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serializable & serialization

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serializable & serialization

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serializable & serialization

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serializable & serialization
serializable & serialization  what is the difference between serializable and serialization in java
Serialization  HI... what is the use of SERIALIZABLE interface .....   Hi Friend, Serializable interface is a marker interface which does not contain any method. Serializable interface enable the transfer of any
secret behind Serializable interface
secret behind Serializable interface  How serialization work? What is the secret behind it. Can we create our one serializable interface. If so how
java serialization
java serialization  when we serialize the object while this object having the another object reference but we dont want to serialize that object inside the serializable object? if we do this it throw the null pointer exception
Serializable   what is serializable and when it is used
Serialization  hello What is serialization?   Hello, In Serialization we can save the state of an object by converting it to a byte stream
Serializable Exception
of a serializable class, no exception occurs upon serialization.  How to implement Serialization The Serializable interface in java are java.io package that implements the object  serialization in java. 1) The Serializable interface
Serialization in java
Serialization in java In this section you will learn about serialization in java. Serialization is the process of writing the state of the object... method for serialization and desalinization of object
What happens to the static fields of a class during serialization?
What happens to the static fields of a class during serialization?   What happens to the static fields of a class during serialization?   Hi, Here is the answer, There are three exceptions in which serialization
serialization of objects
serialization of objects  example for serialization plz
serialization concept
serialization concept  what is the exact purpose of serialization in detail
java serialization
java serialization  java serialization
Java serialization
Java serialization  What is the common usage of serialization
Java Serialization
Java Serialization In this section, you will learn how to serialize... as Object Serialization. And the recreation of object into the memory from... into a file or can also store into data base. Serialization &
java serializable tutorial
java serializable tutorial  What is Java Serializable
Java Interview Questions 3
serialization tools that your class is serializable. Question: . How many...;    Question:  How many methods in the Serializable interface? Answer:There is no method in the Serializable interface
java serializable default constructor
java serializable default constructor  java serializable default constructor
Implement the Serializable Interface
Implement the Serializable Interface  hii How many methods do u implement if implement the Serializable Interface?   hiii, The Serializable interface is just a "marker" interface, with no methods of its own
serialization - RMI

Serialization - Java Interview Questions
Serialization Interface  I am a beginner in java.. What is serialization? what happens if we implement Serialization interface? Thanks in advance
Object serialization - Java Beginners
Object serialization  Design classes for Currency, Rupee, and Dollar. Write a program that randomly generates Rupee and Dollar objects and write them into a file using object serialization. Write another program to read
Serialization and deserialization - Java Beginners
Serialization and deserialization  I am learning java these days... thread and we want that when the first thread is done with the serialization it should notify the second thread that serialization is done and it can initiate
Serializable Interface

Implementing a Serializable Singleton
Implementing a Serializable Singleton       In Singeton classes only one instance will be created. We... of Serializable interface that is readResolve(). readResolve(): It returns Object
SCJP Module-11 Question-4
Given a sample code: 1    import java.io.*; 2    class Student implements Serializable { 3    // Choose correct option 4    public Integer rollno; 5   
java - Java Beginners
java  i am trying to serialize a transient object which is non-serializable .after serialization the object should restore the reference which was initially assigned. is it possible
Interface Interceptor in Struts2.2.1
Interface Interceptor in Struts2.2.1 The Interface Interceptor (com.opensymphony.xwork2.interceptor ) extends Serializable interface and is a stateless class. Interceptors are one of the most powerful features of struts2.2.1.
Java Interview Questions - Page 12
Java Interview Questions - Page 12       Question: What is Serialization and deserialization?  Answer: Serialization is the process
SCJP Module-11 Question-6
To have serialization what necessary steps to be followed ? Choose correct options? (A) Remove transient variable if any specified. (B) Class must implements Serializable interface. (C) Import of java.io.* is necessary.(D) Must
Java Bean - Java Beginners
be made serialization so that they support persistent storage. To make use... the serialization interface or inherit a class that implements the Serialization interface. Note that the Serializable interface does not have any methods
What is Transient variable in Java
by serialization mechanism. Serialization mechanism works in the following way.... Serialization is used in the networking programming where an object must
SCJP Module-11 Question-2
Given a sample code: import java.io.*; class Upper { public Upper() { System.out.print(" Upper"); } } class Middle extends Upper implements Serializable { public Middle() { System.out.print(" Middle"
Serializalble and Externalizable
Serializable interface, your class is serialized automatically by default... have a complete control over your class's serialization process
Transient Java Keyword
to learn about serialization in java. Serialization is used to save the state of object by JVM and during deserialization it is recovered. Serialization save...? Transient keyword provide you a control on serialization process in java and allow
Core Java Interview Question, Interview Question
;     Question: What is serialization ?  Answer: Serialization is the process of writing complete state of java object.../IP socket. Question: What does the Serializable interface do ?  Answer
java - Java Interview Questions
user use Serializable interface, class is serialized by default but Externalizable interface provides facility to complete control over serialization process so Externalization is a more advanced alternative to serialization
Core Java Interview Questions!
as transient in a Serializable class and the class is written
Identify the use and the behavior of the ejbPassivate method in a session bean, including the responsibilities of both the container and the bean provider.
the ejbPassivate method completes must be one of the following: A serializable... that is not directly serializable, because it contains references on "non-serializable" objects mentioned above. Bean Provider must close all JDBC&trade
SCJP Module-11 Question-8
Given a sample code: 1    import java.io.*; 2    class Test implements Serializable { 3    private static... for successful serialization ? (A) ObjectOutputStream os = new ObjectOutputStream
Java Input/Output Examples
, serialization, and the file system. Here we are giving a long list of examples which
Java thread
Java thread  What is the use of serializable
Java Interview Questions - Page 2
portability. Question: What is the serialization?  Answer: The serialization is a kind of mechanism that makes a class or a bean... serializable? Answer: By implementing either
Serlization  give me real time example of serialization
example explanation - Java Beginners
example explanation  can i have some explanation regarding the program given as serialization xample....  Hi friend, import java.io....; public class SerializableExam implements Serializable { private Date time; public
Core Java Interview Question, Interview Question
is serialization ?  Answer: Serialization is the process of writing complete state... associated with TCP/IP socket. Question: What does the Serializable interface do ?  Answer: Serializable is a tagging interface; it prescribes
Java Transient Variable
Java Transient Variables Before knowing the transient variable you should firs know about the Serialization in java. Serialization means making a object... implements Serializable { private int rollNo; private String name; private
java - Development process
using object serialization. Write another program to read that file, convert...*; class Currency implements Serializable { protected String currency...("Object Serialization - writting to whit.txt"); for (int i = 1; i
Serializaiton - Java Interview Questions
Serializaiton  What is Serialization? difference between string and string buffer? what is static?   What is serialization, serialization code in Java and serialization example Java Please visit the following
core java
core java  Hi, can any one expain me serialization,Deseralization and exterenalization in core java
Classes and Interfaces of the I/O Streams
;ObjectStreamClass Serialization's descriptor for classes.  ObjectStreamField This class describes the serializable field... stream.  SerializablePermission This is a serializable
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