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  Tutorial: which database and programming language i should choose - Framework

which database and programming language i should choose - Framework

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which database and programming language i should choose - Framework

Read Tutorial which database and programming language i should choose - Framework.

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which database and programming language i should choose - Framework

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which database and programming language i should choose - Framework

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Should i use Ajax?  When a Ajax can be used in programming?  Its completely up to you but there is no harm in using Ajax programming... not to implement it on every page but you can use it on pages which is having more hits
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what should i do next??  I know java basics.actully i passed the SCJP exam.Then now i have no idea about what should i do next.I like to come to the web development.I want to know which one i should study first.JSP or servlet
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Introduction to Java programming Language Java is one of the Object-Oriented programming language used to create various types of applications.  James A. Gosling developed the Java programming language in the year 1995 at Sun
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How I Choose a folder  Thanks my friend for your answer, Perhaps i do not explain clearly my question. I know how I get files from a folder.... I know how I get files but the problem How I choose a folder. Thanks
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excel file data into Database Using java programming: import excel file data into database in Java Program In this PHP tutorial section, you will learn how to insert excel file data into the database. We have
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should get saved in the database . and how to calculate the no.of characters...programming error  import*; import javax.servlet.*; import... PlaceAd"); out.println("Language :"); out.println(""); while(
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which tag i have to use  Hi All, I have one Question Regadding Jsf. when i clicked on one dropdown list box.when i select one item it should.... for that what tag i have to use.please help me. Thanks, Puppy.  use
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programming language available at free of cost that can be get easily from the market... language, most suitable for developing dynamic web pages. Nowadays developing... carts and gigantic database driven sites. Moreover, data handing has also been
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Programming Error  Image: I want that when user clicks on browse button then a folder of images should get open and when user clicks one image... and when clicked on submit then it should get saved in database.(my database
Beginning PHP - Learn PHP programming language from scratch.
the different php program with examples to learn the PHP programming language in details... to connect to MySQL database     Using Ajax with PHP
Setting up the database in PHP
to implement into PHP. Before writing the database scripts in PHP, we should have a database to insert the information into and read it from. I think your mind raises... scripts with database. Now, we should concentrate first  what
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i can not connect to database in servlet  Hi I am following... tested HelloWorld sample code and it was ok,but the tutorials which use database does not work. I have checked the database and it is running while i am running
i can not connect to database in servlet - JSP-Servlet
i can not connect to database in servlet  Hi I am following... tested HelloWorld sample code and it was ok,but the tutorials which use database does not work. I have checked the database and it is running while i am running
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heap and stack in general programming language  what's the difference between heap and stack ?   Hi Friend, Differences: 1)Stack is referred as temporary memory while Heap is referred as permanent memory. 2)In stack
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. The other requires a nonempty array. Which procedure should you choose and why? just this: Which procedure should you choose? why you have chose it? just...This is what i need in this Question  You are to choose between two
Programming Error - JSP-Servlet
should get the images folder from which he can select images then how is it possible in jsp. when user types some thing in draft ad textarea then it should get...Programming Error   Place Ad Advertisement
Programming error - JSP-Servlet
Orders Delete Orders View Orders Back in this i want that order no should no get change that is if there 5 orders in database and if some...Programming error   Place Order function checkName
Programming error - JSP-Servlet
orders then if i delete an order no 3 then the next order no i.e is 4 should...Programming error  Actually there is an error in placeorder.jsp file where there are 5 fields OrderNo ,Name , Address, Email, PhoneNo where if I
Why PHP ?
: Apache, IIS, etc. Web servers are computer programming which are responsible... in it.  4.    PHP supports popular database servers : Database... is it supports a wide variety of database and it can be use with any database like: 
programming error - JSP-Servlet
programming error   Place Order function Validate...; Email:   PhoneNo:   I want to get the last orderno from the database and display it in the orderno textbox in jsppage
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Java  Programming Keywords Java is rich programming language... and mobile applications. Here in this post I am listing all the 48 keywords of Java programming language. There are 48 Keywords in Java abstract boolean
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MySql database  hello sir, i am trying to write a code which should... to retrieve the data from Ms-access then you create a database , table and create a connection with this. Then you retrieve the data from the database. Thanks
Programming Error - JSP-Servlet
to do ?? And i want to validate phone number field in which i can add only 8...Programming Error  import javax.servlet.*; import*; import...);} } Database Fields are: OrderNo=Primary Key Date Month Year
