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As discussed earlier a container is a component that can be nested. The most widely used Panel is the Class Panel which can be extended further to partition GUIs. There is a Panel which is used for running the programs. This Panel is known as Class Applet

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Containers       As discussed earlier a container is a component that can be nested. The most widely used Panel is the Class Panel which can be extended further to partition GUIs
What are Flex Containers
What are Flex Containers       Containers are rectangular regions where other components are contained... can be controls or other containers also. Application container is the root
Using Flex Containers
Using Flex Containers       Flex delivers containers of two types one is for laying out the components... is the list of some containers used in flex:    Name
Flex Tab Navigator example
. Tab Navigators are Navigator containers of flex
ViewStack in Flex4
ViewStack Container in Flex4: The ViewStack container is called Spark ViewStack container. It is made up of a collection of child containers. The child containers are stacked on top of each other. Only one child container is active
Callback Methods
Callback Methods       Callbacks methods are the way of managing life cycle of an instance. Callback methods are generally used by containers. The methods are called at specific time
NavigatorcontentContainer in Flex4
NavigatorContent Container in Flex4: The NavigatorContent Container is a Flex4 container that's used to switch between multiple children which are other containers. It is place inside of MX navigator containers. In this example we
Open Source Groupware Software written in Java

Flex Accordion Menu
Flex Accordion navigator container Accordion navigation container displays all its child containers in a series but displays only one at a time. Users can... three child containers in a series but only first one is displaying
Panel layout container
Panel layout container       Panel layout container are like HBox, VBox, canvas containers but let you add a title bar, a caption, a border also along with content area for its children
Open Source JMS (Java Message Service) Implementations written in Java

container  how to add containers in form
Spark Application Container in Flex4
the contents without using another container or adding another containers in your
Group Container in Flex4
Group container in Flex4: The Spark Group containers take any components as a child which implement the IVisualElement interface. When you want to manage visual children component (both visual components and graphical components
LinkBar in Flex
Flex LinkBar Control: A LinkBar control is the collection of LinkButtons. We use this control when we need to control (specially display) the active child container. We generally use ViewStack container to display the child containers
Features of Servlet 2.5
the features of Servlet 2.5. Still most of the popular containers like Tomcat 5.5 and JBoss
Java layout manager
Java layout manager  Which containers use a FlowLayout as their default layout
FlowLayout  Which containers use a FlowLayout as their default layout
Border Layout
Border Layout  which containers use a border Layout as their default layout
Flex Container
component resides in any container. Flex provides several containers to lay child... containers may position the child components horizontally, some vertically and some put... components and other containers also inside it. Application is the top container
SERVLETS  I have two Servlet Containers, I want to send a request from one Servlet from one container to one Servlet in the other container, How can I do
Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB): An Overview
is running. EJB Containers EJB Containers are specific frameworks for EJB... of EJB Containers in which three types are server-side containers and the remaining two are client-side containers. The Server-side containers comprise
Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) Tutorials
the client application is running. EJB Containers EJB is a server-side model... as a container. There are basically five type of EJB Containers of which three are server-side containers and two client-side containers. Server-side containers
Expired session
no record. Servlet containers usually discard sessions after a standard time... the HttpSession setMaxInactiveInterval(int) method. Many servlet containers also support
Container or Component - Java Beginners
about the realtionship between Components and Containers in Java GUI? 1...) a component is allowed to hold other components including containers. 3...,RootPane etc are containers and Table,Button,TextFields etc are components
Building a Binary Tree using std::map, std:set
Building a Binary Tree using std::map, std:set  Hi, can someone please explain to me how I can make use of std::map and/or std::set to create a simple binary tree? I do not seem to understand how these 2 containers can be used
abt proj - Java Beginners
abt proj  which topic i have to study carefully ,when I am going to start java project using swings  Hi Friend, Learn awt, swing containers, components, Events etc. For more information,visit the following links
constructor in servlet
a ServletConfig. That no longer applies, but servlet containers still will only call
Error in jdeveloper 10G
Application Server Containers for J2EE 10g (].http.OrionHttpJspPage.service...[Oracle Application Server Containers for J2EE 10g ( Server Containers for J2EE 10g (
. There are two kinds of resource containers, one for the building model
+ compatible containers. The client side JavaScript library is base on prototype
Spark Container in Flex 4
and after that you can added one or more child containers  of the main... Containers and other is MX containers but we have discuss about container... for containers. The container have properties to set sizing and position
Installing JSTL,Downloading JSTL, Installing JSTL
4.x and Tomcat 5.x Containers. To use JSTL two files jstl.jar and standart.jar... Containers: (e.g. Tomcat 4) JSTL1.0: <%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="" %> For JSP2.0 Containers: (e.g. Tomcat
Downloading JSTL
procedure has to be followed for Tomcat 4.x and Tomcat 5.x Containers. To use JSTL... with their own URI. For JSP1.2 Containers: (e.g. Tomcat 4) JSTL1.0: <...; For JSP2.0 Containers: (e.g. Tomcat 5) JSTL1.1: <%@ taglib prefix="
Basic on J2ee - Java Beginners
if needed. I am aware that these components make use of the containers
Application Server
to interact with the clients, Middle tier is the combination of web containers and the EJB containers. EIS contains persistence and the database management systems
Application Server
to interact with the clients, Middle tier is the combination of web containers and the EJB containers. EIS contains persistence and the database management systems
What is Java Servlets?
containers are available for Apache Web Server, Microsoft IIS, and others. Servlet containers are usually the components of web and application servers, such as BEA
Explore key & mouse with Flex
below two flex controls CheckBox and Button and two flex containers HBox and VBox... is used to bring the flex controls to generate inside the flex containers... events on the containers. Syntax for using above functions: container
Flex Example
and Containers are used.  Controls are generally located inside the Containers. Controls consist of Customizable features like fonts and styles... Containers maintain the positioning of its components. It also provides
Difference between Web Server and Application Server
Server has two containers: Web Container and EJB container. Web server provides
Updated Releases
, compatibility with JSF 1.2 containers, compatibility with Opera, and support
State in flex
viewStack are collection of different view containers which can be shown at a time
Adobe Flex
, data grids, several text controls, layout containers to advance tools like web
JavaScript Variables
JavaScript Variables: Variables are like containers, which contains a value. In JavaScript variables dependent on the value, not on the datatype that means variables are of  dynamic typing. Variable names are case-sensitive
What is AWT in java
and it has layout containers. LayoutManager2 is the interface...; MenuContainer has all menu containers. Paint
Java EE 7 Platform Receives Final Approval from JCP Executives
Authorization Service Provider Contract for Containers 1.5 (JACC 1.5) (JSR 115) Java Authentication Service Provider Interface for Containers 1.1
Adobe Flex 4
applications using layout and navigation containers, and how to use states... environments, ActionScript 3, XML, E4X; Hello Spark, Spark Containers, views
Core Java Interview Question, Interview Question
containers use a border Layout as their default layout? Answer: The window... to specify a container's layout. Question: Which containers use a FlowLayout
J2EE interview questions page1
, .ear) is processed uniquely by application servers, servlet containers, EJB containers, etc.      What is the difference between
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