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Introspection is the automatic process that analyzes the design pattern of a bean in order to reveal bean's properties, events, and methods.

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Introspection       Introspection is the automatic process that analyzes the design pattern of a bean.... Purpose of Introspection Java object repository sites existing on the Internet
Performing Object Introspection
Performing Object Introspection   ... object introspection is a technique to determining the elements(properties and methods) of a class at run time. There are two ways to do introspection in ctionScript
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of these features include: * introspection * customization * events
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introspection, and Adobe Flash Platform. The second option is to install SDK 4
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as the implicit objects.    Introspection Introspection
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for introspection. Analyze what motivates you and what your strengths... to Feedback Sometimes introspection and self analysis may not be sufficient
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Introspection, Categories, Forwarding, Dynamic Loading etc. What next? We
Sitemap Adobe Flex Tutorial
Introspection | Using the interospection API | Difference between Flex
Java Beans Books
definitions of such terms as persistence, introspection, event handling, and distributed
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Introspection In OOP based programming language object introspection
include the JavaBeans architecture, event model, introspection, design
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 | Java Introspection Method | Java for Internet Explorer | Include
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-Based software component model which includes the features like introspection
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tools in using reflection, introspection, and also analyze and customize
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