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RequestDispatcher class is mainly used to 'pass on' the current request to another program (servlet) and therefore allows 'chaining' of the programs.

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RequestDispatcher       RequestDispatcher class is mainly used to 'pass on' the current request.... A RequestDispatcher primarily contains two methods include() and forward(). include
Requestdispatcher in JSP
Requestdispatcher in JSP We are going to discuss about requestdispatcher in JSP. In this example we have used JSP requestdispatcher. requestdispatcher transfers the request to another JSP page. In this example we have created three
RequestDispatcher in java
RequestDispatcher in java We are going to describe RequestDispatcher in java. RequestDispatcher is an interface that transfers the control from current web.... RequestDispatcher interface is define javax.servlet package. RequstDispatcher
RequestDispatcher object, difference between include( ) and forward( ) method.
RequestDispatcher object, difference between include( ) and forward( ) method.  The RequestDispatcher object has two methods, include( ) and forward( ). What is the difference
Java Servlet :RequestDispatcher Interface
Java Servlet :RequestDispatcher Interface In this tutorial, you will learn how to transfer control to Another Web Component using RequestDispatcher in java servlet. RequestDispatcher : RequestDispatcher interface is defined
How to use RequestDispatcher include method
Description: The interface RequestDispatcher object receive requests from.... There are two method of the RequestDispatcher one is forward and other is include. So...;); RequestDispatcher rd = request.getRequestDispatcher("/index.jsp"); rd.include
RequestDispatcher vs sendRedirect
RequestDispatcher vs sendRedirect     ... between a requestDispatcher's forward() and sendRedirect() of the ServletResponse interface. Forward Since forward() method of RequestDispatcher is handled
@WebServlet RequestDispatcher Include Example
@WebServlet RequestDispatcher Include Example In this tutorial you will learn..., response) method of RequestDispatcher is used for including the another...(); RequestDispatcher rd= context.getRequestDispatcher("/login.html"); out.println("
@WebServlet RequestDispatcher Forward Example
@WebServlet RequestDispatcher Forward Example In this tutorial you will learn...) method of RequestDispatcher is used for forwarding to another resource's or web...); ServletContext context= getServletContext(); RequestDispatcher rd
Interview Questions - Struts Interview Questions
is RequestProcessor and RequestDispatcher? Answer:  The controller is responsible...-forwards> public interface RequestDispatcher Defines an object... the RequestDispatcher object, which is used as a wrapper around a server resource
servlet question on web application
What is the difference between RequestDispatcher and sendredirect?  What is the difference between RequestDispatcher and sendredirect
JAVA - Struts
JAVA -differecne between RequestProcessor and RequestDispatcher  What is differecne betweenw RequestProcessor and RequestDispatcher?  What is differecne b/w RequestProcessor and RequestDispatcher?http
STRUTS QUESTION  can two Action classes communicate each other using RequestDispatcher
httpsession  how the one servlet call the another servlet without the help of requestDispatcher ,with the httpsession,setAttribute,getAttrbute
what is functionality of requestdispatcher object servlets  what is functionality of requestdispatcher object   The RequestDispatcher allows the dynamic inclusion of web components either by including in the current
request dispatcher - Java Interview Questions
RequestDispatcher getRequestDispatcher(java.lang.String uri) Returns a request dispatcher... RequestDispatcher disp; disp = getRequestDispatcher("/test.jsp.... Returns: RequestDispatcher for later inclusion or forwarding
Java FAQ
Java FAQ  what is the Difference between Collection(Capital C),collection(Lower c),Collections(Capital C and ends with s) in java? how can u call RequestDispatcher in servlets
Redirection - JSP-Servlet
of RequestDispatcher. RequestDispatcher can be created either from ServletContext... the RequestDispatcher object from ServletRequest. If you want to navigate to a page in a different context, get the RequestDispatcher object from ServletContext. 
Calling servlet from servlet .
