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strictfp is a Java keyword that restricts floating-point calculations in order to ensure portability.

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strictfp       strictfp... strictfp to make sure that calculations are performed as in the earlier versions... the strictfp modifier in its declaration.  
Java Programming Keywords
protected public return short static strictfp super switch
Interface in java
it must not marked final, strictfp, or native. The above concept can be viewed
Nonaccess Member Modifiers - Java Beginners
Nonaccess Member Modifiers  what is Nonaccess Member Modifiers give me the simple programs thxx   Hi friend, Non-access modifiers (abstract, final, native, static, strictfp, synchronized, transient, volatile) can
Java Keywords
labeled statement or block. strictfp To get the precise results in Floating point calculations use strictfp keyword regardless of any operating system
Java basics
long strictfp volatile class float native super while
Java Tutorial
, strictfp, super, switch, synchronized, this, throw, throws, transient, try, void... : Specifies the non accessibility like, final, abstract, strictfp. Variables
S - Java Terms
; strictfp strictfp is a Java keyword that restricts floating-point calculations
Java Programming Language
code name was Playground. The Major inclusions are Swing, strictfp, Java
What are the level in Jboss 5 application server to deploy the application
(java 2 platform, micro edition). - Strictfp keyword - Reflection - Swing api
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