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Another concept in Maven is that of a repository. The repository holds the artifacts on which your project depends. There are two kinds of repository: local and remote. Both of them can be declaratively set. Unless specified otherwise, the local repositor

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Repository       II. Repository Another concept in Maven is that of a repository. The repository holds the artifacts on which your project depends. There are two kinds of repository
Regarding repository
Regarding repository  How to check in and check out using SVN repository using eclipse
hibernate repository
In this section, you will learn how to use maven repository in your Hibernate project
A Maven2 Repository : An Introduction
A Maven2 Repository : An Introduction       Maven repository Types:  Public remote external repository: This public external repository exists at
Local repository in Maven
Local repository in Maven  How to read the jars/plugins from local instead of online while building an application with Maven. Any detailed steps will be appreciated
Maven remote repository
In this section, you will learn to utilize remote repository of Maven for downloading libraries which are not present in Maven's central repository
Change Local Repository
In this section, you will learn to change the default local repository of Maven using setting.xml configuration file
Mylyn-Mantis Repository Connector
Mylyn-Mantis Repository Connector         This project is an eclipse Mylyn Repository... interface. This Repository Connector is alpha quality. For the most part it works
Maven https repository
Maven https repository access available Now there is access to the maven central repository over the https. The Sonatype Operations team has done... the Maven central repository. In this tutorial will show you how you can
Learn to Set Up An Internal Private Repository For An Organization
Learn to Set Up An Internal Private Repository For An Organization... project libraries. This also allows us to have a single company wide repository... didn't run into several issues while setup the local repository server
Artifactory Maven, Artifactory 1.2.5, Maven 2 Enterprise Repository Released
repository for Maven 2. It offers advanced proxying, caching and security features... of local and remote repositories combined into a virtual logical repository... into each repository, plus automatic cleanup of old unique snapshots. * Better
Hibernate Maven repo
In this section, you will learn how to use maven repository in your Hibernate project
Maven2 with JPA Example
are assuming that the local repository already exists. Set the JAVA_HOME variable
Stylebase for Eclipse
Stylebase for Eclipse       Stylebase for Eclipse is an open source tooling environment for software architects and designers. Stylebase is a reuse repository
Open Source Document Management Solutions written in Java

