Tutorial: The file function example in PHP, file php, file in php

The file function example in PHP, file php, file in php

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Example of file() function in PHP. The file() function in PHP is used to read the whole file into an array.

Read Tutorial The file function example in PHP, file php, file in php.

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The file function example in PHP, file php, file in php

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The file function example in PHP, file php, file in php

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The file function example in PHP, file php, file in php
In this php tutorial section we will be learning the file() function of PHP...() function in PHP array file ( filename, [,flags [, context]] ) It returns...,FILE_SKIP_EMPTY_LINES,FILE_TEXT, stream_context_create() function creates 
PHP file_get_contents() Function
PHP file_get_contents() Function  Hi, How do i read the content of file using PHP program? So kindly provide any example or online help reference for filegetcontents() Function in PHP. Please feel free to suggest. Thanks
The file_exists() function, file_exists php, file_exists in php
() Function PHP  <?php echo "file is existing ".file... The file_exists() function returns TRUE if the file or directory specified by filename exists; FALSE otherwise.  Syntax of file_exists() Function
PHP function is_file() and example
bool_is_file function states whether the given file is regular file or not Syntax bool is_file(file_name) Example of PHP is_file() PHP Code <?php     $a=is_file("bb.txt");    
PHP function is_uploaded_file() and example
POST protoocol or not. Example of PHP is_uploaded_file() Function Code of PHP is_uploaded_file() Function <?php     $b1... Syntax for PHP is_uploaded_file() Function bool is_uploaded_file (file_name
PHP is_executable() Function and example
Syntax bool is_executable(file_name) Find the PHP is_executable() function states whether the given file is executable or not Example of PHP is_executable Fu Code <?php     if (is_executable("c
PHP duplicate file - PHP
PHP duplicate file   i wanted to duplicate a PHP file resides in different directory on submission
file_exists php not working
file_exists php not working  file_exists php not working. Please give me the simple example
PHP set_file_buffer() function with example
Syntax for PHP set_file_buffer() Function set_file_buffer(file_handle,buffer) It sets the buffer of the given file_handler with the given size PHP set_file_buffer() Function with Example Code for PHP set_file_buffer() Function
php parse ini file
php parse ini file  I need a simple and easy example to Parsing an ?advanced? INI file with PHP
PHP function ftruncate and example
Syntax int ftruncate(file_handle,length) ftruncate function truncates the file content with the given length. And it returns the truncated file size. PHP ftruncate() Function Example Code <?php $file1=fopen("bb.txt","r
The PHP file_put_contents() function , file_put_contents php
Learn how to use file_put_contents() function in PHP Example of the PHP file_put_contents() function Description Syntax of file_put_contents() PHP..._APPEND LOCK_EX Code & Example of file_put_contents() PHP <?php
The fgetcsv function example in PHP, fgetcsv php, fgetcsv in php
Examples of fgetcsv() function in php Description The PHP fgetcsv() function is used to parse the CVS file in PHP program. Here you will see how you... of fgetcsv() Funtion in PHP Program Array fgetcsv ( file_handler [, $length
PHP lstat() function and example
Syntax for PHP Istat() Function array lstat (file_name) PHP Istat() Function states about the regular file and symbolic file information PHP Istat() Function will returns the data in Array form PHP Istat() Function
PHP function uploaded_file() and example
only to the files uploaded by HTTP POST PHP uploaded_file() Function with Example Code for PHP uploaded_file() Function <html> <body>... Syntax for PHP uploaded_file() Function bool move_uploaded_file (file_name
PHP fscanf() function and example
;$... ] ) fscanf() function reads the contents of the file according to the given.... But if two parameter is used then it returns array Example of PHP fscant() Function PHP Code for PHP fsscant() Unction PHP <?php   
Function fclose() in php, PHP Close file, fclose php
The example of fclose() function in php. If you have opened any file...() Function in PHP <?php $file=fopen("c:/xampp/htdocs/aa.php"... the file pointer. The fclose() function is used to close the find pointer. Syntax
PHP is_writable Function with example
Syntax for PHP is_writable Function bool is_writable(file_name) It states whether the given file is a writable file or not. Example of PHP is_writable Function Code <?php     $a=is_writable("c
Eval () PHP Function, Example of Eval () PHP Function
and it must be valid PHP code. Example code of eval() function: The following example how to use eval() function. <?php $string = "...PHP eval() Function In this tutorial we will learn about the PHP eval
PHP fseek() function and example
with offset), SEEK_END (Makes position to EOF with offset ) Example of PHP fseek() Function PHP Code code for fseek() Function in PHP <?php... Syntax int fseek (file_handle ,offset [, whence ] ) It seeks the new
PHP basename() function, PHP basename function example
In this section we will learn about the basename() function of php This example of basename()  function in PHP Description about PHP basename(): syntax for PHP basename()Function string basename ( string
Read external file in PHP
Read external file in PHP  How to read external files in PHP in particular time duration and save that file with the latest date. How is it possible? Please explain with an example. Thanks
