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Repeater  Hi....... How do you use a repeater in flex? Thanks   Ans
in a repeater? Please tell me the answer with example. Thanks  Ans: When we create a repeater in flex application it has some property like... a component is created in Repeater. We can use count property to find number
Repeater in flex
Repeater in flex  Hi..... just tell me about What do repeater components do? Thanks  Ans: Repeater component repeats the component in flex application from startIndex to endIndex which specified in repeater tag
Repeater in flex
Repeater in flex  Hi.... How do you identify a component created in a repeater? please tell me about it... Thanks   Ans: When we create a repeater in flex application it has some property like startIndex
Repeater in flex
Repeater in flex  Hi...... How do you use a repeater? please give...: Here is the example in which you can see how we can use the repeater in your...:HBox> <mx:Repeater id="repeater" dataProvider="{arrayList
HorizontalList in Flex
and the combination of HBox and repeater is quite similar but the performance of HorizontalList  is better than HBox and repeater. To create
or Tree 3. Repeater 4. Scroller 5. Tabbed Pane 6. Chart Fig. jsf... to be applied to the entire menu/tree. 3. Repeater: In ASP.net we have datagrid... Repeater is a similar control. When we run the repeater program, we will get
Interfaces in flex
: Indicates that a component or object can be used with the Repeater class
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