jsp with database.. - Development process
jsp with database..  Hello i need code for..... I have a car........what i need is on clicking a particular brand only the corresponding models of that brand should be retrieved from database.i have created a table in database
which server side script used in j2ee - Ajax
which server side script used in j2ee  Which server-side script takes the input from JavaScript, can access the database if it needs... the serverside programming languages. Here is one ajax example at http
Database programming - Java Beginners
Database programming  How to do a Database programing with Balanced Multiway Tree(B+ Tree,not Binary Tree) in java
Language in iphone development??
Language in iphone development??  What programming language we use in iphone development???   hello, we are using Objective C in iphone development
Programming Help URGENT - JSP-Servlet
Programming Help URGENT  Respected Sir/Madam, I am R.Ragavendran. I am in urgent need of the coding. My requirement is as follows: Beside... and Employee Name present in the database. When I click Employee ID present in the pop
database - SQL
database  For ex: Suppose there is 1000 questions (records) in my database. In my home page i want to display everyday 1 question as day of the question.It should not get change until date change...   Hi friend
Hibernate Query Language (HQL)
Hibernate Query Language (HQL)  What is Hibernate Query Language (HQL... for the names of the Java Classes and properties. Hibernate Query Language is used to execute queries against database. Hibernate automatically generates the sql query
PHP Database
PHP Database Creation A simple website is made of the following technologies: i)    HTML/CSS: HTML & CSS is used to get the user... processes the forms and other dynamic wizardry. iii)    Database: We
Database  I want to bring all rows from 11 tables primary key is same for all the eleven table..please help me
java plus database - Java Beginners
be printed on the screen, and the user must choose: re-enter the number or quite.... If the zip is unknown, the user must choose: re-enter the zip or add a new city... and sportnames. The user must enter the sports in which the member wants to be active
I couldn't solve it
I couldn't solve it  *A customer who wants to apply for getting a car license should provide information about the brand of the car... are required to implement the following: Class LicensingOffice which keeps track
How to section for programmers.
programming language.  You will find the steps to get started with the selected programming language from beginning. To develop a computer program you have to choose a programming language in which you will the program. Finally
Programming help Very Urgent - JSP-Servlet
Programming help Very Urgent  Respected Sir/Madam, Actually my code shows the following output: There is a combo box which contains all the ID's present in the database.. When I click or select any of the ID,it automatically
Setting up Database with the help of PHP Scripts.
in the last tutorial that MySQL has its own standard set up to create database which... the setting of your computer. Then, I create the database called "contact...PHP Database Set Up Script Part-5(c) : Setting up the database 2. Database
Upadate Database using updatable fields - JSP-Servlet
Upadate Database using updatable fields  Hi, Thanks for previous answers.They were of Great Help !!! I want to create a jsp in which data... submits, the database table should get updated with these new entries he has made
socket programming in java - WebSevices
socket programming in java  hello i hv made a socket program using which a server and a client can communicate.can both the server side and client...) are required?? since i have only 1 pc at home,wen i run the client side program
Programming Error - JSP-Servlet
in this code because, i want that when user types something in draftad it should count...Programming Error   function Draft... in draft ad textbox it should give 0 in no.of words textbox but it gives one so
programming question - Java Magazine
programming question  I have an SGVT map displaying on a phone... Vector Graphics)which is XML based. SVGT(Scalable vector graphics tinny 1.1... tool. I need a java solution to this please
Programming Error - JSP-Servlet
Programming Error  Hello Sir, how to convert a txt written in textarea of html must get converted to integers and should get displayed... hi" is written then in count box it must displayed 2 words then how to do i tried
Programming Error - JSP-Servlet
Programming Error   Place Ad function funct... = document.form.DraftAd.value.split(' ').length;} } Draft Your Ad Here: I want that the value inside the count box should get transmitted to Payment page
Find currenly which field is having focus on html page? - Ajax
submit buttons. I want, form should be get submitted on Enter key press. But I don't know which form user want's to be submit. So I am trying to get which field.... So how do I fiend currently which field having focus? Please reply
Programming error - JSP-Servlet
Programming error   Payment Advertisement Management System... Page 3 Page 5 Page 7 Total Cost: I want that the no of characters that the user has input in place_ad Eg:3(from count box) then it should
Which method is more efficient?
Which method is more efficient?  I'm faced with initializing a bunch... large, so i thought of putting them into an array and using a loop to initialize them. I want to know if this is better than using several lines to initialize
Programming Error - JSP-Servlet
link should get open .. How to do this sir i am not getting it if i click...Programming Error   MainPage body { font-family:arial... in each of the image and the parrticular link only should get open if clicked
Programming error - JDBC
Programming error  import javax.servlet.*; import...) { out.println("Database Error :"+se.getMessage()); } catch(Exception e) { out.println(e.toString()); } } } Please reply me the error in this program because i
java servlet programming - JDBC
clicks on submit button....and then all the selected files should be downloaded as a single file. but how to do this? plz ne1 help me out.... i m doing programming through servlets Thanx   Hi friend, i am sending multiple
java i/o - Java Beginners
java i/o  Dear sir, i wrote a program where program asks "Enter your... gets closed. when i open the program again and enter text in this case previous texts get replaced with new text. i tried my best but got failed plz tell me
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