Tutorial: Dynamic class in Flex 3

Dynamic class in Flex 3

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In flex, you must have created ActionScript classes where properties and methods are declared and defined

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Dynamic class in Flex 3

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Dynamic class in Flex 3

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Dynamic class in Flex 3
: #FFFFCC; } .style2 { background-color: #FFFFCC; } Dynamic Class In Flex... package { public dynamic class DynamicClass { public var...;; // Adding method to the object of dynamic class at runtime
Module in Flex 3
Module in Flex 3:- In the Flex 3,  Modules are dynamically loadable SWF that contains an IFlexModuleFactory class factory. They can be loaded... with the help of module class. More then one applications also used these modules
java.io package  The java.io package includes a PrintStream class that has two formatting methods that we can use to replace print () and println (). Find this two methods & Describe with your own examples   
Dynamic keyword
for in flex? give me the answer ASAP Thanks  Ans: Dynamic keyword-> Specifies that instances of a class may possess dynamic properties added... during the run-time. Just add the magic keyword dynamic to the class definition
Flex Tutorials
internet applications based on flash platform. 3. Flex applications provide real... Flex Tutorials       Flex is the an open source framework developed by Adobe
FLEX 3 Combobox - Development process
FLEX 3 Combobox  Hello, Love your site! Well, Im an old fart ,lol and just started tinkering with Adobe Flex. I have downloaded your combobox...: http://www.roseindia.net/flex/flex-itemdetail.shtml Hope
Java and Flex
are the similarities between java and flex? Thanks  Ans:Java and flex both used as client application. The similarities between java and flex are following: 1. Both have pakages 2. OOPs concept 3. support XMl 4. support ArrayCollection
3 queries on java class
3 queries on java class  Hey. I need to do 3 queries on same class ( JAVA) One is to populate the combobox, the another one to populate tje jlist and the last one to use on button to open a file from database (BLOB) Can some
Style in Flex
{ style_property: value; } </fx:Style> 3. StyleManager class Ex... on components in flex? please give me an example for each........ Thanks...://ns.adobe.com/flex/spark"; @namespace mx "library://ns.adobe.com/flex/mx"
ModuleLoader in Flex 3
Load modules with the help of ModuleLoader class:- In this example user can load modules with the help of ModuleLoader class. This is simple way to load...;"). User can used multiple ModuleLoader class instances in one application
Flex 4
name space. So, you can use Flex 3 components along with Flex 4 components...Flex 4 The Flex 4 is open source framework for building Rich Internet (RI) Application. In this section we will see the features of Flex 4. The Flex 4
State in flex
. Thanks in advance  Ans: State: The State class defines a view state... based on certain conditions. 3. ViewStates are virtual state of an existing page
write those 3 questions (class)
write those 3 questions (class)  1) write a function minE which takes an array of distinct integers and returns the smallest number. (If this is too... takes an array of integers and reverses it. 3) write a function isDistinct which
Referencing components in flex 4
Referencing components in flex 4  I used to create flex 3 applications using canvas as main components. In this moment I am creating flex 4... in flex 4, while in 3 it worked correctly. Even in: arrTaxa=new ArrayCollection
@Controller Annotation Example in Spring 3
@Controller Annotation Example in Spring 3: In this section we will see how we can create annoted controller class in Spring 3. You can @Controller annotation in the Java class to make it controller. In this tutorial we are creating
Graphics class in flex
Graphics class in flex  Hi.... What does clear() do in graphics class? please tell me about that.... Thanks   Ans: Clears the graphics that were drawn to this Graphics object, and resets fill and line style settings
Flex DateChooser with Date Class
DateChooser with Date Class:- In this tutorial you can see how to use DateChooser with the help of Date Class in flex and how to use it. DateChooser control..., or access the Date in the selectedDate property. The Date class has many methods
dynamic polymorphism
dynamic polymorphism  give an example for dynamic polymorphism?   Dynamic polymorphism is where a class overrides a superclass method or implements an interface. For example, any class may override the Object.toString
dynamic textfields
dynamic textfields  Hi, I am a fresher and joined recently in one company. they gave me a desktop application project using swings.here is my... the 170% came from, you would click on the 170% and go to Screen 3 which 'drills down
Dynamic form
Dynamic form  I need to make a dynamic form using jsp for example, i will need a list of items which when we select one option another list...=buffer+"<option value='"+rs.getString(1)+"'>"+rs.getString(3)+"<
dynamic form
dynamic form  I need to make a dynamic form using php, for example, i will need a list of items which when we select one option another list...']?></option> <? } ?> </select> 3)city.php: <? $countryId
dynamic calender
dynamic calender  hi i need the code to "insert date using GUI... java.awt.event.*; import javax.swing.*; class DatePicker{ int month...(cal.getTime()); } } class Picker{ public static void main(String[] args
dynamic query
Flex difference
2. flex ajax bridge 3. Two newly added component Advanced datagrid and OLAP...Flex difference  Hi.... please tell me about What is the difference between Flex 2.0 and Flex 3.0? Thanks  Ans: There are some
