upload you can play using any video player. Get the code
video   I need code for creating video chatting in a webpage.Can you send me the code related to that or API
video uploading using jsp
video uploading using jsp  this is the code i hv written..." value="Upload File"><br> </form></center> <...; private String email; private String video; FileItem fitem3
Upload image
Upload image  Hai i beginner of Java ME i want code to capture QR...://video"); player.realize(); videoControl..._VIDEO, this); try
load and upload. - MobileApplications
load and upload.  Dear sir/mam, i want code for java based application, that can take .3GP video file and upload it to youtube using youtube's APIs. The video file would be located on a weblink (a direct http link to a video
upload using youtube api - MobileApplications
application, that can take .3GP video file and upload it to youtube using youtube's APIs. The video file would be located on a weblink (a direct http link to a video...upload using youtube api   sir, as u have asked for my
UPLOAD  how to upload image using html
How to upload videos on YouTube and make money?
. In this video you will learn the process of selecting your channel, upload video... tutorial of uploading the video on YouTube: Steps to upload the video... to select the channel. Then select the channel where you want to upload the video
How to Get Traffic from Social Media to Your App?
screen shots of your app. Post interesting small video contents covering... ultimately push people take a look at your new app. Look at most successful apps... community advertisement space to let people know about your app and how they can
video rating
video rating  Please send me the code for video rating using java
mobile app

java app

video calling
video calling  how to implement video calling using java? i am a final year mca student please give me some samplecodes
video calling
video calling  how to implement video calling using java? i am a final year mca student please give me some samplecodes
rate and review app iphone
rate and review app iphone  How to rate and review app in iphone
video chat
video chat  Hi , how can implement video chat using jsp and servlet .but not use applet . I want to implement video chatting system in my.... Is there any other way to implement video chatting without applet? How
video playing
video playing  please give me a sample code to play uploaded videos i have alredy uploaded videos but when i try to play it using html5 nothing happens i need youtube like video playing . please somebody help me
Video in flex
Video in flex  Hi........ I want to know What is the difference between streaming & progresive download? please give me an example for that.... Thanks in Advance
delete app from iphone
delete app from iphone  How to delete an existing app from itunes
iPad App to store data
iPad App to store data  Hi, How to add data support iPad application? Thanks
iphone app development
iphone app development  hey my first view file name is cardviewcontroller n second is carddetailview n btn name is clkHere so how i used btn to go frm 1 to 2 view
video display in html
video display in html  how to display video file in html
video in asp.net website
video in asp.net website  how to add a video to a asp.net website
J2me app with servlets
J2me app with servlets  Can we send and receive message from our servlet website to mobile? if yes,then how.. without using any router..code plz??   Please visit the following link: http://www.roseindia.net
Spring 2.5 MVC File Upload
Spring 2.5 MVC File Upload       Spring 2.5 MVC File Upload This tutorial explains how to upload... easily create file upload and form based application in Spring MVC
android video player
android video player  i need java code for zooming effects for video,cropping the video,creating snapshots from the video,pls provide the code that can be run on android platform
Client Server Java app
Client Server Java app  I developed a client server based java networking Instant Messaging app. The client program is needed to be run on the client computer whereas the server program is on server computer. This works in my
video compression - Java Beginners
video compression  Hello i need source code of any video compression algorithm in java thanks a lot
video streaming - JSP-Servlet
video streaming  how to do video streaming in JSP ? the project is all about the VIRTUAL CLASS ROOM. i hv to show a video of the live class to my client computers.So i need video streming code for that. plz help me
Java Shapes Bouncing App
Java Shapes Bouncing App  hi guys, im trying to implement the following into my java app code: Here's my code: first ill post the main class, then the animation panel class, then moving shape and moving rectangle class
Struts 2 Video Tutorial
Struts 2 Video Tutorial  I think its easy to learn from Struts 2 Video Tutorial. What is the url of Struts 2 Video Tutorial on roseindia.net website... your are right. You can learn Struts 2 very easily with the Struts 2 Video
Is there a limitation on the number of files in an iphone app?
Is there a limitation on the number of files in an iphone app?  hello all Is there a limitation on the number of files in an iphone app? My app will contain about 2000 or more text files.Would i be in trouble?   yes
iPhone and iPad universal app

Video streaming using java
Video streaming using java  I want to create a website based on video... have to stream the video in the server side and send that to the client side.(Like youtube i.e no video url has to be used in client side). I didn't have any
ffmpeg audio from video
ffmpeg audio from video  Hi, How to extract audio from a video file? Thanks
audio video conferencing
audio video conferencing  how to develop a chat application in peer to peer setup
Spring 3 MVC File Upload, Spring MVC File Upload
Spring 3 MVC File Upload Creating file upload example using Spring 3 MVC Learn how to create file upload application using Spring MVC module of the Spring... upload example using Spring 3.0 MVC module. In this tutorial we are creating file
rate my app iphone SDK
rate my app iphone SDK  How can i enable "Rate and Review Application" feature of my application on iTune
Read Video File
Read Video File  how to read a video file, after that i want to encrypt and decrypt it. please help me and if u can send me some hint or source code on swarit.it@gmail.com Thanks & Regards Swarit Agarwal
iPhone Make Call from App
App. I am just wondering how to make a call programmatically... is there any..."); UIApplication *app = [UIApplication sharedApplication... = [NSURL URLWithString:dialThis]; [app openURL:url
Mobile App Marketing Strategies
10 Mobile App Marketing Strategies You Must Know Getting your app visible and coming up the search results is the biggest priority for most app marketers. App stores in all platforms including IOS, Android, Windows and other platforms
PayPal integration in iPhone native app
PayPal integration in iPhone native app  I am looking for some help in integrating the paypal in iPhone application. Please help. Thanks.   Instead of integrating the paypal into the app .. you can open it within
Sun App Server - JSP-Servlet
Sun App Server  Dear Roseindia Team, I am Ragavendran.R.. I need to be clarified with a thing regarding J2EE1.4 Sun App server.. As everyone is aware, the web application can be executed using say http://localhost
Record and Save Video using Java
Record and Save Video using Java  How to record video(webcam) and save it using Java.?? Its really urgent
image upload in webapp/upload folder
image upload in webapp/upload folder  sir i want to store upload image in my project directory WebApp/Upload_image/ pls send the jsp servlet code when i upload the image one error found "system cannot found the specified path
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