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UIButton selector

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UIButton selector

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UIButton selector

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UIButton selector

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UIButton selector
UIButton selector  Hi, How to add selector to perform something when UIButton is clicked? Thanks
UIButton alloc initwithframe
UIButton alloc initwithframe  Hi, How I can make button programmatically? I think it is UIButton alloc initwithframe, but I don't know how to use this to make my button? Thanks   Hi, Use the following code: UIButton
uibutton touch up event
uibutton touch up event   UIButton event "Touch up inside" under...:@selector(BtnPressed:) forControlEvents:UIControlEventTouchUpInside];   This is how you can add gesture to your UIButton instead of button action
iPhone SDK Multiple UIButton
to create multiple UIButton programatically. I know how to create button and i have... requirement is to create multiple UIButton's according to number of items available... Creating a UIButton UIButton *myButton = [UIButton buttonWithType
UIButton   Hi, Could anybody help me. I have an array with buttons. Now I want to tell the method, that I want to press the second button... of the senders.tag? } ... method: - (void)trackSelect:(UIButton *)sender
setBackgroundImage UIButton
setBackgroundImage UIButton In this example, we are going to discuss about how to set the background image to a UIButton in iPhone. In the iPhone application.... To set the background image of UIButton follow the given method... - (void
UIButton Image Change
UIButton Image Change In this series of iPhone UIButton examples, we are going to discuss about UIButton and how to get the image changed on button clicks... but... in this UIButton example everything is done programmatically from creating
UIButton setTitle:forState:
UIButton setTitle:forState: setTitle:forState: is the method of UIButton Class, which is used to set the title of the UIButton for different states...;. Title: is a text that will be displayed on the UIButton for the given state
UIButton Image Size
UIButton Image Size In this example we are going to discuss about how to set image size and setting image as a UIButton background. We are doing... viewDidLoad]; //Create a button UIButton *myButton = [UIButton buttonWithType
UIButton with image
UIButton with image  Hi, How to create UIButton with image? Thanks
UIButton checkbox
UIButton checkbox  iPhone UIButton checkbox example required.. can any one please explain me.. how to create a checkbox button using UIButton in XIB
unrecognized selector sent to instance
unrecognized selector sent to instance  In my iPad app, I have... in xcode. unrecognized selector sent to instance   This kind of error occurs, when the given "selector action" is not named properly. For example
UIButton Highlighted
UIButton Highlighted  Hi, I am writing an iPhone application. I have to show UIButton Highlighted form my code. Tell me how to make an UIButton Highlighted from Objective C code? Thanks   Hi, Use the appropriate
doubt about JMS selector
selector in JMS api. I'am try develop a request and response with JMS queue... the JMScorrelationID. When my client should receive the reply using the selector following selector the message is ever null String selector = "JMSCorrelationID
doubt about JMS selector
selector in JMS api. I'am try develop a request and response with JMS queue... the reply using the selector following selector the message is ever null String selector = "JMSCorrelationID='414d5120514d5f62726f6b657230315f8de8264e20102304
UIButton Highlighted - UIControlStateHighlighted
UIButton Highlighted - UIControlStateHighlighted In this example we are going.... In this example, we are going to create a UIButton programmatically that will show... { myButton = [UIButton buttonWithType:UIButtonTypeCustom]; myButton.frame
jQuery CSS Selector
jQuery CSS Selector       jQuery CSS Selector In this section we are learning about the jQuery CSS Selector. The CSS Selectors is the powerful API provided
Create UIButton Programmatically
Create UIButton Programmatically In this example we'll discuss about how to create a UIButton in code. This is a simple programming approach to create... follow the given steps... 1. Create a UIButton with the type that your application
Getting UIButton by Tag
Getting UIButton by Tag  Example code for getting the UIButton by id.   Hi, You can use the following code: UIButton *myBtn = (UIButton *)[self.view viewWithTag:1]; Thanks
UIButton custom programmatically
UIButton custom programmatically  Hi, Please tell me how I can create custom UIButton programmatically? Tell me the best code for uibutton custom... UIButton programmatic ally. UIButton *myButton = [UIButton buttonWithType
UIButton background image
UIButton background image  Hi, How to create uibutton with background image? Thanks
UIButton sender type cast
UIButton sender type cast  Hi, I want to type cast sender object into UIButton. Please provide me code. Thanks   HI, Its very easy to typecast the sender object into UIButton. Please see the following code: UIButton
java date selector ..
java date selector ..  hey,,,, i am creating my java project...for that i implementing a car renting system and i had used combo boxes to get Ranting start day inputs..3 combo(sy,sm,sd) yyyy ,mm,dd and for returning day i need
Selector in Objective C
Selector in Objective C In this iPhone selector example, you will learn how to use selector in your iphone app. Though we'll explain it with the help of selector syntax ..But lets first understand what is a selector. Selector
custom uibutton programmatically
