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When programmer wants to add some more functionality to the class, typically extend the class.

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Categories When programmer wants to add some more... everywhere, so like ruby Objective-C also provides categories to achieve this. Categories allows programmer to add functionality to already existing classes
Package categories in Java
Package categories in Java       Java supports two types of packages as shown below in the hierarchy structure: Build-In Packages in Core Java: Java packages can
The J2EE Architecture allows the programmers to divide their work into two major categories Business Logic Presentation
the programmers to divide their work into two major categories
Spark Effects in Flex4
Spark Effects in Flex4: There are five categories of spark effects which are following: 1. Property Effects: These effects are used for change of one or more properties of the component such as width, height, color and alpha
Real Time & Passive Vehicle Tracking System
Real Time & Passive Vehicle Tracking System       GPS tracking systems are generally of two categories and are categorized according to their functions. One is real time vehicle
The J2EE Architecture allows the programmers to divide their work into two major categories Business Logic Presentation Logic

Poems Pedia
Poems Pedia       A new service from Transparent Solutions, Poems Pedia is a free portal that contains more than 5,000 poems and quotes organized into categories. Read full Description
Linux as a Command Line Interface (CLI) Vs. Graphics User Interface (GUI).
of two categories: command line and graphical. Command line shells provide
Reference Data Types
Reference Data Types       As we discussed that the Java programming language are divided into two categories :  Primitive Data Types   
Common SQL Commands
Common SQL Commands    SQL commands are divided into categories like DML (Data Manipulation language), DDL (Data definition language), TCL (Tranction control language) and DCL (Data control language
History of Bioinformatics
History of Bioinformatics       The Modern bioinformatics is can be classified into two broad categories, Biological Science and computational Science. Here is the data
Top 10 Health Applications for iPhone
have become truly diverse to encompass several categories like general health... downloaded applications across different categories and one of the toppers
How Technology Brought Change in Modern Management?
business managers. Let us see into few categories of new range of technological
Top 10 Mobile Applications on Multiple Platform
would mention these applications in different categories, like travel, games
What is procedure
What is procedure  What is procedure in computers? What are the primary categories of procedures
Top 10 Health Applications for Android

