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  Tutorial: Hslider


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In this tutorial you'll come to know about the horizontal slider option of flex. We'll see how to set the range of the slider, as well as we will come to know how to put the labels on the slider using labels option etc.

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Hslider      ...;   public function myslide(sld:HSlider):void     {  ...; title="Horizontal Slider">   <mx:HSlider id="s"
HSlider in Flex
Adobe Flex HSlider Controls In Adobe Flex HSlider Control we can change.... By configuring the control we can change values of HSlider, it could be continuous or discrete. Adobe Flex Hslider Control Example 1: <?xml version="1.0"
Slider in Flex4
control and second is HSlider control which are used for vertical... and HSlider control are <s:VSlider>, <s:HSlider> respectively...;s:HSlider id="hslider2" minimum="10" maximum="
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Change Mouse sensitivity in Chart in Flex4
:Label text="Mouse Sensitivity:"/> <mx:HSlider id
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. Hslider In this tutorial you'll come to know about
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