The PHP fileatime() function , fileatime php, fileatime in php
Example of fileatime() function in PHP Description Syntax for fileatime() Function PHP int fileatime ( file_name ) It returns Last Access time in int form of a file so converts in date form by the date function Code
PHP clearstatcache example, clearstatcache php, clearstatcache in php
The example & code of clearstatcache()  in the PHP programming.... The following example explains how the clearstatcache() function can be used. Syntax clearstatcache() Function in PHP clearstatcache ([ bool $clear_realpath
PHP fwrite() Function & example
is opened in read form Example of PHP fwrite() Function Code <?php  ... Syntax int fwrite ( file_handle ,data_string [,length ] ) fwrite() function writes to the file with the given data string by using the file handle
PHP flock() Function and Example
processes when the file has lock Example of PHP Flock() Function Code for flock() function PHP <?php $file = fopen("c:/rose1/ram.txt","w... Code <?php $file = fopen("c:/rose1/ram.txt","w+"); if (flock($file
The PHP file_get_contents() function , file_get_contents php
The PHP file_get_contents() Function Function reads the content of the whole file to a string. This function is the best way to read the contents... of file_get_contents() Function PHP <?php $string1=file_get_contents
PHP dirname() Function, PHP dirname(), dirname php
In this example we will explain the use of dirname() function in PHP. The dirname() function is used to get the full directory path name of the file... of the specified file. Code dirmane()Function in PHP <?php $dir1
php  how to write a program in php to create pdf file
PHP function ftell() with example
Syntax int ftell(file_handle) ftell() function gives the current position of the file pointer. using the file handler in bytes. Example of PHP ftell() Function Code <?php $file=fopen("roseindia.txt","r"); echo ftell
php file search
php file search  How to search file in PHP .. $dir = '/tmp
php download file script
php download file script  PHP script to download file in IE
php download file from ftp
php download file from ftp  Need to download files from ftp using php. a simple example
PHP glob() Function and example
; directories Code for glob() Function using in PHP Program <?php  ...Syntax array glob (pattern [, int $flags = 0 ] ) It matches the file and directories with the given pattern in the given path. After matching
The filegroup() function, filegroup php, filegroup() in php
Example of filegroup() function in PHP Syntax of filegroup()in PHP int...() function This will convert it to group name It doesn't work on window Code for php filegroup() Function <?php echo  filegroup("c:/rose1/ram
PHP function fopen and example
) mode it creates a new file ,but not in read(r,r+),append(a)mode. Example of PHP fopen() Function Code for PHP fopen() Function <?php   ... Syntax file_handler fopen(file_name,file_mode,[path_include,[context
Example of fputs() function in PHP
. Example of PHP fputs() Function <?php     $file=fopen... Syntax It writes the given string or the variable to the file by using the file handler. It writes the data only up to the given length and stop writing
PHP function parse_ini_file() and example
of the ini file in array form PHP parse_ini_file() Function with Example Code For PHP parse_ini_file() Function make a sample.ini with the content ... Syntax of PHP parse_ini_file() Function It is used to parse ini file.ini.
PHP Variables from File
PHP Variables from File Today we will learn about fopen() function in php. fopen() function is used to open the file directly from the C directory or URL...; For example : <?php $file = fopen("textfile.txt
feof() Function in php
Examples of the feof() function in PHP Syntax on feof() function in PHP bool feof ( $file_pointer ) It is used for checking the end of file of ... and then the loop will terminate Code for feof() function in PHP <?php
PHP error uploading file - PHP
PHP error uploading file  I am getting error while uploading a file in a folder in PHP ... Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already send any idea
change file permission in php
change file permission in php  How to change file permission in PHP
The filectime() function, filectime php, filectime() in php
Example of filectime() in PHP Description Syntax of filectime() in PHP... to date format by date function And FALSE if no changes  Code of filectime() in PHP <?php $time = time(); echo "current date and times
PHP filesize() function and example
Syntax int filesize(file_name) It gives the size in bytes.  Example of filesize() Function in PHP <?php     $size=filesize("c:/rose1/ram.txt");     echo "size is ".$size
php download file code
php download file code  PHP code to download the files from the remote server
PHP hide file path
PHP hide file path  PHP to read a path and convert that to the virtual link
Check the File Exists in PHP Program
Check the File Exists in PHP Program  Hi, I trying to create a application to find or retrieve the existing files. So, Please help me or suggest any online reference that explain about the file exists function in PHP? Thanks
PHP function is_readable() and example
Syntax for PHP is_readable() Function bool is_readable(file_name) The PHP is_readable function states whether the given file is readable or not Example of PHP is_readable() Function Code <?php    
php search file
php search file   I wanted to write a php script to list all the files available in either folder or sub folder
php download file browser
php download file browser  limiting downloading file system via browser only through my web application
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