Catagories in Objective C
Catagories in Objective C  catagories in objective c   Categories in Objective C
Java Code - Swing AWT
Java Code  How to Make an application by using Swings JMenuBar and other components for drawing various categories of Charts(Line,Bar etc
retrieve data from database with hyperlink
and show in browser and if we click hyperlink its shows his sub have values C C++ i have to retrieve and if i click C its sub categories should come and if i click C++ its sub categories should come
jsp priviledge
jsp priviledge  hello sir...i am doing one user mamagement project. i have to priviledge for user categories....plz help me by providing code for priveledge in jsp..its very urgent
Buttons  I have created a web page with radio button group with two radio buttons for accepting the home appliances categories,Kitchen appliances and other appliances.I want to check for the appliance chosen when the required
Introduction to Data Structures
of pointer. A memory can be categories in following segments Text Segment... Segment in sub-categories in two parts Static Segment Heap
Joomla Shopping Cart Package
numbers of product categories and sub-categories
answer this qs in 5 mins plss
answer this qs in 5 mins plss  Create an Web Application, which allows a user to search a book as follows: Based on ISBN code, if he is aware of the code (or) Based on the Book Categories The results of the search has
java  Write a function Model-of-Category for a Tata motor dealers, which accepts category of car customer is looking for and returns the car Model available in that category. the function should accept the following categories
java program20
categories "SUV", "SEDAN", "ECONOMY", and "MINI" which in turn returns "TATA
Java code
categories "SUV", "SEDAN", "ECONOMY", and "MINI" which in turn returns "TATA SAFARI
java code
categories "SUV", "SEDAN", "ECONOMY", and "MINI" which in turn returns "TATA SAFARI
Types of Outsourcing,Types of Outsourced Services,Offshore Outsourcing and Its Type
categories, technology services outsourcing and business process outsourcing. Let us examine what each of these categories mean. Technology Services Outsourcing... of the different categories that come under technology services. eCommerce
Drop-down text selection in jsp/html
Categories- Movies, Books, Music and the Second set Genres- Action,Comedy,Romantic...,Books,Music (all categories for Action will be displayed). How can I create
JSP - JSP-Servlet
Manage Categories Manage Users Manage Products Manage Orders Log Out... Manage Categories Manage Users Manage Products Manage Orders Log Out
accept integer from user
in the following categories: 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 ?¢â??¬?¦ ?¢â??¬?¦ 191-200
java - JDBC
java  A large insurance company has contracted a small catering company, Hungry Hippo, to provide meals for its employees. Hungry Hippo provides 3 categories of meals, namely starters, main meals, drinks. Employees are given
Software Website Templates
Rose India Technology offers various categories of Software website templates for the web developing company. We offer e-commerce software templates or shopping cart software templates suited to corporate world. Our Customized Software
Hierarchical Data using Array Collection in AdvancedDataGrid
ArrayCollection([ {Course:"Course", categories: [ {Course:"B.Sc.", categories:[ {Course:"Physics", Girls...;, categories:[ {Course:"CS", Girls: 45, Boys:75, TotalStudent:120
DataFormatter in Column in AdvancedDataGrid
;, categories: [ {Course:"B.Sc.", categories:[ {Branch...:"", categories:[ {Branch:"CS", Girls: 45... }]}, {Course:"B.Pharma.", categories:[ {Branch:"Pharmacy"
Selecting multiple cells and rows in AdvancedDataGrid
ArrayCollection([ {Course:"Course", categories: [ {Course:"B.Sc.", categories:[ {Branch:"Physics", Girls:60, Boys:120..., PASSinper:98.5, FAILinper:1.5}]}, {Course:"", categories
groupIconFunction in AdvancedDataGrid
:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection([ {Course:"Course", categories: [ {Course:"B.Sc.", categories:[ {Branch:"Physics"...", categories:[ {Branch:"CS", Girls: 45, Boys:75
Separate column for the navigation tree in AdvancedDataGrid
([ {Course:"Course", categories: [ {Course:"B.Sc.", categories:[ {Branch:"Physics", Girls:60, Boys:120, TotalStudent:180..., FAILinper:1.5}]}, {Course:"", categories:[ {Branch:"
caller tunes case study
in the catalog. The different categories of caller tune services are as follows : 1.... There are certain categories of songs which are in premium category... administrator can add/modify categories/rates and can make all necessary changes
How to found which class or method contain specific annotation?
categories of testcase. i want to found method or class according to category
jQuery selectors
of jQuery selectors : There are three categories of jQuery selector : 1.Basic CSS
Developing JPA CURD Application with NetBeans
is appear on the screen: Select "Java" in Categories
PHP Design Patterns
on different categories like Creation patterns, Structural patterns, and Behavioral
What is Human Resource Management?
in relation to the various categories related to employee productivity... introduce some of the most important categories of human resource management
Create JSF Application Using NetBeans IDE
' pop up window that has Categories and Project, select Web under Categories section and Web Application under projects. Click on 'Next' button
The development Zenwalk Linux 2.1 (Core) release
Zenwalk-core (a, ap, n, d, l package categories), the full Zenwalk (that also includes x and xap), and of course kde and extra categories can be found
Trading Portal Development Services India
and Sell offers, Multilevel categories for convenient browsing Category... formatted data, Search based on keywords, categories, posting dates, countries..., Multilevel Categories management console allows to add / edit / remove
Choosing the Best Ecommerce Shopping Cart
supports unlimited categories and sub-categories. It also supports discount... support for Unlimited categories, subcategories and products.  
Latitude and Longitude of Seychelles
of Seychelles. The islands of Seychelles are divided in different categories, the granitic
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