custom uibutton programmatically  Hi, How to create custom uibutton programmatically? Thanks   Hi, Please see the thread UIButton custom programmatically. Thanks
UIButton text color
UIButton text color  Hi, I have to change the text color of UIButton to black. Give me best code for changing UIButton text color to black. Thanks
id sender uibutton
id sender uibutton  Hi, I want to find which button is clicked based on the id sender when UIButton is clicked. thanks   HI, Here is the code example: UIButton* myButton = (UIButton*)sender; NSLog(@"Button tag
How to print UIButton id
How to print UIButton id  How to get the id of the button in the IOS application? Thanks   Hi, You can use the following code: - (IBAction)btnClicked:(id)sender { UIButton *button = (UIButton *)sender; int
UIButton sender tag
UIButton sender tag  Hi, How to get the tag of button? I have several buttons and one event is mapped to all the buttons, I want to get the UIButton sender tag. Thanks
UIButton sender tag
UIButton sender tag  Hi, How to get the tag of button? I have several buttons and one event is mapped to all the buttons, I want to get the UIButton sender tag. Thanks
UIButton setTitle forState
UIButton setTitle forState  i was trying to change the UIButton title for different State in my iPhone application.. can anyone please suggest.., how can i setTitle forState. Thanks
UIButton Wrap Text
UIButton Wrap Text  UIButton Wrap Text - How can i warp the text in two lines? I have created the UIButton Programatically.   OK ..i find it. To Wrap Text in UIButton .. UILineBreakModeWordWrap can be used. See
How do SEL and @selector work in iphone sdk?
How do SEL and @selector work in iphone sdk?  How do SEL and @selector work in iphone sdk?   SEL is a type that represents a selector in Objective-C. The @selector() keyword returns a SEL that you describe
add a UIButton to UINavigationBar
add a UIButton to UINavigationBar  In any new iPhone Navigation Based application, how can we add a UIButton to UINavigationBar?   UINavigationBar only accepts UIBarButtonItems ..so, see the code below to add
UIButton sender tag
UIButton sender tag  HI, How find which button is clicked... this: - (void) buttonPress:(id)sender{ NSLog(@"Button pressed"); UIButton* myButton = (UIButton*)sender; NSLog(@"Button Tag is: %d",myButton.tag
UIButton action example
UIButton action example  HI, How i can capture the Button click action? What to write the .h and .m file? Thanks   Hi, Here is the code that you can write in .h file: (void) buttonPress:(id)sender; Here
Form Element Selector
Form Element Selector       Form Element Selector Form element selector is used..., reset etc. : button Selector This type of selector is used to select all input
How can I change UIButton title color?
How can I change UIButton title color?  Hi, I have a button in my iPhone/iPad application. I want to change the color of the text when user clicks on it making it selected. Provide me good example code. Thanks   Hi
iPhone Radio Button Example
images on UIButton 1) selected and 2) unselected ..what i want is, when a user.... Thanks for any help in advance.   UIButton *Radiobutton = [UIButton...:@selector(checkboxButton:) forControlEvents:UIControlEventTouchUpInside
iPhone Change Button Text
of UIButton on click. Basically UIButton is a object that is handled by UIControl class, which defines the behavior of all the objects such as UIButton, UILabel... on UIButton on click and selection. To get the desired output we are using two different
Basic Filter
of animation at the time selector is run etc. Some of the key filters and their syntax are given with example : : animated Selector  This selector select the element which are in advancement of an animation at the time selector
Global style in Flex4
Global style in Flex4: You can set the style using global selector. It set the same style property foe all components in the application. You can use the setStyle() method for set the style globally for all components. In this example
creating dynamic buttons in iphone
)mButtonclick{ UGFloat p=120; for(int i=0;i<3;i++){ UIButton *aa = [UIButton buttonWithType:UIButtonTypeCustom]; if(i==0...:[UIColor blueColor]]; [aa addTarget:self action:@selector(fullscreen
display uiactivityindicatorview on button click through notification ios 5
want to display a Activity indicator when a UIButton is click. I searched...)switchViewController:(id)sender { [NSThread detachNewThreadSelector:@selector
UIButtonTypeCustom Example
UIButtonTypeCustom Example  Hi, Can anyone provide me example of creating UIButton with UIButtonTypeCustom style? Thanks   Hi, Use following example code: UIButton *button = [UIButton buttonWithType
Iphone Current Time Example
Iphone Current Time Example After going through this iphone SDK example, you will be able to show the current time on UILable. In this example we have used a UILable to show the output(current time) of the application and an UIButton
iPhone Multiple View
method am creating button using UIButton and also the type of button, after that am...;);     UIButton *btnOne = [UIButton buttonWithType...;   [btnOne addTarget:self action:@selector(goTwo
objective c is kind of
of method in objective c. I have to find if a view is kind of UIButton. Thanks... subviews]) { if([subview isKindOfClass:[UIButton class]]){ UIButton *btn= (UIButton *) subview; btn.selected=NO; } } The general use
iPhone Button Image
;      UIButton *but = [[UIButton alloc] init];     but = [[UIButton buttonWithType:UIButtonTypeRoundedRect
how to do map in iphone?-RV
]]; UIButton *infoButton = [UIButton buttonWithType:UIButtonTypeCustom...++; [infoButton addTarget:self action:@selector(ButtonPressed... { UIButton *btn = (UIButton*)sender; NSLog(@"%d",btn.tag); NSLog
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