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x-axis and y-axis
x-axis and y-axis  hi,, i want to to write a program that display a graph of x-axis and y-xais when i entered the parameters of the function
UIView frame x,y width and height
UIView frame x,y width and height  HI, How to print the x,y width and height of UIView? Thanks   Hi, Following code can be used: CGRect...(@"width = %f", myFrame.size.width); NSLog(@"x = %f", myFrame.origin.x); NSLog(@"y
Y No Multiple Inheriatance in Java - Java Beginners
Y No Multiple Inheriatance in Java   Hi Friends, Why java doesn't support multiple inheritance.  Hi Multiple Inheritance The mechanism of inheriting the features of more than one base class
Y servlet as a controller - Servlet Interview Questions
Y servlet as a controller   Hi Friends, Can anyone tell me why servlet used as controller not jsp. What are the advantages.  Hi Friend, Servlet and JSP, both are server side components which can respond
Y asked Calendar.js File For Subcombo box - Development process
Y asked Calendar.js File For Subcombo box  calendar.js...').options.length = 0; var j = 0; for (y=ey; y>=sy; y--) { document.getElementById('selectYear')[j++] = new Option(y, y); } } function hideSelect(el
Y - Java Terms
Y - Java Terms       Extending Java with Yield Yielder library is a library that uses Java 1.5's facility to hook user-defined class inspectors
four rectangle/image of the shape of the button.then Draw these on some x and y co-ordinated in j2me then how to draw ?
four rectangle/image of the shape of the button.then Draw these on some x and y co-ordinated in j2me then how to draw ?  hi, i have button use... of the shape of the button.then Draw these on some x and y co-ordinated in j2me
Spark Rotate3D Effect in Flex4
Spark Rotate3D Effect in Flex4: The Rotate3D effect rotates a component in x, y and z-axis. If you rotates the component along y-axis the component...; x="105" y="66" backgroundColor="#555555
Spark Move3D Effect in Flex4
Spark Move3D Effect in Flex4: The Move3D effect is used for moving the component in the x, y and z coordinate system. If you specify the moving in z...; y="54" backgroundColor="#555555" borderStyle
Create Line Graph using database values
retrieved from the database. In this section, you will learn how to create a x-y line
Spark Scale3D Effect in Flex4
of component or target along x, y and z-axis. You can change the scaling in x, y and z directions. The tag of Scale effect is <s:Scale3D>. The syntax.../image/ball2.png')" x="169" y="101"
Mysql Last
from X-Y results. The syntax to show the last records is pharsed as Limit X,Y. The X stands for the first starting reference point and Y is the point upto
Draw a Triangle using a Line2D
*. This class provides a line segment in (x, y) coordinate space. We have
Paint an Image
coordinate and y coordinate. Description of program: In this program you will see how
Affine Transform Example
you an example. We have create combo box to show shearing for x-axis and y-axis...; panel.add(new JLabel("Shear Y:"));   panel.add... will rotate with x-axis and y-axis if you sets shear. Download Source Code
VoIP Comparisons

