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  Tutorial: SQL Backup Script

SQL Backup Script

Tutorial Details:
The Tutorial illustrate an example from 'SQL Backup Script'. To understand and grasp example we create a command for backup of table in specific komal database and backup of all the databases.

Read Tutorial SQL Backup Script.

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SQL Backup Script

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SQL Backup Script

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Mysqldump one table - Taking dump of only one table
Use of mysqldump for taking backup of one table In this section you will see the example of mysqldump function which takes the backup of only one table. The mysqldump utility provides many options to take the backup of data as per
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database  Is there any difference between sql ans mysql?  Hi rahul, Following are some specific technical differences in MySQL and SQL Server, * MySQL does not support Triggers, SQL Server does. * MySQL
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php script - for change the cusror  i want to change mouse cursor on my website. My web host server only support php scripting. So i want to this in php scripting. please help me how to change mouse cursor using php script
dbms - SQL
dbms  what is the process of creating new user in sql? tell me the process
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