Open Source CMS written in Java

Writing first JPA 2.1 example
In this tutorial I will teach you how you can create your fist JPA 2.1 example. The JPA 2.1 libraries are available on the remote repository and the Maven build tool will able to download the JPA 2.1 libraries. So, for sake
java - CVS
java  How can we create our repository by using my Eclipse 5.0 ide and how can we configure our application by using this repository?  Hi friend, To create a UML repository, go to File -> New... and select UML
Java Script Programming Books
Java Script Programming Books         Sams Teach Yourself Java Script The World Wide Web began as a simple repository for information
Navigating Artifactory
of the repository simply by clicking on the Repository Browser link. V.  Configuring maven to use the new repository:  You can use either... repository. Configure maven using settings.xml file: Maven uses
OOPS - Java Interview Questions
classes enable this coupling: * DB_REPOSITORY objectsdescribe a relational... works directly with DB_REPOSITORY objects to insert data into relational tables.... repository: DB_REPOSITORY ... create repository.make ("CONTACTS
Eclipse erroe
Eclipse erroe  Dear Sir, I am facing a problem while check out a project from the repository error is org.tigris.subversion.javahl.clientException: RA layer request failed
Local Maven Depenency
is not available on the public maven repository you can add it to the local maven repository. The local maven repository lies on your system in .m2 directory. The mvn install command will help you in installing libraries in your local repository
AJAX Patterns
AJAX Patterns       The publicly editable repository of all things Ajax. Design Patterns, Frameworks, Libraries, Tools and Links Read full Description
Mercurial Eclipse
. You can create a repository in an existing project with "Right Click -> Team -> Share Project" and then add files to the repository by "... are available under Download below. Label decorators + - Added file (repository
how to distinguish engines having same code - Struts
and compares it file kept in central repository .problem is that we have... as both access same database .file is kept in central repository both engine look for the new files in same repository so please tell me is there any way
What is CVS
What is CVS   hii, What is CVS ?   Hello, CVS is used to keep track of collections of files in a shared directory called "The Repository". Each collection of files can be given a "module" name, which is used
Directory Structure of Artifactory-1.2.2
it in tomcat. logs: Includes all the log files. backup: Backs up the repository.... If you are interested to clean up the repository then all the things
Java ApplicationException Class Hierarchy Diagram
ApplicationException object from the CORBA repository ID of the exception... is used to get the CORBA repository ID. Syntax : public String getId()  
Maven2 Tutorial
.  2.  Repository Another concept in Maven is that of a repository. The repository holds the artifacts on which your project depends. There are two kinds of repository: local and remote. 3. 
to the repository using different connection types Repository browsing... of recommended repository layout, including trunk, branches and tags layout... Adding repository locations with same URL Data validation in forms
crossvision Application Composer
and a service repository integration with crossvision Centrasite. Read full
cylinder tree structure
cylinder tree structure  **hi am trying to develop a visualization of learning repository content by classifying courses, subjects and learning materials in a hierarchical structure in a cylinder form. for example my interface
Apatar Open Source Data Integration
mechanism. Shared, reusable metadata: with a single metadata repository, the consistency of the integration processes is guaranteed. The repository also promotes
The Structure101 IDE plug-in
snapshot (e.g. the latest build) to a structure101 repository, it is time... and installed freely, however you will require a structure101 repository for your
maven subversion issue
maven subversion issue  m doing work on maven and subversion i have created a maven project now i want to point it to my repository(created by svn... repository. i read that for this i have to change in pom.xml file from this site http
Upload the picture - JSP-Servlet
stores images in a repository over the server. Once we have uploaded the images we
Unable to find Software Updates in Help menu in MyEclipse
Unable to find Software Updates in Help menu in MyEclipse  Hi, I am using MyEclipse for my project. I have to use SVN repository for checking the code and need to install Subclipse plugins to MyEclipse. But I am not getting
. As a standard platform for sharing data between team members is Subversion repository... work items are represented by XML files and stored in the versioning repository... Linking repository revisions to Work Items (traceability) Searching Work Items
SEO and Search Engines,Best Search Engines on Web,What is Search Engine
from the web and storing into repository    Indexer Indexer reads the pages from the repository, reads the content of the page... the search engine repository. When use specifies the keywords it searches
How to Install Alternative PHP Cache (APC)?
installation There are two way to install the APC. From Repository of PHP... ways of installation. From Repository of PHP distribution On the Debian and Ubuntu APC can be downloaded from its main repository. You can check it through
Apache Maven plugins
to the remote repository. install Install the built artifact into the local repository... directory for inclusion in the artifact. repository
How to enable proxy settings in Maven?
build tools is not able to access the remote repository. To enable the proxy... contact to the proxy server and then access the remote repository. This way you... repository access. Read more Maven 3 tutorials
Please help me about maven2 plugin - Maven
/, and click ok, finish. But there has
servlet - Java Beginners
servlet program acts as a bridge between the web server and some repository
What is Ant - Ant
the source from a source code repository. # Prepare a build area. You
FAQS on ATG - Framework
FAQS on ATG  hi sir, I want faqs on ATG for interview purpose.  hi kumar, see some of faqs 1. What is Nucleus? 2. What is the ATG Repository? 3. When creating form handlers typically what ATG base class do you
teams have an existing file based shared repository. TeamTask files can be shared
can easily get the older version of the code from the Subversion repository
project repository With WOJ standard edition, you have access to the whole WOJ... to date and easy to extend The project repository is frequently updated with new... that is not in the repository, he can easily upload it into the WOJ repository, using
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