Clear Data Builder

Open Source Bloggers Software written in Java

implementing an algorithm using multi threads - Java Beginners
{ //public double[][] y=new double[20][20]; public static void main(String args...; double starttime = System.currentTimeMillis(); public double[][] y=new...) { } }*/ if(i<3) F=0.0000243; else F=0.0; y[0][2]=-y[0][0]-lamsq
Problem on JAVA Programme
Problem on JAVA Programme  public class AA { int add(int i) { int y = i; y += 20; if (y <= 100){ y +=30;add(y);} System.out.println("Final Value of y : " + y); return y; } public static void main
Assignment Operators in java 7
value of right side operands to the left side operand. eg - Z= X+Y This assigns the value of X+Y to the variable Z. +=(Add AND assignment operator... operand. eg- Y+=X; which shows Y=Y+X; -= (Subtract AND assignment operator
Relational Operators in java 7
==Y) !=(Not equal to) It checks that the operands are not equal. If the condition is satisfied it returns true otherwise false.(X!=Y) > (Greater than... returns true otherwise false. (X>Y) < (Less than) This operator checks
; class Point { private int x, y; public Point(int x, int y) { this.x = x; this.y = y; } public int getX() { return x; } public int getY() { return y; } public String
PHP GD Punch
= imagesy($i); for ($y=0;$y<$height;$y++) { for ($x=0;$x<$width;$x++) { $pos_x = $x - ($width/2); $pos_y = $y - ($height/2); $theta = atan2(($pos_y),($pos_x)); $radius = sqrt($pos_x*$pos_x + $pos_y*$pos_y); $newRadius
SCJP Module-4 Question-12
Given below the sample code : class Family {  int x, y;    Family(int x, int y) {  this.x = x;    this.y = y; } public int addMeAsRelative(int x, int y) { return this.x + x + y + this.y
hi its the coding of create layout of chess in applet i hope u like it
h=getHeight(); int y=0; for(int j=1;j<=4;j...) { g.setColor(Color.BLACK); g.fillRect(i,y,w/8,h/8); i=i+w/8; g.setColor(Color.WHITE); g.fillRect(i,y,w/8,h/8
PHP GD image set pixel
<?php $x = 200; $y = 200; $gd = imagecreatetruecolor($x, $y); $corners[0] = array('x' => 100, 'y' => 10); $corners[1] = array('x' => 0, 'y' => 190); $corners[2] = array('x' => 200, 'y' =>
PHP GD Add Border to image
; $y = 0; $w = imagesx($im) - 1; $h = imagesy($im) - 1; imageline($im, $x,$y,$x,$y+$h,$bordercolors); imageline($im, $x,$y,$x+$w,$y,$bordercolors); imageline($im, $x+$w,$y,$x+$w,$y+$h,$bordercolors); imageline($im, $x,$y+$h,$x+$w
?. Sample Run: Enter name: Richard Enter grade: 100 Add new record (Y/N) ? : Y Enter name: Mengvi Enter grade: 80 Add new record (Y/N) ? : Y Enter name: Noli Enter grade: 70 Add new record (Y/N) ? : N
?. Sample Run: Enter name: Richard Enter grade: 100 Add new record (Y/N) ? : Y Enter name: Mengvi Enter grade: 80 Add new record (Y/N) ? : Y Enter name: Noli Enter grade: 70 Add new record (Y/N) ? : N
Valid Statment Checker
= x+y Output:INVALID STATEMENT Input a statement: y=(x+y); Output: VALID
testMethod() { float x,y; x=y+10; return x; } }   In the above code, x and y are local variables. no is class variable center is instance
program - Java Beginners
program  take the value of x,y, and a then calculate and print the sum of the following series: x1/y2 + x2/y4 + x3/y6......20 terms.... actually the numbers after x and y are exponents...like x to the power 1 / y
function overloading in c
function overloading in c  are int func1(int x, int y) and void func1(int x, int y) overloaded? can the functions with same name same arguments but different return types be overloaded
applet program code - Applet
applet program code  hello sir, i did't get the code for below problem... please help me... 1.An applet program to draw a line graph for y=2x+5.[for suitable values of x & y
Applet - Java Beginners
].x - 10, pt[i].y - 10, 20, 20... // tall thin triangles. g.drawLine(pt[0].x, pt[0].y, pt[1].x, pt[1].y); g.drawLine(pt[1].x, pt[1].y
PHP GD image to text
; $s = "index"; $dest_x = 40; $dest_y = 30; if (imagesx($file) > $dest_x or imagesy($file) > $dest_y) { if (imagesx($file) >= imagesy($file)) { $full_y = imagesy($file)*($dest_x/imagesx($file)); $full_x
reflex.js - Java Beginners
) {ctx.lineTo(x,y+h-s); ctx.lineTo(w,y+h-t-(z*s)); ctx.lineTo(w,y+h-t-(z*(s+d))); ctx.lineTo(x,y+h-s-d);} ctx.closePath(); } function clipPolyLeft(ctx,x,y,w,h,t,d,s) { var z = (h-t-t)/h; ctx.beginPath(); ctx.moveTo(x,y+t
convert it to BufferedReader class
static int myMax (int x,int y) { int maximum; if (x >= y) maximum = x; else maximum = y; return maximum; } public static int myMin (int x,int y) { int minimum; if (x <=y) minimum
flowchart - Java Beginners
flowchart   int [] a=new int [200]; int y=a,lenght; System.out.print("Enter a number: "); for(int i=0;i
php gd bar graph
); $x = 15; $y = 230; $x_width = 20; $y_ht = 0; for ($i=0;$i<7;$i++){ $y_ht = ($data[$i]/$sum)* $height; imagerectangle($im,$x,$y,$x+$x_width,($y-$y_ht),$red); imagestring( $im,2,$x-1,$y+10,$data[$i],$black); $x += ($x_width
PHP GD Create Thumbnail
;imagejpeg(); class imagethumbnail { var $filename; var $x; var $y; var $image...]; $this->old_y = $imageinfo[1]; switch ($imageinfo[2]) { case "1"...; } return $this->x; } function setY($y="") { if (isset($y
inheritance....please help me friends...!!!... this is important project that i have to do it..
have to do it..   Point ................. #x : int #y : int... + Circle() + Circle(x:int, y:int, radius:double) + setRadius(newRadius:double... radius, X and Y. In the Point class, its default constructor will assign X and Y
Jmagick get image size
().width; int y = mi.getDimension().height; System.out.println("X:" + x + " Y:" +y...); MagickImage mi = new MagickImage(ii); int x = mi.getDimension().width; int y = mi.getDimension().height; System.out.println("X:" + x + " Y:" +y); Thanks,  
write a program in java.
; int i, s = n,x=0, y=0; int arr [][]= new int [n][n]; i=n*n; while(i>=1){ for(int j=0; j<s; j++) arr[x][y++] = i--; x++; y--; if(i>=1){for(int j=0; j<s-1; j++) arr[x++][y] = i--; x--; y--; } if(i>=1){for(int j=0; j<s-1; j
Arithmetic Operators
RESULT + Addition y=3 y+3 6 - Subtraction y... (division remainder) 10%8   2 ++ Increment y=3 y++ 4 * Multiplication y=3 y*3 9 -- Decrement
java compilation - Java3D
java compilation  A point in the x-y plane is represented by its x-coordinate and y-coordinate.Design the class point that can store and process a point in the x-y plane. you should then perform operations on a point, printig
Simple Assignment Operator
shown as: x = y = z = 2; x =(y + z); Where the assignment operator... to a left most variable. For example an expression as x += y; is equivalent to the expression as x = x + y; which adds the value of operands "x"
compute nth root - Java Beginners
Y, compute the nth root Z such that Z*Z*Z*Z*Z*Z*Z...(Y times)..Z*Z=X, or Z^y=X(Remember if X is negative Y must be odd.) The user enters values for X and Y and the program calculates Z. Compute Z so that when Z is multiplied Y time
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