dynamic drop down list box - Java Beginners
dynamic drop down list box  hi all , I want to dynamically populate... Rajanikant  Hi friend, dynamic bombobox in servlet Dynamic Combobox List
Hibernate 3 Query Example Part 1
Hibernate 3 Query Example Part 1       Hibernate 3 Query Example Part 1 Hibernate 3 well works with Spring framework. You can use Hibernate and Spring 3 for making
Flex basic
Flex basic  Hi...... Please tell me about What are non-visual components in flex? What class do they extend? please give the name of these components....... Thanks
Flex event
Flex event  Hi.... please tell me about How does Flex event...: In the capturing phase, Flex examines an event target?s ancestors in the display list to see...: In the targeting phase, Flex invokes the event dispatcher?s listeners. No other nodes
How to create dynamic buttons for adding products on a cart.
How to create dynamic buttons for adding products on a cart.  Hi. I... dynamic products from a database, and i would like to know how to group this products...="#" class="eletronicos">EletrĂ´nicos</a></p>
Flex event
Flex event  Hi..... I have a problem regarding obj.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, MouseClickHAndler); in this obj should inherit which class? please give the name of that class......... Thanks
Skin in flex
graphics, called graphical skins in Flex. 2. Programmatic skin : A vector graphic, called a programmatic skin in Flex. 3. Stateful skin : A type of programmatic... to skin a component in flex? Please give me the answer ASAP Thanks  
Abstraction in flex
Abstraction in flex  Hi... What keyword allows you to implement abstraction better? please tell me about it.... Thanks   Ans: Flex does not support abstart class directly. Thanks
Flex ClassFactory
;factory object" which Flex uses to generate instances of another class, each with identical properties. The ClassFactory class implements the IFactory...Flex ClassFactory   Hi.... What is ClassFactory and why
Framework of flex
Framework of flex  Hi.... just tell me how many frameworks are available for flex? please give the name of these frameworks........ Thanks  Ans: Yes they are following: 1. Cairngorm 2. FlexUnit 3
3 Java Programs for Beginners
3 Java Programs for Beginners  Write a program that prompts the user.... Thanks for any help in advance.   import java.util.*; class... of squares: "+sum); } }   import java.util.*; class CharacterArray
Flex Skin Design
by Adobe system in the latest version of Adobe Flex, Flex 3. The Flex 3 extension...Flex Skin Design Adobe Flex is a highly productive, free open source software... Applications (RIAs). Flex provides a modern, standards-based language
MVC in flex
MVC in flex  Hi..... Please tell me What is MVC and how do you relate it to flex apps? Just tell me about that so i can work on flex.... 3. Controller: The controller handles the data interconnectivity between
CSS in flex
dynamically loading of CSS file is not supported in flex. you can compile.... 2. Compile the CSS file into a SWF file. 3. Call the StyleManager.loadStyleDeclarations() method in your Flex application. This method loads the CSS-based
Creating Dynamic Tree
Creating Dynamic Tree   Creating Dynamic Tree: I have to build a tree structure with the following data lets say that with this data childId parentId 1 - 0 (lets say this is root) 2 - 1 3 - 1 4 - 3 5 - 3 6 - 5 7 - 6 all I need
ModuleManager for load or unload module in Flex 3
Load module with the help of ModuleManager class:- In this example, we will used module manager to load and unload modules in the application. It is loaded module with the help of  IModuleInfo interface by using the ModuleManager
Dynamic-update not working in Hibernate.
Dynamic-update not working in Hibernate.  Why is dynamic update not working in hibernate?   Dynamic-update is not working. It means when... org.hibernate.Transaction class ,start your transaction and commit it. Here I
Area of rectangle : 6 Value of x in another class : 3 Area... Class, Object and Methods       Class : Whatever we can see in this world all the things
Interfaces in flex
: The LayoutManager is the engine behind Flex's measurement and layout strategy. Layout...: Indicates that a component or object can be used with the Repeater class
addEventListner in flex
{ Alert.show('welcome to Flex World'); } </mx:Script> <mx:HBox>... flash.events.Event; public class ModalText extends TextArea { public
Tree in Flex
The Tree control in Adobe Flex The Tree control is much like the folder... of the Tree is dynamic in nature. DefaultDataDescriptor (Default  descriptor data of tree to parse and manipulate data) class supports the following data types
The BitSet class
The BitSet class The BitSet class creates dynamic array which can holds bit... list of methods of BitSet  Class, Click here EXAMPLE import java.util.*; public class BitSetExample { public static void main(String args
Dynamic loading of Combo box list using servlet - JSP-Servlet
Dynamic loading of Combo box list using servlet  I have the category...; Hi friend, dynamic bombobox in servlet Dynamic Combobox List User
dynamic display - JSP-Servlet
dynamic display  hi, i want to display dynamic values in drop drown box in a jsp page.these values are in the form of arraylist's object which... javax.servlet.http.*; public class DataServlet extends HttpServlet{ String page="/jsp
DataGrid in flex
DataGrid in flex  Hi..... Please tell me about DataGrid extends which class? please give me the syntax......... Thanks
SpriteClass in Flex
SpriteClass in Flex  hi.... Why we extent Sprite Class in our Graphical Classes? please give me the description....... Thanks
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