requestDispatcher() or sendRedirect() according to application requirement. import... RequestDispatcher..."); ServletContext context=this.getServletContext(); RequestDispatcher requestDispatcher=context.getRequestDispatcher
servlets - Servlet Interview Questions
to another servlet.. using requestdispatcher... wat is the way to do... values retrieved in the first servlet. for example, RequestDispatcher rd... with requestDispatcher See below how to use setAttribute(); it is used
passing from 1 jsp to another - JSP-Servlet
of response object,forward() method of RequestDispatcher object. Thanks
compre request dispatcher and send redirectmethod - Framework
compre request dispatcher and send redirectmethod  compre request dispatcher and send redirectmethod  Hi I am sending a link where u will found in details about RequestDispatcher vs sendRedirect methods. http
program - JSP-Servlet
program  Example program on RequestDispatcher  Hi I am sending links, where u find about requestDispatcher method, how it work and. http://www.roseindia.net/javacertification/wcd-guide/machanism.shtml http
Servlet Interview questions - Servlet Interview Questions
Servlet Interview questions  what is RequestDispatcher in servlets? what is SendRedirectin servlets? give the answers for these two questions with examples?   Hi Friend, A RequestDispatcher object can forward
JSP - JSP-Servlet
notifying browser. RequestDispatcher getRequestDispatcher(java.lang.String uri) The forward method of RequestDispatcher will forward the ServletRequest
Calling another web resources
, so it is required to get first the RequestDispatcher object. You can get the object of RequestDispatcher by using the getRequestDispatcher("URL"... is not available or for the requested resource RequestDispatcher object
J2EE - Development process
2)insert.jsp:   continue........ RequestDispatcher: RequestDispatcher defines an object that receives requests from the client.... The servlet container creates the RequestDispatcher object, which is used
Servlet & Jsp - Java Interview Questions
; Hi Friend, You can also use RequestDispatcher to forward request from..."))){ String jsp = "./jsp/loginSuccess.jsp"; RequestDispatcher dispatcher... ); } else{ String jsp = "./jsp/error.jsp"; RequestDispatcher dispatcher
which are the differ ways you can communicat between servlets  which are the differ ways you can communicat between servlets   Different ways of communicating between servlets:- 1)Using RequestDispatcher object. 2
web page altering while displaying servlet response
RequestDispatcher rd = request.getRequestDispatcher("/index.jsp"); rd.forward
code not working properly
"; } //RequestDispatcher requestDispatcher=request.getRequestDispatcher(target... e.printStackTrace(); } } RequestDispatcher requestDispatcher
session value not get in many jsp page.
session value not get in many jsp page.  I am using servlet to set session by following code :- HttpSession session=request.getSession(false); session.setAttribute("user", email); RequestDispatcher rd
Radio button validation using jsp - JSP-Servlet
"); other wise use RequestDispatcher Thanks Rajanikant
Servlet Generates HTML
with the help of RequestDispatcher
Printing ArrayList - JSP-Servlet
Printing ArrayList   I have a code in servlet like this ArrayList total = new ArrayList (); session.setAttribute("efg",total); RequestDispatcher rd; rd = request.getRequestDispatcher("/checkout.jsp"); rd.forward
Servlet - Servlet Interview Questions
can be implemented. They are RequestDispatcher Servlet ServletConfig
Servlet and Access - JDBC
Servlet and Access  How to use RequestDispatcher in servlet to call html os javascript file to validate a login page please reply i am so confused. And how to save image in access database cause i am using Microsoft access
register servlet vibhu
(); if(userDb.saveDetails(newUser)) { RequestDispatcher requestDispatcher = request.getRequestDispatcher("index1.jsp... { RequestDispatcher requestDispatcher = request.getRequestDispatcher("error.jsp
java Ajax
", a); RequestDispatcher rd=request.getRequestDispatcher("index.jsp
could anyone please help with the code.
"; } //RequestDispatcher requestDispatcher=request.getRequestDispatcher(target... e.printStackTrace(); } } RequestDispatcher requestDispatcher=request.getRequestDispatcher(target); requestDispatcher.forward
Email sending in jsp - JSP-Servlet
failed"); RequestDispatcher dispatcher...", "Wrong email address"); RequestDispatcher dispatcher...("ErrorMessage", ex.getMessage()); RequestDispatcher dispatcher
servlet - JSP-Servlet
(""); RequestDispatcher dispatcher = request .getRequestDispatcher("/WEB
login controller.servlet file.. (good coding stuff for reference)
); session.setAttribute("role", role); RequestDispatcher disp...); session.setAttribute("role", role); RequestDispatcher disp...", id); session.setAttribute("role", role); RequestDispatcher
removeAttribute() Method Of The Request Object
;); String pageName = "RemoveAttributeMethod1.jsp"; RequestDispatcher requestDispatcher = request.getRequestDispatcher (pageName); if(requestDispatcher != null){ requestDispatcher.forward(request, response); } %>
javascript - Hibernate Interview Questions
"); ApplDelegate appldelegate = new ApplDelegate(); RequestDispatcher rd = null; RequestDispatcher rd1 = null; try { if(valcr..., response); RequestDispatcher rd = null; String message
Servlet - JSP - JSP-Servlet
")){ RequestDispatcher rd; rd = request.getRequestDispatcher("/thankyou.jsp"); rd.forward...("c3", a2); RequestDispatcher rd; rd = request.getRequestDispatcher...); RequestDispatcher rd; rd = request.getRequestDispatcher("/checkout.jsp
Servlet-JSP population - JSP-Servlet
")){ RequestDispatcher rd; rd = request.getRequestDispatcher...++; session.setAttribute("c1", chair_num); } RequestDispatcher rd...")){ session.setAttribute("efg",total); RequestDispatcher rd; rd
) { e.printStackTrace(); } if(chk) { RequestDispatcher rd
) { e.printStackTrace(); } if(chk) { RequestDispatcher rd
Passing java variables from JSP to Servlet - return null values
"; RequestDispatcher dispatcher = request.getRequestDispatcher(strViewPage); if (dispatcher
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